Videos: More beautiful Nokia N8 HD videos from topolino70

| March 6, 2011 | 7 Replies

It’s been a while since we looked at some N8 videos, no? Having switched to the Samsung Omnia 7 for over a week now, I am absolutely missing my anywhere any time QUALITY photos and videos. If I’m taking photos, that means I need to bring my (sammy) digicam – my friends keep mixing up what I’m uploading from N8/Samsung Digicam complaining that my digicam is producing too much red eye (that’s a phone. Ignore the red eye problem, focus on confusing N8 for the digicam, i.e. the one supposed to be producing better photos).

We got a 42″ TV the other week and man, these Nokia N8 videos are something else on a bigger screen (also check out work by keirux previously highlighted. Gorgeous!). They looked incredible on a 18.4″ laptop LCD but blown up, it’s incredible to see that it’s still so sharp and clear! I can’t wait for Nokia to make a smartphone with a great web browser (WVGA resolution screen) and a great camera. They always seem to make an incomplete package. Grrr! Unintended rant over…

Anyway, onto ‘s videos that we haven’t published here.


Here’s one called Liquid Motion. Just oil and water in a metal cup, but so mesmerising!

This one stars his cat, Tipsu, who just cannot wait to be fed and helps herself to the cat snacks stored away in the plastic container.

This third one shows quite some dedication. Recording from his car, he tries to get different angles for his shot. But having just one N8 this meant driving back and forth at the same spot to get them at different angles.

Lastly, this is “Aphid”, following on from the stick insect video here’s a tiny, tiny little aphid. The N8 has a fixed focus lens so topolino70 achieves his close up shots with a combination of different lenses.


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  • SGean

    Still needs software updates.. Chances are that Nokia’s now devoting all if its resources to WP7 and leaving N8’s FW updates at snail’s pace.. =.=

    • Smith

      That makes no sense whatsoever. There are a few thousand (I think?) Symbian/OS developers at Nokia. They can’t instantly become as skilled at Windows Phone, and indeed probably almost none of them ever will be (most will probably jump ship eventually).

      Nokia can put as much or as little resources into adapting Windows Phone as it likes, it will still have a few thousand Symbian developers sitting there. Are they supposed to do nothing in the meantime? Or are they supposed to shore up the existing Symbian userbase as hard and fast as possible.

      In actual fact, everyone (including you Jay) is looking at the situation all wrong. We are far MORE likely to get better Symbian updates as fast as Nokia can get them out now, because Nokia have everything to prove that Symbian is, as they claim, NOT abandoned and all systems go, so that Nokia have a userbase left to attempt to downgrade, sorry ‘transition’, to Windows Phone when they eventually have a handset(s) out (in a year).

      Nokia need to keep the users happy with lots of excellent updates ASAP or they will lose them, rapidly.

      • SGean

        Well, according to rumors, PR2.0 should be coming near the end of march to early april and i’m using an N8 with product code 059D7Z3 and i’m still not getting PR1.1 yet. Phone’s still suffering from WLAN bugs and a social app that’s so outdated in terms of features.

        Kinda loosing faith in their development team. Especially after the anouncement that symbian will be obsolete in 2~3 years for transition to WP7 and the fact that they havn’t got any WP7 products to be shown right now means that they’ve still got alot of work to do to meet their target for releasing their first WP7 next year. That’s what gave me the idea that nokia has already devoted much of their resources towards WP7 already.

      • antispam

        ..the sym developers are beeing fired. that is how it is going to be.

        pressure on nokia to save money is huge.

        They will close entire sites in finland. At least thats what people at this stage believe is going to happen.

        • SGean

          Come to think about it, we havn’t heard from Damian Dinning, the person incharge of the N8’s camera, for a long time. Hope he’s still part of the team working on the N8..

  • joha

    Heeyyy i can see my old apartment in that Hervanta video 🙂

  • The biggest question for me……..

    The fact is Nokia N8 uses Xenon flash for stills but im not understand why didn’t Nokia include an LED solution for video?

    Still the unable to find a clue!

    Khursheed Alam