How do you use your smartphone?

| March 4, 2011 | 29 Replies

A lot has been made in the blogosphere about Symbian smartphones occupying a different category of devices than the Android and iOS powered superphones. In a sense, there seems to be a lot pointing towards this being true, with many Symbian users buying and using their devices much as they would dumbphones. Not because the devices are any less capable than their more expensive (and sometimes less functional brethren) but because they don’t KNOW how to use these devices in any other way.

This may have, in a sense contributed to the lack of adequate developer support for the Symbian ecosystem in the past and the negative connotation associated with Nokia’s higher-end offerings. I can say categorically that I disagree with this sentiment but I’ve encountered such opinions so commonly in my day-to-day life that it’s a small wonder that Nokia has managed to sell as many smartphones as they have.

In my own experience with multiple smartphone operating systems, I’ve found a significant difference in my usage of each device and the tasks I generally accomplish with them. So I pose the question, how do you use your smartphone?


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Editor’s Note:

There are limited options provided for the simple reason that almost every user will utilize these devices in ways corresponding to almost all the options. In order to EFFECTIVELY gauge the primary usage case of the device it is mandatory to limit the options available to the voter. I hope this clarifies the noted limitation.

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