Video: Qt for Android comes to Alpha Stage – Qt QML apps on Android

| February 28, 2011 | 21 Replies

We’ve seen the power of Qt on a range of devices, from MeeGo and Symbian to Windows computers, Macs, iPhones, webOS handsets and Androids.

One of the aims of cross platform apps is to become a leveller. If everyone has access to the same apps on any platform, that’s a good thing for Nokia’s devices (and well, for all platforms in general as everyone shares the content). That’s great for developers too as they have a wider source of revenue. It’s mainly bad for maybe Apple/Google in that they would lose the exclusivity of the hundreds of thousands of apps – why go for that platform if it’s available anywhere? Note there’s also the reversal of App sharing with Myriad’s Alien Dalvik that allows the running of Android apps on Non Androids (Demoed at the time was the N900).


In a post from Nokia’s Qt blog we see the development of Qt apps for Android as well as a Qt Creator integration for Android.

I still don’t understand the technicalities of NOT being able to have Qt for WP. Hmmm…Why not force development on Microsoft’s platforms but still let it use Qt apps?

Thanks for the tip, Jim!


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  • Jim

    “I still don’t understand the technicalities of NOT being able to have Qt for WP. Hmmm…Why not force development on Microsoft’s platforms but still let it use Qt apps?”

    Technical is possible to have qt on wp7, but political not 😀

    • 100%. Purely political reason – Microsoft thirst for control and domination.

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  • Good power has Qt.

    Nevermind android, just port android applications to Symbian :P…

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  • zonk0r

    N950 still has potentiall.. GO GO Qt team!!!

    lets hope they can carry on their great work under nokia, even with this new strategy!

  • Microsoft has invested and worked a lot on the WP SDK. And also the tools are well known and more popular than Qt since it’s all about visual Studio, silverlight, xna etc which are already widespread.

    • Joshua

      And also the tools are well known and more popular than Qt.

      Do you know of wht you are typing or your from the microsoft world and you are coming out come out

  • Great, This ability will help Qt and Qt developers feel they have more scope if they feel like Nokia is ditching them.

    As for Qt – much like android, we would have to look at the community port to WP when they do one. However, i doubt that Windows Marketplace would accept the Qt framework, so a different deployment solution would be needed.

    • So far the lack of NDK prevents such a port.

  • Jim H.

    There is no technical reason. It is simply a management decision to not have Qt and that’s why all the Qt developers were so upset. Shouldn’t that have been clear enough by now for a Nokia blog?

    • To be precise, it’s not so much specific Qt problem – it’s the general problem of no public NDK (Native Development Kit i.e. C/C++/assembler compilers) available for WP7. Microsoft intentionally crippled the development for this OS.

      • soussef24

        Yet, nokia with all its power and what it is offering in the deal should have imposed to get means to port Qt to Wp7.

        • It would mean releasing the NDK. M$ is loosing control in that case, and they obviously don’t consider the deal with Nokia more important 🙂 It gives some additional insight into this deal.

          • soussef24

            If Nokia was bargaining correctly MS should consider the deal more important… Because MS has nearly no existence and no reliability in Mobile world. What Nokia offers in the deal is an open door to hundreds of millions of handsets that MS will reach not because of WP7 but because of Nokia’s brand.
            Now with the current terms, it’s Nokia that’s loosing control… The new Ecosystem is owned by MS. And Qt would have offered Nokia a transverse lever to reach developers for any platform.

      • Don

        NDK exists but is only for “special” customers, I believe Opera was mentioned by MS as an example of who can use it.

        Bullshit. We’ll see how it works out when people upgrade from Symbian to Android and take their apps with them, though.

        • Yeah, but who cares about “special customers” if most developers can’t use it anyway.

  • awesome windows 7 hate blog

    haha awesome hating some poeple are real stupid.. i’m a symbian user i have the nokia n8 works fine but nothing more i have also a nokia n900 and ik can tel you nokia needs some thing new

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