Windows Phone Mango Update coming this fall at the LATEST to OEM and network for Holiday Launch

| March 7, 2011 | 18 Replies

There was an early report today that Windows Phone’s Mango Update to bring multitasking, IE9 and twitter integration amongst other things was NOT coming this side of 2011 and was to be delayed to a 2012 release. Not good news for Microsoft (especially what with earlier update problems with Samsung) and especially NOT good news for Nokia who are extremely reliant on the success of Windows Phone.

An update bringing Copy and Paste should be coming early this March. Many Samsung owners still haven’t received the first minor “stability and bugs” fix upgrade. Hmmm…

Engadget reported that Mango was delayed to 2012 but they had received an update from a source that says it may arrive this year.

Mary Jo Foley, who’s got a few Microsofties in her own back pocket, says that she’s hearing that Microsoft recently promised OEMs and carriers Mango by “early fall at the latest” — just in time for a holiday consumer launch.


Holiday aka just in time for Christmas.

Microsoft have said that there is to be a big release by the end of the year.

What about Nokia?

In a post mid February, Elop said that he would know about the release date of Nokia’s first Windows Phone in the next couple of months. Jo Harlow says she “ aims to please’ in reference to Elop’s desire for Nokia’s Windows Phone to arrive in 2011. The device will also ship very close to announcement (as close as iPad’s 9 days? At least within a MONTH please Nokia)

This is possibly how Nokia will keep promise of shipping close to announcement:



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  • XtiaN8

    It would be wise to have it release in Fall to stay competitive. I do hope that it’s stable.

  • What about Nokia N8’s PR 2.0?…

    We’ve been waiting almost 4 months for PR 2.0..

    • Viipottaja

      April, I guess.

  • Smith

    Goodness me I’m sick of the stream of pro-Windows Phone articles on this site. You’re not looking at, you’re damn well practically EVANGELISING about it. It’s becoming a religion for you guys.

    It’s pathetic really. I’m all for your argument of looking at it, but you should be looking at WHAT NOKIA ACTUALLY GIVE US WHEN IT ARRIVES. Not turning into Windows Phanboys ahead of time.

    And yes, if I don’t like it, I will take my eyeballs elsewhere. To people that are more knowledgeable, and more balanced.

    Anyone else as fed up with this bullshit WinPho coverage on this blog as I am?

    • Me too.. I’m fed up with those WP news..

      • Yes. Me too. No Symbian or Maemo or Meego news.

        • Jay Montano

          3 of the last 15 posts talked Windows Phone. That means 12 must have discussed Symbian, Nokia, MeeGo, Qt, S40?

          • Arts

            haters going to hate anyway?

            • Ed

              quit your bitchin Smith

    • Mark

      OK. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

      Incidentally, where are you going to go? Given that you’ve been banned half a dozen times by AAS and are on pretty thin ice with your current account there? I’m going to assume that’s not the first site you’ve been binned from either.


    • Jay Montano

      It is very clear that anything Microsoft related posted here completely riles you up.

      Anything I find related to Nokia (and of varying degrees of interest), I want to talk about and share. It’s to learn about the Windows Phone side of things. It’s to document what’s happening, e.g. what to expect from marketing, what’s happening on the updates, the breaking of Samsung phones as mentioned. Things that we might expect from a Nokia WP.

      As Mark replied to you yesterday and possibly in other posts:

      “Question: Is this blog called My Symbian Blog or My Nokia Blog?

      Question: Are Nokia going to manufacture Windows phones as well as Symbian phones and the odd MeeGo device?

      Question: Are there articles about Symbian, MeeGo and WP here?”

      This is something that I and the other writers do in our spare time. It is NOT our job to sit here 24/7 to reclaim every piece of Nokia news and select only the pro Nokia posts. I think it might be cool if I could do that, though I do have commitments too in doing well in my medical degree (and other commitments).

      We cover what we can that is NOKIA related in the time that we are free after finishing what we do in the non-online life.

      Windows Phone is related to Nokia. Releasing a phone in 2011 for Nokia is related to this post.

      In the last 15 posts, 3 have talked about Windows Phone. Everything else is MeeGo/Symbian/Qt. 3. I’m sure to your eyes, 1 is already too much.

