Qt Facebook app, Kasvopus, available for Symbian^3/Maemo 5 (requires Qt 4.7.2), MeeGo soon #N8 #N900

| March 6, 2011 | 45 Replies

Tommi Laukkanen is at it again, this time taking on the Facebook app (which no one else, not even Nokia have done a good job on. It pains me how terribly overlooked the Facebook app has been on Nokias. You would think it was some hobo social network with 5 people on it the way Nokia has addressed the app, not the biggest social network not the number 2 site behind google and the one most people spend time on the web. Fortunately for N900 users, you can power away on the FULL desktop facebook experience).

It’s available for download right now on Symbian^3 and Maemo 5 BUT you will need to have Qt 4.7.2 installed. I think N900 might already have it but for S^3 you might need Qt SDK beta.


Also it seems that it’s currently only looking at a simple feed at the moment. Small steps at a time, eh?

Simple and clean news feed is shown to you right after you launch the app. You can easily browse through latest status updates, shared news and links.

Touch news entry to open it in details view where you can see the latest comments. You can easily “like” or comment the status entry or if it contains a link you can open that in device browser with a single click.

Does Kasvopus mean anything? I thought I’d pass it through translator but it doesn’t come up with anything.

Cheers to Arts for the tip!


Oh here’s arts again with Qt 4.7.2:

And from the comment, kasvopus means facebook in Finnish :p

Kasvo = face
Opus = book

Kasvo + opus = kasvopus = facebook. Tnx ZiPa, Arts and others!

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  1. mja says:

    Kasvo means “face” and pus “kiss” but I’ve never seen or heard the two words being used in this way

  2. Arts says:

    its a word play on face and book in finnish. It seems. the name. =D

  3. Tommy Vanhapiha says:

    Hay Jay!

    about your question – does Kasvopus mean something? Well at least Kasvo means Face, so that is obviously logical, but ‘pus’ doesn’t mean anything (in Finnish), maybe it’s short for something?


  4. h3csc says:

    Oh man! Symbian^1 please!
    And yeah, a proper Facebook client is mysteriously never exist in the world of Symbian.

  5. Zak says:

    can’t seem to install it on N8, requires Qt 4.7.2 =/.. where to get that?

    • C7User says:

      You can get it from latest Qt SDK although that will be a big download. Hopefully Tommi can post the sis files on the download location as well

      • Zak says:

        yeah I actually did that =/.. download that huge file and installed qt 4.7.2 n etc onto my N8. this app is fantastic! really fast and it also has this feel of apps made by Tommi, first one comes to mind is twimgo! I can’t for it to have more features. Tommi is a genius!

  6. karam says:

    I do not think N900 requires a facebook app. Facebook on regular computer and N900 looks exactly the same.

  7. MacGyver says:

    Arts is correct, Kasvopus is a portmanteau of ‘kasvo’ (‘face’) and ‘opus’ (somewhat archaic/formal latinate form of ‘book’).

  8. Jumojn says:

    This app is really fast simpel and easy to use !. Omg i hope this dude will make more apps in the future!

    Kiitoksia tommi tästä ! :D

    • Thanks! I’ll surely will continue to create more apps. Free time is the only limit :)

      • fahoum says:

        wow, its tommy laukkanen in flesh and blood (ok, maybe ’0′ and ’1′) , appreciate ur work. hope u keep it up.

        if i can only ask for one feature… it would be a nice photo gallery browser for facebook!

        and maybe a chat client, all in the same app!
        and im sure alot of people here r willing to pay for an app that would give a decent facebook access. specially from a known dev such as you.

  9. Paul says:

    This gives me hope. i have had to return to Android while my n8 collects dust.

    The things that make the n8 not good enough at the min.

    No portrait swype – NOT good enough
    Awful browser
    Facebook support just TERRiBLE
    Email is such a chore in comparison
    The calendar support is not good, no sync with gmail

    i had my n8 on the day it was released, took several hundred shots and movies while on a long holiday, i miss the hardware massively – the call quality is the best there is on my nokia…i had the n82 before this. i just wish it would get kicking and screaming into 2011 ( or just 2009)

    Really hope this app gets support and updates,it could be great, with notifications and inbox support..

    • Jay Montano says:

      “No portrait swype – NOT good enough
      Awful browser
      Facebook support just TERRiBLE
      Email is such a chore in comparison
      The calendar support is not good, no sync with gmail”

      Agree on every single point. I am confounded why this has been an impossibility for Nokia to do for their flagship.

      BTW, on my windows phone that I’m testing out,

      Portrait Keyboard is great to type on
      Browser runs rings around the Symbian one
      Facebook app looks great. Much better than Symbian.
      Email is so easy, I enjoy reading my mails and replying to them from my WP phone
      Calendar Sync with Gmail is a breeze and with live. It emails me any new appointments I’ve added. Very nice touch.

      It has many other flaws but on those points Windows Phone performs it better for me. This is of course, not of any help for Symbian^3 users. It annoys me not just as a user, but that all of you guys have to put up with this too.

