Nokia-Microsoft tie up could threaten Google’s dominance in search market – Forbes

| February 23, 2011 | 16 Replies

This was the last quote in an article by Forbes called, “Google Need Not Quake In Boots Over Nokia-Microsoft OS“.

In 2010, Forbes says that mobile search advertising accounted for 1 Billion USD in revenue for google. Google has expanded into the mobile search space through Android and the myriad of manufacturers excreting out their greenbot devices. This increases revenue to search advertising. Microsoft also wants a piece of this pie. What has Microsoft done? Well, so far:

  • deal with Yahoo; where MS buys Yahoo’s search and advertising business, and Yahoo will use Bing search (and advertising will be shared)
  • deal with Facebook – bringing social aspect to Bing search
  • deal with Nokia, the biggest mobile phone manufacturer to PUSH windows phone beyond where its current manufacturers could put it at a much faster pace. This deal was a make or break for Windows Phone – had Nokia gone Google, it would have been pretty much game over for Microsoft on the mobile front.

In the short term, they think that Nokia’s transition from Symbian to Microsoft will take at least two years during which Google does not need to worry.

However, in the long term:

“Microsoft could expand its Bing search market share and threaten Google’s dominance in the search market.”


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  • hmm

    To make it happen, Microsoft need to have very good search engine. Bing is NOT. Google is simple the best. So, if you have worst product then your competitor, how can you make success ??? Bing need to be better it self, then another steps…

    • zonk0r

      agreed – I prefer Cuil

      • Fz

        Cuil was cool. Or the layout idea was, I never found what I was looking for.

        I think Bing is OK with its results, better than Cuil was.

        Try it’s the Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo blind search.

    • Jay Montano

      I’d say that Bing is a good search engine except that no one really wants to use it. Here’s what a tech “analyst2 at DMG Europe said about bing

      “Microsoft’s Bing is technically a very good search engine, but no-one uses it, and it doesn’t currently make a profit.

      “The deal with Yahoo should turn it into a not-too-shabby and profitable world number two search engine. But still no Google.”

      I don’t use Bing because I’m pretty much tied into other google services and so sticking with Google makes it easier to access all the other web-stuff that google has claws into. Plus that initial change is always a little hart to stomach.

    • xyz

      Oh you’re wrong. Bing produces nearly the same search results as google… 😉

  • Brett

    Microsoft can’t make a clean desktop or laptop operating system.Mobile phone development is moving to fast for companies like microsoft.
    Nokia and Microsft partnership is doomed to fail because the respective cultures of the two companies
    will deliver slow inefficient outcomes.
    In the next 3 years Nokia are going to loose a lot of market share across the board.
    And Bing doesn’t really matter

    • Smith


    • Imarius

      expect its not like any other company is out their making a have decent or better operating system. apples stuff is in no way better. Yet both apple and Microsoft dominant the home OS world.

      At the end of the day i really have to view it, as being the same as when Microsoft entered the home console market. they are just too big to fail , and will throw endless money at it , till it works.
      And where the money is , is what people buy.

    • Dave

      Prior to Windows 7 I would have agreed with you, but Windows 7 really is surprisingly good, even on lower spec hardware (ie. netbooks).

      I believe the main reason for this to fail is down to google having another 2 years to basically tie up the market for mobile search, after which Nokia/MS are going to find it almost impossible to break into.

  • Guest
  • fahoum

    well, i actually started using bing after Google started hiding search results from torrent sites and mega video kind of sites.
    I know it piracy… But i live in israel. And there is no way i can watch certain tv programs, even if im very willing to pay. Which i am.

  • MrDub

    “Bing! Ned Ryerson: got the shingles real bad senior year, almost didn’t graduate? Bing, again.” -Groundhog day, that’s all I think of when someone mentions bing!

  • Bing? But Is Not Google

    only microsoft can take a similar brand.

  • Jorge Arturo

    Do not think so, I do no see the relation