How do you use your smartphone?

| March 4, 2011 | 29 Replies

A lot has been made in the blogosphere about Symbian smartphones occupying a different category of devices than the Android and iOS powered superphones. In a sense, there seems to be a lot pointing towards this being true, with many Symbian users buying and using their devices much as they would dumbphones. Not because the devices are any less capable than their more expensive (and sometimes less functional brethren) but because they don’t KNOW how to use these devices in any other way.


This may have, in a sense contributed to the lack of adequate developer support for the Symbian ecosystem in the past and the negative connotation associated with Nokia’s higher-end offerings. I can say categorically that I disagree with this sentiment but I’ve encountered such opinions so commonly in my day-to-day life that it’s a small wonder that Nokia has managed to sell as many smartphones as they have.

In my own experience with multiple smartphone operating systems, I’ve found a significant difference in my usage of each device and the tasks I generally accomplish with them. So I pose the question, how do you use your smartphone?


Sound off in the comments and poll below.

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Editor’s Note:

There are limited options provided for the simple reason that almost every user will utilize these devices in ways corresponding to almost all the options. In order to EFFECTIVELY gauge the primary usage case of the device it is mandatory to limit the options available to the voter. I hope this clarifies the noted limitation.

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  • Only 2 options? I’m a heavy user… I use it not only for web browsing and social networking, but as well as my primary camera, GPS nav, streaming vids and radio

    • I limited the options so that I could accurately gauge what were the PRIMARY uses of the devices.

      Makes it easier to understand what sort of user we have 😛

      • h3csc

        Me either! I got like 4 primary usage but I can only choose 2! So I were forced to choose web browsing and social networking only and gave up phone call/messaging and as primary camera (I sent over 1000 msg a day and I have no camera)

  • Ha

    did all these things since the N70.

  • i use my n8 mostly with call and text plus i use it to listen to music (fm radio/mp3s).. then i use it as my primary camera.. if there’s an available wifi, then web browsing as well..

  • Asm

    I’m using N900 like pocket-size netbook – mail, WWW, games, work, GPS and a lot of random tasks. I think we miss most important real-smartphone-over-toy advantage: ability to make skype (video)call over 3G and do/check something during that call in another app.

  • Keith

    I’d love to use my Nokia N8 for web browsing but not sure if I will, for now at least. Hopefully that’ll change with the new browser.
    But it’s an excellent on-the-go camera. Great for GPS use and great for music too. FM transmitter is something I use on a regular basis and it’s very useful not just for transmitting music but also transmitting navigation instructions which is awesome 🙂

    • how can we transmit navigation instruction to fm radio using n8? thanks in advance?

      meego + apple app store!

      • Keith

        Oh you just have to turn the transmitter on and then use the GPS. it will automatically transmit the navigation instructions to the car radio 🙂

  • stylinred

    web browsing, picture taking, music listening (in the car)

    all about equally, i do other things of course but that’s the majority

  • Chris_Skylock

    All of the above. I use it mainly for multimedia purposes like taking camera shots and doing some computer-like tasks; surf the net and browsing everything about the phone

  • Again, only two options?

    Have the calendar synced with my Google Calendar (working mum with a busy family) listen to my music via FM transmitter in the car. I own an SLR, which just *won’t* sit comfortably in my pocket – so although not my primary camera, I love the fact I have my N8 “just there”, and use the large screen to show people my photograph work, which I have for sale on a POD site!

    I tweet – and get lots of calls …

    Would have been easier to ask which functions I don’t use. GPS (car has one inbuilt) and gaming.

  • ukko

    Results makes me wonder…. Shouldn’t calling and texting be most important or second most important feature on smartphone? And why it says phone if you don’t use it for calling or texting?
    If you talk about smartphone, i think one of the most important features should be calling and some other features like web-browsing or social networks and so on.
    IMO people are getting into wrong track if cellphones most important feature is like web-browsing. There are way better devices for web-browsing than smartphones.

    • inept

      There may be better device for web browsing than smartphones, but then they’re not very useful for placing calls, right? Or maybe it can’t take good pictures. Or maybe it’s too big to carry in your pocket. Or maybe…

      Just because placing calls isn’t your primary use, doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Personally, my data use dwarfs my call usage, but I cannot do without the ability to place calls. If you want to carry one device, and many people clearly do, it has to be able to do a very wide variety of things well.

