Video: Nokia E7 Smartphone – Matthew Wilson AKA Max ‘The Axe’ Damage – The wrestlers’ champion

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This little 5 minute film from Nokia didn’t make sense at first. It seems to be part of a campaign called “Success is what you make it” which we saw in the Behind the scenes of the E7 design with Shunjiro Eguchi. It stars Matt Wilson, aka wrester Max the ‘Axe’ damage.

For Matt, the key to success is not winning or losing but CONNECTING with the audience.

Here’s the blurb from the video:

Nokia E7 – Our definitions of success are changing and broadening well beyond work –

What we want to know is how these have changed and what success means today. Check out what we’ve found so far and then share your success story with us so we can help you make it happen.

Matt is an enigma. He’s a good guy and a bad guy, a wrestler and a thinker. He wants to win but likes to lose. Step into the ring and you might come away with a few bruises but you’ll definitely come away a big fan.

A websearch to see if Nokia had done anything else with this campaign led me randomly to a bodybuilding forum. The guys there were also talking about “Success is what you make it”

“Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.”
‘Zig Ziglar’

Everyday we rise and grind! Day in and day out we put in work, whether its at the gym or the office, at home or overseas. Our endeavour takes us to new personal bests. After we reach those personal bests, it motivates us “raise the bar.” So brothers, keep raising the bar! Success is what you make it! Be the best you can be!

Someone else replied…

far too many times in life people measure themselves in comparison to other people. the idea is to measure yourself against your previous self. never be willing to settle for what you’ve done, always be aiming for what’s to come.

Seems a very good self motivational attitude. Not quite sure how this relates to the E7. In terms of Nokia as a company it seems like a motto they should take to heart. Don’t just aim for just right, aim for what’s to come. Ask yourself, could I have made this better? If yes, then you should have. No settling on your laurels, no living in the past success of what you’ve done but always aiming to be better. No playing catch up. You set the bars.

Or is this about valuing something by its own merits? As a person is this about being successful based on your own criteria, not of others? Someone’s idea of success may or may not be that of the person next to him.

Success – it’s how you define it and what you make of it. The opportunity to be a success is in YOUR control.

Meh, it’s a long day, I’m soo tired and my brain has disengaged. How did you interpret this video?


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