The New Symbian UI – Nokia N8 new Homescreen for upcoming firmware update

| February 23, 2011 | 177 Replies

At MWC Nokia showed us a little taster of the new Symbian UI. aikon171 sent a link in that shows something very cool on the Nokia N8.

It’s possibly the new Symbian UI complete with new homescreen and it’s implied to be coming to Symbian^3 devices. The space eating battery, signal, time and operator area has been reduced to a small bar. The widget spaces aren’t confined to their small rectangular enclosure and we have a host of three buttons, call (something else) and what looks to be options.

Investments in Symbian:

  • Completely new devices
  • Improvements in hardware performance
  • Latest experiences delivered over the air
  • Ongoing Qt Development
  • Easy Installation, controlled by the user

Jo Harlow and sneak peek. Where was this btw?

From MWC. There’s four buttons at the bottom here. Same info bar at the top.

  • Update: Here’s another useful slide: Check out flexible widgets and thin pull down status bar. Though you could say that’s very Android like, Maemo has had similar drop down status bars since 770. Either way, it’s very, very good. Cheers Goc, Aikon171, suresh and others for sending this in too.




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    1. Suresh says:

      Here is a new image of new refreshed Symbain UI
      Thin pull down status bar, new iconography, New flexible Widgets and Simplified Navbar

    2. Xeniya says:

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    3. ipristy says:

      Nice that Nokia realize that you just can’t offer Windows to existing Nokia users, that will never work at lest not in EU. Good job…

      • Pdexter says:

        Though how does this change anything related to that?

        Nokia said on the first day of the Microsoft and Nokia announcement that Symbian will still live some time and will be updated before WP takes it’s place.

    4. Andre N says:

      Where r u Alex68?
      We’ll be happy to see all new feature on pr 2.0 update.
      And pr 3.0 if you have :)

    5. deejoosep says:

      voi vitun vitun vittu,, rumours,,

    6. deejoosep says:

      really??? in second war UI you people will be killed,, My n8 is quiet,, nou needs,, 4 update

    7. Ram says:

      Great. N8 has a lot to improve in terms of UI.

      • chernov says:

        no it doesn’t. the ui for s60 devices has been present since ~2003 and over 100million people have been happy with it. just because americans and little girls like swiping glossy ui’s, doesnt mean everyone else does.
        IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT FIX IT. For a power user, s60 is simple, efficient and gets to the point.
        Android and ios added FOLDERS!!! Symbian had this years ago and obviously shows nesting in the menus is useful and not a silly after-thought.

        • Scott says:

          Emphasis on “since 2003″ ?………change is healthy… and updated…….which is normally a good thing? It’s like when older people get these flashy phones then say I was just looking for something to do the basic call and sms….its stupid….its a modern phone, I’m sure they’d like to keep it as modern as possible.

    8. Fri13 says:

      Lähes täydellinen Android klooni, huonolla toiminnalla.
      Almost typical Android clone, with bad functionality.

    9. Mohamed says:

      When is it coming?

    10. SCEMO says:

      stop the whining guys, be happy that it’s even updated. and for the clone thing on android… well, how different can you make a mobile phone OS? Why should you re-invent the wheel..

    11. Dian says:

      hey, hmm.. When it will be release? And what the name of that symbian name? Will symbian anna or belle or etc..?

    12. Dian says:

      hey, hmm.. When it will be release? And what the name of that symbian? Will symbian anna or belle or etc..?

    13. sujan says:

      now nokia n8 are selling with symbain anna ,
      when will old users will get anna???

    14. Sibabrata Mohapatra says:


    15. Gabriel says:

      I have a question: Nokia E7 OR HTC Desire Z??
      I don’t know which one to choose =s.
      A lot of people say Android is way better than Symbian, but the E7 has a lot of good features which you cannot find on the Desire Z.

      Can someone help me decide, please? =).
      (I speak: Nederlands/Dutch, English, Franch/Francais and Romanian/Romaneste.)

    16. hannu says:

      hello sir,
      my nokia n-8 widget is not connecting to internet i can’t access my facebook, email and other apps plz give me a suggestion and tips to connect to internet. Thanking you

    17. Reischmann says:

      What kind of thougths are possible for Nokia?

      They (Nokia) once had the best operating system for Smart-Phones: Symbian. This operating vsystem was the time ahead even before it was used in phones. The take-with-you computer PSION 5 showed better performance and compatiblity with standard MS-office-SW than most products available today.
      Then Nokia offered the Communicator-System … fine!

      Bat what is the actual successor?
      The biggest smart phone from Nokia is still smaller than the PSION 5.
      And the operability (without the phone function) is not improved but reduced ???
      No manual keyboard available.

      These parts might be nice phone but the SMART is really missing.
      And MS-Windows-XYZ is no competition even for the old version of Symbian.

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