Sebastian Nyström New Head of MeeGo for Nokia – N950 will “have unique appeal to the style-conscious, connected enthusiast”

| March 8, 2011 | 43 Replies

On February 11th amongst the hubbub during the day, Head of Nokia’s MeeGo Computers, Alberto Torres left the company.

Taking his place and now in charge of MeeGo for Nokia is Sebastian Nyström who is now Head of MeeGo, Qt and Webkit at Nokia.

Over at the MeeGo Blog, Peter Schneider, head of MeeGo Marketing at Nokia explains:

Sebastian has been leading Qt at Nokia, making the framework available under open source, free-of-charge LGPL license and now he takes responsibility for our future MeeGo efforts.

I know some of you are going to say, why bother? Well Sebastian has been laying out the responsibilities of his role as he sees them, which I wanted to share. In a note to Nokia employees, Sebastian defined his role as:


1. Launching a product from our MeeGo program later this year. We believe our upcoming device (N950?) will have unique appeal to the style-conscious, connected enthusiast.
2. Keeping Nokia on track to deliver necessary software updates following launch of the product.
3. Working with the Linux Foundation, Intel and the wider community to plan Nokia’s future involvement in

I know there was great disappointment in the MeeGo community, at Nokia’s decision. Many of us have gone through an emotional journey ourselves. I’m personally happy to see Sebastian helping us to complete the evolution of our previous Maemo and now MeeGo efforts to an exciting product. You will see more of Sebastian in the coming weeks when we are preparing our participation in the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco.

  • Style conscious eh? Is it as beautiful as dsmobile once mentioned? “I can say this is sexiest mobile ever done. It’s bye bye for HW qwerty and welcome candybar back in my life”
  • What’s with the software updates following launch? Is it that necessary? Are we getting Maemo 6 harmattan first to be upgraded later to MeeGo?Remember back in 2009 when Harmattan was coming in 2010 and we thought that was too far away? Oh dear.

Thanks for the heads up Jim to!

SOURCE: MeeGo Blog


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  • Ali

    well thank god he’s not another former Micrsoft guy

    • Shyne, KLA

      mmm guess what this is just an illusion – meego super phone -!!! Nokia putting dust on your eyes , wakeup nothing is gonna happen so don’t buy this story

  • XtiaN8

    I do hope that in 2 years that Intel/MeeGo does release a 7 inch tablet that can do voice calling. I plan to make that as my next phone lol…

    • thats a good one.. lmao.. cant wait for this tho.. now we see that we are goin to be supported with this phone.. so now ppl..


  • Zahid

    whatever i want the nokia n950 to have iphone killing features and the n8 camera on it also

  • wes?

    Why doesn’t anybody say that it will be a phone. I can’t get rid of the feeling that it will be a MeeGo tablet…

    Any chance that the N950 will be a dual boot MeeGo/WP device? At least I would like the option…

    • wes?

      Probably because they build MeeGo mobile computers rather than smartphones with MeeGo…

      Hope they just don’t want to call it a phone but it will be a mobile computer at the size of a phone with phone capabilities 😛

    • same feeling.

      and maybe they can imitate apple. keep their mouth shut, then introduce it when you can buy it within a week.

    • dietyyli

      It’s a phone. “The Nokia phone we are working on…”

      • wes?

        Good point, lets hope that Kimmo Hämäläinen (what a finish name 🙂 ) is right. But who could know better than a guy working for Nokia…

    • Marc Aurel

      It will probably be a hybrid between a smartphone and tablet, in other words something with a 5″ display. It can still be used to make phone calls, but it’s already a little bit too big to bee your primary phone. Dell Streak comes to my mind…

      • wes?

        Well 5″ would be nice for browsing and stuff. Just the display in 16:9 would be 6.2cm x 11.1cm.

        If they could build a device with a VERY slim border it would be something like 66 x 120mm. I’d buy that without any doubt. Compare that to the Galaxy S (64,2 x 122,4mm) it’s basically the same size with the difference that the bezel is gone (and 16:9 instead of the 15:9 that Samsung uses for some strange reason). That would utilize one of the big strengths of MeeGo – no Hardware Buttons needed.
        –> with 720p CBD: My Dream-Nokia 🙂

    • Goc

      They’ve never called their Maemo devices “Phones”, they never said that Meego would be for “smartphones”.
      They’ve always been “mobile computers” to Nokia and they’ll probably keep calling them that.

      Plus Rich Green recently stated that they weren’t making a tablet any time soon.