      • Lawk says:

        False. You can Sync, Calendar, Contacts and Mail with Google Apps through the Mail for Exchange function. It works pretty well on pr1.1 13.16 here.

        You can set google calender to send you emails on calendar event reminders…..

        If you love Gmail so much, get an android device.

    • xyz says:

      Calendar sync with gmail works pretty well via Mail For Exchange. Doing that all the time, even to sync my Thunderbird calendar (Lightning) -> Google -> N8.

      Just to relativise.

      • Jay Montano says:

        I don’t understand though why we have to do this through Mail for exchange.

        Why can’t I just add my gmail account and have it pull both mail, calendar and maybe some contacts?

        Username and password should be all that’s necessary. (I think a domain is required for MfE, not that big of a deal, but still). And I don’t know what’s wrong with my N8 but it won’t pull my gmail calendar (got the mails from MfE ok though)

    • Mark says:

      Your frustrations mirror mine. The only difference is I’m using an iPhone 3GS now. As a phone it’s pretty poor but it’s just so easy to use.

    • Iggy says:

      Hi Paul,

      do you live in NYC? Would you be interested in participating in a cell phone research study? keep a blog for 1hr per day for 7 days and get paid. interested? e-mail me and I’ll send your contacts to our research project recruiter.


  10. C7User says:

    Works great after you install Qt 4.7.2 from latest beta 1.1 SDK. although Nokia Bubbles lovers will be sad to hear that it breaks bubbles.
    Background in now gone and you touch is not registered anymore. Also bubbles always come up in ugly 16-bit colors (old bug made them appear sometime)

  11. c7 says:

    after istalling qt and kasvopus,the prpgram not starting only black blank screen ,i cant find solution for this problem

  12. paul says:

    You need to install like 3 qt things from one of the twitter links. Thats how i got it working

  13. Doug says:

    Until I see the same app we get on Android and iOS for Facebook, plus the ability to add events to the phone’s calendar, all others are still going to be garbage.

  14. hamid says:

    can I syncrone my friend’s birthday in facebook with my contacts with this app?
    I can’t do this with any app

  15. Enthusiast says:

    You cannot add friends birthday from facebook to contacts yet, but you can synchronize facebook calendar (both birthdays and events) to your phones calendar and contact images from facebook to your contact via socially, its free.

  16. Bubba says:

    Can’t wait to try it. Just installed Qt (thanks for the link), Kasvopus next. Y’all are right, Nokia desperately needs a good FB app, and a Twitter app (free version, to compete with Gravity), too.

  17. Bubba says:

    Downloading Qt 4.7.2 is not enough to run this, you’ll get the black blank screen. Go to http://twitter.com/#!/N8ws/status/42687648271319041 for remainder of components to install. For now it’s only the newsfeed, with options to open links in browser, “like” or “comment” on other statuses. There is a ‘share status’ button to post your own status update. Smooth and responsive, would like to see slightly larger, and darker fonts for better contrast – my biggest gripes with Nokia’s FB app.

    • jeep-e2 says:

      Thanks for the twitter link, it works and it looks so much better than the original nokia social app!

    • jeep-e2 says:

      Hey btw, since i’ve download the Qt components above, seems like all my Qt apps don’t bug anymore. I used to have problem connecting with Readers, that i like a lot. Now no more problem connecting. Another problem i used to have with Readers was graphic issues that i don’t have anymore. It also improve Dukto. I had no problem to send file from my laptop to my mobile, but when i was trying to send file from my mobile, it didn’t recognise the file in the folder. And now, it works perfectly. Thanks again for sharing the link

  18. wreckone says:

    I’ve got it up and running. I had to install all the Qt package and restart my N8. I’m not sure if it has all the functions of nokias app posting pictures etc…. I’ll give it a views days.

  19. jeep-e2 says:

    Ok first impression, i can’t open message. no notification. no search, no add friend. i can post on someone status but cannot post on someone’s wall because i cannot go to his personal page. But it looks good and it’s very fluid, i hope there’s gonna be some update for this app, Tommy is on the good way

  20. Dr Amit Johari says:

    I read somewhere that newer qt installations has problems with OVI MAPS. Is it true ??????

  21. Windrose says:

    Why blame Nokia for the lack of a Facebook app? Blame Facebook – or accept that there’s no need for one, when the browser does a fine job with the regular website.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Browser does a fine job? Maemo 5 browser does an epic job, the mobile browser on Symbian not so.

      Why Blame Nokia? Facebook is the BIGGEST social network. They must be proactive in making sure their users can access it. Of course there’s a need. In UK alone, most mobile browsing is spent on facebook.

      The Social app seems designed for non-touch, the UI is quite similar to what’s seen in C3. The overall feel of Nokia Social app is inadequate for touch, especially in 2011. It is a very, very poor offering.

  22. Zaxxx says:

    Not as good as twimgo,

  23. Sea-Breeze says:

    never seen a facebook client better than IOS or Android Client

    why in hell Symbian^3 can’t have a decent client ???!! it even don’t have notifications !! while other competitors got Facebook chat !!!!!!!

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