Nokia RM707 passes FCC – looks like Nokia X7

| March 4, 2011 | 29 Replies

Janimatik emailed us a tip showing the Nokia RM707 visiting FCC.


I don’t know if my Google-fu is failing me but there’s nothing else on the interwebs about RM707 except phonescoop’s FCC approval register.

On the ID label portion, the above image is seen. Labelled RM707 it bears the same shape as the Nokia X7.


There’s also an OET List Exhibits Report that shows that the external and internal shots (submitted on the same day as the ID label) won’t be available until August 29. So does that mean the X7/rm707 won’t appear until after that date? Perhaps a Q3/Q4 release with Nokia World?


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  • Rant

    No release until Nokia World 2011? That seems a bit unrealistic, considering the X7 was rumoured to have the same internals as the N8.

    Could have changed ofcourse, but if it is passing the FCC now than most of the time a release is nearby and not months away right?

    • Rant

      Maybe, just maybe RM707 and X7 means something? If the HW was updated and they are now working on getting WP7 working on it. Is that possible to change the OS after it has been submitted to the FCC?

      Very wild guess I know.

      • PJ

        Nokia has been super clear that no WP devices will 1. come with this version of Windows Phone 7 and 2. Won’t be released untill 2012 at the earliest.
        This is garanteed to be a Symbian device and it will be a long time untill we see any leaks or info straigt from Nokia on a WP device.

        If Nokia are planing a Q1 2012 release for WP then we won’t see final hardware untill sometime around Q3-Q4 of this year and thats when any submitions to FCC are made.

        • Rant

          You’re right, forgot they were at least waiting till the Mango release of WP7.

    • Goc

      Alex68 did mention that the hardware was going to change before it could be released.

      • Jay Montano

        As much as I would hope Nokia can change the hardware from what we’ve seen previously in X7, I have no faith in them at all any more in delivering consumer expectations.

        • ruin

          ha ha…the feb11 event has really taken its toll on your dreams and expectations from nokia…not saying that it is any different for me..i don’t believe that they can out a hardware step up this soon…but come on, let there be one last prayer hoping nokia to deliver what we desire…if we think only of the winphone nokia device we might not have enough to get us through the year.

          • Jay Montano

            I have HOPE that they may be able to pull something out of the bag.

            I have NO faith that they can pull something out of the bag.

            I HOPE I can win the lottery.

            I have NO faith I can win the lottery.

            Their next flagship to succeed the N8 (N900 really) will tell what condition Nokia is in. I need to see what Nokia can do before I can reassess and see what they can be capable of again. At the moment EVERYTHING has been tarnished hopes. Everything has been of substandard. Everything they have come out with feels like the playbook for “Do everything wrong, and more!”

            That said, I still love Nokia. It’s so strange that such a large and powerful company can come up with just shit. I think I’m more annoyed because I KNOW exactly what they’re capable of. I KNOW what they can do. I am just frustrated that they are letting everyone else walk all over them with one stupid decision after another. And this was ALL before Elop was ever a word of any Nokia association.

            • Cod3rror

              I agree with everything except:

              “I think I’m more annoyed because I KNOW exactly what they’re capable of”

              They are capable of exactly what you see and is available on the market.
              By Nokia’s standards a top product by modern standards garbage.

              Couple of years ago when focus was hardware and software was more or less an afterthought Nokia could get away, but nowadays, it’s a synergy of hardware AND software, both are very important, in fact software and UI is more important.

              The game changed, there are big boys with years of experience in computing, playing in Nokia’s field now.

              These are not Ericsson and Siemens. Apple Microsoft and to a certain extent Google revolutionized the world, how can Nokia compete with that?

              Nokia designers, coders and UI guys simply don’t have enough talent and expertise to compete. Looking at Symbian 3 and considering how many inconsistencies and bad UI choices are there, I don’t think Nokia even has UI designers.

              • Rant

                I like the way you worded the current status of Nokia. That is exactly the reason why WP7 (or any other OS taht’s not their own) makes sense.