  • Vikas Patidar

    Thank god,

    Now I can take a risk of installing Fedora and MeeGo SDK on my PC

  • stop tanking and give us a good & awersome device!

  • Diogo

    The “Plan B” has a name: Sebastian Nyström

    • 100% CORRECT

    • Anonymous

      Dude rocks

  • Mendax

    Oh, baby! Can’t wait for Nokia MeeGo to come to fruition.

  • Chester

    will be tempted 2 buy this N950,especially if they release it before Intel Meego phones.

  • ummNo

    “What’s with the software updates following launch? Is it that necessary? Are we getting Maemo 6 harmattan first to be upgraded later to MeeGo?Remember back in 2009 when Harmattan was coming in 2010 and we thought that was too far away? Oh dear.”

    Yeah. We are getting Maemo first. Main difference for user seems to be software packaging. In Maemo it is deb and in Meego it is rpm. Both use same API, so no difference in code. Reason is Nokias services (ovi store etc.), i belive, they dont support rpm-packages.

    • karam

      updates like enhancements, bug fixes, and since there is a MeeGo every 6 months, maybe an OS update.

  • Mario Rojas


    Geez, talk is so cheap this days…

    • Hisyam


  • I hope N950 will be a good successor of N900 and will have a decent hardware keyboard. If it’s E7 like – it would be awesome.

  • Goc

    “What’s with the software updates following launch? Is it that necessary? Are we getting Maemo 6 harmattan first to be upgraded later to MeeGo?Remember back in 2009 when Harmattan was coming in 2010 and we thought that was too far away? Oh dear.”

    Weren’t people complaining that it wouldn’t get updates? That it would be left to die? etc, etc, etc.

    And now that they’ve said they’ll deliver updates people find something else to complain, I’m afraid Nokia just can’t win.

    • Jay Montano

      The concern I have is that the device isn’t MeeGo. It’s Maemo 6 which requires software update after launch to bring it to become MeeGo.

      • OpenSource

        If the device is released in Q4 chances are good that it runs “genuine” Meego. Maybe 1.3 which was/is considered as the first comsumer-friendly version.

        • It will for sure be Maemo 6 possibly branded as Meego though, if Linux foundation will find that exception acceptable (it doesn’t confirm to proper Meego specification). Nokia devs confirmed that. The path of migrating that to proper Meego isn’t spelled out yet.

      • Anonymous

        MeeGo/Harmattan device was ready to ship but they decided it would not be as exciting as it first seemed (1GHz OMAP3 + MeeGo that is not MeeGo). So instead of saying here is an OS that looks like the real deal on last year HW they decided to finish the port and ship only when the OS is ready IMO. That still leaves us without a true challenger for the “best smartphone” crown which is what Penwell device was supposed to be I guess.

      • Goc

        I don’t see that as a real problem, from all reports Harmattan has compatibility with Meego apps and that’s all that matters.
        Meego isn’t ready, no LTE support until November, Nokia should have never left Maemo in the first place.

        • Jay Montano

          The issue is that it doesn’t seem to have ever been ready for a H1 mass market release. Already postponed from Nokia World 2010.

          I’m not sure how many of the “mass market” that MeeGo or Nokia’s Step 5 phone are going to want to update the software on their phone just to get the OS they should already have.

          For people who already know MeeGo phone is coming, yes, this is not really an issue for them.

  • will n950 be the last meego device from nokia?

    • Hard to tell.

    • Goc

      Nobody but Nokia knows, they say they’re going to keep developing Meego as the “next disruption”, but nobody knows what that means.

      • Jay Montano

        I’m not sure even Nokia knows. About 99% of Nokia did not really know what was happening around Feb 11 until Feb 11. Feb 10 at earliest.

        Next disruption could be a number of things. It’s wonderfully vague enough to be anything. Maybe Nokia’s banking on the end of the world so they don’t have to worry about iPhone/Android/BB anymore. Man, I need sleep.

    • Shyne, KLA

      yes 100% because Microsoft is not gonna allow meego to grow up ha ha ha….
      This N950 crap will be the first and last Nokia meego phone !!!!

  • Hisyam

    IMO Nokia should keep their mouth shut until they can show us something. Enough with the big talk, please show the product instead.

  • dont care if it is running maemo 6 or meego, just offer 4″-4.5″ cbd capacitive screen with a low price tag around euro 300, ovi maps voice guide. skype video call imtegrated as n900

    it can be a hit even its platform cant attract dev

    • Goc

      You are dreaming. No such phone will cost 300 euro.

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