Nokia-Microsoft tie up could threaten Google’s dominance in search market – Forbes

| February 23, 2011 | 16 Replies

This was the last quote in an article by Forbes called, “Google Need Not Quake In Boots Over Nokia-Microsoft OS“.

In 2010, Forbes says that mobile search advertising accounted for 1 Billion USD in revenue for google. Google has expanded into the mobile search space through Android and the myriad of manufacturers excreting out their greenbot devices. This increases revenue to search advertising. Microsoft also wants a piece of this pie. What has Microsoft done? Well, so far:

  • deal with Yahoo; where MS buys Yahoo’s search and advertising business, and Yahoo will use Bing search (and advertising will be shared)
  • deal with Facebook – bringing social aspect to Bing search
  • deal with Nokia, the biggest mobile phone manufacturer to PUSH windows phone beyond where its current manufacturers could put it at a much faster pace. This deal was a make or break for Windows Phone – had Nokia gone Google, it would have been pretty much game over for Microsoft on the mobile front.

In the short term, they think that Nokia’s transition from Symbian to Microsoft will take at least two years during which Google does not need to worry.

However, in the long term:

“Microsoft could expand its Bing search market share and threaten Google’s dominance in the search market.”


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