      Why do you only ever see Windows Phone and see red? I would advise that you please NOT click on posts with such titles. I think they are signs enough of the topic that will be discussed.

      Again, I’m sorry if posting about Windows Phone on fails to cater to your needs. I welcome all comments, and do not ban even if they are disagreeing with me or are angry towards me.

      I wasn’t going to bother posting this after reading Janne’s comment but may as well as I don’t think this will be the last time you will criticise about the content we provide.

    • Rant

      Ah yes, evangelising. Pushing you views upon someone else, something Roger/Smith/Decent/Ninja does with Symbian/Nokia in the same degree but without a rational view.

      Jay at least is willing to see and point out the obvious shortcomings WP7 has (which it obviously has) someone else on the other hand is saying the N8 beats an iPhone in EVERY department but flashy UI.
      So that would mean that email integration and calender and browser are all better than the iPhone?

      Smith, Y U NO see the truth?

  • Cod3rror

    Hah, I agree with the skeptic’s view.

    And it’s worse IMO, going a long time without any news, leaks or announcements is not good, people forget you, move on.

    Like him or not Eldar did Nokia a very good service with his constant leaks of info and devices. A good case for any publicity being good publicity, he kept the interest up, now that they finally managed to shut him down to copy Apple-Gizmodo fiasco, they also lost a huge source of interest provider.

  • Janne

    What I like about My Nokia Blog is that they cover everything even vaguely related to Nokia. Their reporting is light enough for them to be fast and complete in their coverage, especially being just a hobby for them I believe. Also, the site layout (rows of horizontal snippets) makes it very easy to read what I am interested in, and skip others. Much easier than, say, Engadget or especially the new Gizmodo.

    Covering Windows Phone 7 too is a service too, at least I feel that way. Many people are more intersted in it after the Nokia news, right? If you think it too early, why not just skip those articles and read the ones you care about? I get that you may feel their tone evangelical and maybe so, but then MNB is a fan-boy site of sorts, so no reason to worry too much about it I think. Just a bunch of hobbyists providing info to other hobbyists. Hope you stick around.

    I think the best part about My Nokia Blog is that they are not too selective about what they post, making it almost the only site needed to stay on the pulse of everything around Nokia (well, S60 upwards anyway) and technologies it uses or will use.

    • mja

      Well said

    • Jay Montano

      Thank you Janne. Yes that’s all true.

      This is a blog written by Nokia fan boys. I am and forever will be will love Nokia as a company. But we are not completely blind to any failures. We may defend when we feel Nokia is unjustly attacked but we will also rant when we feel certain things are not up to scratch and where they should be.

      Why? Because I love Nokia. I really want them to succeed. It’s just an odd loyalty I guess, like you would have for your favourite sports team. I’ve been liking Nokia before I even knew of the internet. Before I wrote a blog.

      This was my platform to write about anything Nokia related. To share Nokia related stories.

      Unfortunately, the time has come that Nokia can no longer be completely independent, and has such partnered with Microsoft to make Windows Phone. So as a Nokia fanboy this is what I wish to learn about what is to be Nokia’s future. As said many times, For Nokia to now succeed, Windows Phone must also succeed.

      Perhaps it was a different situation prior to February, that is something else, but now the eggs are in Ballmer’s basket, this is something I as a Nokia fan need to accept and be constructive about. Andre and I have picked up Windows Phones just to see what it’s about. I can see many, many flaws, but there are also quite promising aspects to it that I like. Many will not share these sentiments and I can appreciate that.

      Given the time constraints and other offline commitments (the guys here either work or are in University), we can’t scour the whole internet to find everything Nokia related. I’m simultaneously reading Surface Anatomy stuff whilst commenting here.

      But we do what we can. This means that news on S40/S30/S60 3rd may be left behind if that misses our periphery. If the news isn’t there, it’s a little difficult to talk about it.

      I really want to thank the readers here for sticking with us and for those who send in tips about Nokia related stories. We really wouldn’t be able to do this without your support. And that’s a statement of fact not some wishy washy cliché.

    • Just Visiting

      @Janne. +1.

  • vexface

    Please Stop bitching about WP7 articles, if you’re that amgry………chop your fingers off.