  • Magister

    As far as I am concerned, I use my N8 mainly as a camera and a MP3 player (also Internet Radio and texting).

  • I frequently use all of the options, but decided on Other because I use it for planning and content creation.

  • Andrew

    I have the Google Nexus One, iPhone 4 and Nokia N8. I switch between these phones frequently because each caters to different needs that I have during the week. The N8 is not my primary phone but more of my weekend phone when I know I go out and take a lot of pictures. I do a lot of texting, emailing and web browsing during the weekdays and the other 2 phones are just so much better than the N8 in that respect. When the N8 improves its keyboard, browser and email experience, then it might be good enough to become my primary phone….

  • Doug

    2 options are not enough here. Web browsing (although I’d do more if the browser was better), listening to music, it’s my primary camera (who needs one when you have an N8?), I watch videos all the time at the gym while I’m on the bike, I’ve given up using my Magellan navigation and gone with my N8, calling and texting of course, and I’d def use it more for social networks if it had the same damn Facebook app that iOS and Android does. But I use my N8 for everything I can, which is why I’m still waiting for my ultimate smartphone with the E7’s QWERTY to appear.

  • Ravi

    Listening to music, browsing the internet and using the phone’s camera to snap pictures are the primary usage of my smartphone.
    Actually, my symbian smartphone is my portable computer.
    And I use my personal computer only to watch youtube videos, downloading torrents and watch some movies.
    On the whole, you can say that for a moment I live without my pc but not without my smartphone. 🙂

  • Emmanuel

    Andre, Only 2 options, Pfff this is not enough

    Also where is email ?

  • Rick

    Calling, SMS, GPS Navigation when in the car, Sports Tracker when cycling, email, web browsing (opera mobile), ebook reading, watching movies, listening to music (sometimes via FM Transmitter), videocalling (fring), quickoffice to view work related documents, Calendar, it’s my only camera and camcorder. Everything in this list is very important to me.

    I do not use my phone for gaming.

  • Jack

    This has got to be the most unqualified poll I have seen in a long time. For example, how would “Calling and texting _only_” be combinable with any of the other options (two selections are permitted)?

    • See editor’s note, thanks

  • Antonio

    I use my N8 as a computer replacement. I’m serious. I haven’t turned my PC on since I bought the N8. Currently it replaces like 99,7% of the things I do on the PC (things it does not replace: programming on C++ and extracting multiple parts .rar files – it does well with single part .rar tough).

    So this is it, everything I would do on a PC I do on the N8.
    It is my primary camera (pics and videos), my primary mp3 player and primary car radio (when driving, I only listen to my N8 music), my primary Office editor, primary gaming and console platform (playing with HDMI-out on a 42 inch TV and Wiimote is awesome and very fun), my primary GPS device (I love Ovi Maps), primary HD movie player and video player (I don’t have a bluray player or a dvd player, I use the N8 to watch series and movies), and even my primary TV. Paying for cable tv is not worth it when you can stream in better quality on the N8. It is also my primary wifi modem when I’m not at home If I ever need to do something that can’t be done on the N8 and requires internet, I open Joikuspot and start my tethering wifi.
    It is my primary calendar and tasks/appointment manager, my primary health tracker (wellness diary, sports tracker, heart pulse etc), my primary contacts manager and last, but not least important, it is also my primary phone. Even though I hardly make any calls with it, the N8 wouldn’t be as useful without calling and text messaging.

    To sum it up, it is my primary everything, and I’d probably die if I lost it or got it stolen. All my life is in it, and whoever got my phone and spent some time using it and seeing my information would probably know me better than if I told him myself. But I would be able to track him, get a picture of his face and wipe out everything remotely before any damages could be made.

    Sent from opera mobile on my N8.

  • IMarius

    meh superman and batman , sorry but Nokia still win

  • jakeZ

    I own an N900. I mostly use it to make calls, browse the web, email, listen to music in the car using the FM transmitter, and picture taking. I honestly have never really been that interested in applications, especially when they apply to services that are available in a web browser. I’ve always been more interested in phones that are more gadgets than application happy devices. Nokias have filled this need for me for several years.
    I’ll admit I recently purchased a Nexus One for AIR application developement. It’s my day job. Though it’s a decent device and pretty speedy, it’s also pretty vanilla. Not to mention the camera is pretty awful. After using Nokia phones for many years, my first point of comparison for a device is the call quality, followed by the camera quality.

  • My vote…
    almost all of above.. i added to others 🙂

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