                Until basically the iPhone SW was something you could get away with. But Nokia just hasn’t got the power to do an entire OS on their own, at least not one that has types of integration with 3rd party stuff.

                Why continue with a lame implementation of your own OS that costs far more to maintain and develop than ‘buying’ an OS from someone who has been building OS’es for years and has the experience needed for now and the future.

                • gordonH

                  I know for a fact that Nokia has got talented coders. But management, oh dear are too highly talent at mismanagement.

                • Smith

                  Microsoft make complete shit. Always have, always will. They are NOT good software developers. Symbian is far superior to what MS are capable of. You’re getting confused because you don’t like the Symbian UI. Plenty of people do.

              • Smith

                cod3error the fact you refer to the N8 as garbage just hilights how poor your judgement and other comments about Nokia are.

              • orpheus

                Who exactly has talent? All the other developers are cooperating with google! No one was capable of creating a software or a ui that would be able to compete symbian! Until google!(let me remind you that google is not a mobile developer!)
                Go back to the past when symbian ruled.. Nokia people are now trying to develop symbian by themselves! All the other companies just went with the easy solution; android, which was developed by google programmers and not from any mobile phone developer!
                Despite that, symbian is still pretty high in prefferences! You can not doubt that! And I personally can’t understand why u underestimate symbian! I can’t find anything that symbian does not have! But of course! Google also rules in internet information! So symbian is not advertized at all! Apart from this google discredits it in a way that you will believe that symbian is dead! It is not my friend! Open your eyes and read some searches! Half of the people still have symbian!
                And also the fact that symbian does not require high performance phones(such as high cpu and other stuff) is pretty great for me! Compare a nokia n8 with 680Mhz and an htc desire with 1Ghz and u won’t see any difference in speed!


            • SoVatar


              I see it similar as you see it. But add to that the disappointment that the new CEO is not able to turn the ship around. On contrary, he seems to accelerate the death march by magnifying Nokia’s weaknesses without providing credible alternatives.

              How else can one interpret the commitment to Windows Phone which should be available by Nokia in 2012 (in significant numbers), while alienating everyone interested in Maemo/MeeGo, Symbian and Qt?

              Looking at Nokia’s track record it would not surprise that they won’t have competitive offerings until way later than 2012. And this will be too late for the company’s survival.

        • Rant

          The Nokia we once knew is no more, and it has nothing to do with WP7 or any new strategy. The last real device buzz was with the N8 in April 2010! To a certain extent the E7 created a buzz as well. But the major buzz was from a year back.

    • Marc Aurel

      Might not even be the same device as the X7-00 seen before. I don’t think they would delay it for that long considering it was nearly ready to launch already in January. My guess is still that the X7-00 for non-US markets will be launched some time in Q2 with the PR2.0 software.

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  • gordonH

    Nokia should be updating their hardware on their non-touchscreen symbian phones. BB’s are still selling well without much competition from Nokia.

    • I don’t think that X7 won’t be annouced until August 29th.
      I found that every unannounced phone in that table, the date of items with “Yes” in “Short-Term Confidential” is just 180 days later than the approved date.
      For example, the X7 and Samsung SGH-T499 was approved on March 2nd, and the another date is August 29th; the Samsung S3850 was approved on February 22nd, and the another date is August 21st, etc.

      I think X7 is just around the corner…

      • Rant

        It should be, if were delayed 5 months the whole smartphone spectrum will presumably have changed yet again and the X7 would be seriously lagging in every singel department.

  • Zhe

    If it is going to use WP7, I hope it could be named as W7, not X7

  • alex68

    The hardware change of X7 was very minimal as X7 was originally designed for ATT network and it just needs pantaband capability for a global market as do other Symbian 3 phones. It should be released in Q2…

    • Stuart

      Is there some special patent that Nokia has on pentaband 3G? I would love for more devices (even if on other manufactures) to have that feature.

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  • Paul

    The phone tested by FCC had SW-version 020.027. So seems to be PR2.0.


    Page 2

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