Video: Worms HD demoed on the Nokia N8

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Last week, Worms HD appeared on Ovi Store for Symbian^3 devices.

There was no demo on the N8 (or a Nokia) so we had to go with the iPhone version to give an idea of what you had to do. I was really surprised by the general comments around the web that folks don’t know how to play it! I must be showing my age – the generation of kids :p who don’t know how to play this fantastic game.

As mentioned but probably not elaborated enough,

  1. you play a team of worms. There might be five, I don’t know. I didn’t manage to download the game yet. Anyway, you’re also against another team of worms, that might be a computer or a different player. This is denoted by a different colour. Normally blue and red but can be more if there are more teams.
  2. You’d normally move your worms left or right with buttons (now with touch) or can make them jump. This is so that you position your worms to a point where you can attack the opposition.
  3. You click from a set of weapons to attack.
    1. Some require you to aim (like a bazooka) or detonate and run (dynamite).
    2. There are many weapons of different characteristics. Guns aren’t affected by wind, but bazookas, grenades and other bombs are.
    3. You might even have special weapons that you can control the guiding of, or have an automatic guidance system. Some weapons include air strikes.
    4. Furthermore, not everything is a weapon.
    5. You may be able to add girders to support your worm (if they fall in water, they die and I think water always comes up/land always sink – you can also use girders to protect or trap other worms), you can use bunjee ropes to fall/swing (or is that the ninja rope?) as falling too fast at a distant will hurt your worm.
    6. There are blow torches to help you tunnel as well as pneumatic drills to drill. The latter two can be used as weapons too. You can also have teleportation, slapping, baseball bats etc. I love the holy hand grenade.
    7. I’m not sure what exact set of weapons are in this game are included but I’ll definitely be downloading it as I love this game.
    8. Watch out for landmines that may be triggered.
    9. Watch out for oil barrels that can explode
    10. Crates falling from the sky may give health or special weapons to the team that picks it up.
    11. All the surroundings can be destroyed. You can kill a worm simply by destroying the bit of land they’re on and making them fall into the sea as opposed to attacking them directly.
    12. So many possibilities with this game. I’ve only tried to explain things from memory – most should still be pretty accurate.
  4. To win, you have to eradicate the competition. But you must have your own surviving worms. You generally start at 100 health each per worm but may be able to change that in-game.

Its been a long time since I played this on PC (the cd I have won’t install on XP let alone Windows 7)


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