New Qt projects: “Flake” Weather and “Nu, pagadi!” for Nokia N8/S^3

| March 8, 2011 | 15 Replies

Yesterday Kryak tipped us on a couple of new Qt projects: Flake and Nu, pagadi.

Flake is the weather application you can see above.

This is a weather application done in QML.
You can manage multiple locations, view 5-day forecast, simple temperature graphs and a world map view of the weather in your managed locations.

It’s based on the weather API and the Ovi Maps API.


You can add and remove cities for which you can then view the current weather and a 5-day forecast. Also, a world map is displayed on which weather status icons appear for each managed city. You can also mark a location as “current” so that this will be the default location displayed.

The data is stored offline through the JavaScript? database functionality.
The logic part is done in JavaScript?.

There’s a disabled functionality to get the weather at your current position. This worked on the simulator but the device’s GPS did not provide any coordinates.

All content except menu icons and the small weather icons is original.

The application is available for use under The MIT License. The menu icons and small weather icons can be used according to their original license.

The second app, “Nu, Pagadi” is a clone of classic Russian handheld game. Catch the eggs rolling from four roosts until the game gets too fast for you.


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  • Jim

    nice design, too bad they have to port them now in silverlight.

  • XtiaN8

    I’m excited for the weather application to become available 🙂 I do hope they roll out the latest Qt for Symbian soon.

  • Damen

    It’s a good thing they have active projects going on but after the amazing weather section of the “HTC Hub” in HTC’s WP7 phones this does look a bit “Spartan”…

    • Jay Montano

      Yeah, HTC’s weather stuff is very, woah!

      Not sure if it’s the same animation style as this one demoed on N900 a while ago. Had some potential but nothing really came of it:

      • Damen

        True. Of course you could say the HTC Hub is at least as much about “eye-candy” as it is about the content but that’s what sells these days. 😉

        That N900 weather app demo looks pretty nice as well. It’s a shame how many promising projects have been canceled by Nokia’s management.

        • Jay Montano

          It seems that if something is very awesome on Nokia’s software side, it must be ignored, cancelled or pooled into another project to be delayed. Nokia or at least the bosses up top seem to be besotted with ugly, clunky, cumbersome looking user interfaces.

      • roadxy

        Have you ever tried the HTC weather hub on an WP7?
        It’s really slow to use.
        There is nothing to eyecandy if it works like crap… 😉

    • Nrde

      That “amazing” weather app gets really old… really soon. After that it’s just annoying to wait to see the weather.

      I can see the project meeting before my eyes.

      Project manager: Let’s do the coolest weather app there is, like virtual reality flying thing with clouds etc.

      coder: do we need to worry about battery consumption or usability, o rshould we put in some shortcuts or “basic” view.

      Project manager: no

    • Goc

      That might be nice the first time you use it but it will get annoying the more you use it.

      Too much eye candy hurts usability, Apple knows how to use just the right amount of it but from the looks of this app HTC doesn’t.

  • satanlovesyou

    “Ну, погоди!” why pAgAdi, when pOgOdi is right 🙂
    About 1 week ago I thought why no one can create this game for Symbian, and it’s for my N8.
    By the way, here is rare original:

  • Doug

    Map view should make use of multitouch on S^3 devices. I still don’t see enough of that to this day.

  • Goc

    The Nokia font looks really nice when properly rendered and anti-aliased.

  • Glenn