Sebastian Nyström New Head of MeeGo for Nokia – N950 will “have unique appeal to the style-conscious, connected enthusiast”

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On February 11th amongst the hubbub during the day, Head of Nokia’s MeeGo Computers, Alberto Torres left the company.

Taking his place and now in charge of MeeGo for Nokia is Sebastian Nyström who is now Head of MeeGo, Qt and Webkit at Nokia.

Over at the MeeGo Blog, Peter Schneider, head of MeeGo Marketing at Nokia explains:

Sebastian has been leading Qt at Nokia, making the framework available under open source, free-of-charge LGPL license and now he takes responsibility for our future MeeGo efforts.

I know some of you are going to say, why bother? Well Sebastian has been laying out the responsibilities of his role as he sees them, which I wanted to share. In a note to Nokia employees, Sebastian defined his role as:

1. Launching a product from our MeeGo program later this year. We believe our upcoming device (N950?) will have unique appeal to the style-conscious, connected enthusiast.
2. Keeping Nokia on track to deliver necessary software updates following launch of the product.
3. Working with the Linux Foundation, Intel and the wider community to plan Nokia’s future involvement in

I know there was great disappointment in the MeeGo community, at Nokia’s decision. Many of us have gone through an emotional journey ourselves. I’m personally happy to see Sebastian helping us to complete the evolution of our previous Maemo and now MeeGo efforts to an exciting product. You will see more of Sebastian in the coming weeks when we are preparing our participation in the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco.

  • Style conscious eh? Is it as beautiful as dsmobile once mentioned? “I can say this is sexiest mobile ever done. It’s bye bye for HW qwerty and welcome candybar back in my life”
  • What’s with the software updates following launch? Is it that necessary? Are we getting Maemo 6 harmattan first to be upgraded later to MeeGo?Remember back in 2009 when Harmattan was coming in 2010 and we thought that was too far away? Oh dear.

Thanks for the heads up Jim to!

SOURCE: MeeGo Blog


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