Ovi Store Updated to version 2.06.00042!

| March 10, 2011 | 42 Replies

Woke up this morning to emails from Adam, Sameer and Giorgos (plus a tweet from vishal400) to tell us that Ovi Store got an update! Yay!(email to – my twitter is @jaymontano)

You may have noticed it go down yesterday for a bit so this is why.

I had barely just gotten up so I stupidly unlocked my Omnia 7 instead of the N8 :S. Anyway, to get the update, just start up Ovi Store.

You’ll be prompted with “Update Now” to continue using Ovi Store to the new version 2.06.00042.


The update is 4.73 MB.

Giorgos says,

“It’s very Smooth”

Sameer says

“Don’t know what the changelog is, but it’s WAY faster now”

T-Mobile is being very slow this morning and so taking forever to download this for me. Will get back to you in a bit when I’m done.

update: Wow – ok it is really fast. Even better on a slower connection – loads up app info very quickly.


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  • Karan Aggarwal

    If i have to contact you, i should mail you at?

    • Jay Montano

      directly to You can either leave a comment to or tweet @jaymontano.

      Twitter handles of MNB team can be found at See the following list.

      • abc

        Is C7 coming to US with firmware 2.0?
        The navifirm shows 20.37 for C7-00 (RM-691)

  • I have just updated in my Nokia N8,,, from India …..

  • mathieuromain

    The only thing that miss me is the automatic update of apps, it’s very annoying.

    • Talv

      totally i hate this!!

  • I’m not getting the update (yet) here in the Netherlands.

  • Interesting, just opened the store via a browser link and now the update is coming in 🙂

  • Jono

    Is the new Ovi store coming to Symbian^1 at some stage?

    • serenitatis

      Yes. Ovi Store on my 5800 updated to 1.09(8).

      • PJ

        He means v2 of ovi store. Theres a big difference between the S^1 and S^3 versions ov Ovi Store

        • h3csc

          That is exactly what Im thinking of. Will we never get v2.0 of Ovi Store for Symbian1 device? And then turn the spearhead to the graphic chip again?
          Ovi Store for S1 is so slow that I would use Opera Mobile Store instead and QtStore for non official stuff.
          Or simply Google. It’s Symbian.

          • Nope the v^2 of Ovi Store will not come to S60 5th edition handsets because it require some components of Qt and these are not available on S60 5th edition devices.

          • Symbian^1 devices don’t have graphics chips.

  • stylinred

    ah havent been to the ovi store in days, cool… i wish the store menu would pop up faster though (for the exit button, etc)

  • Kozzi

    btw Ovi Store for s60v5 devices also got an update

  • James

    Updated here in the USA….

  • N8

    Updated here in Germany…

  • Heine

    Great performance! 😀

  • Matias

    S60v3 also received an update, guys at the OVI team have been busy 🙂

  • chrom

    Updated in New Zealand as well.

  • Karan Aggarwal
  • andri

    today my friend. symbian theme maker indigo
    called by nokia Indonesia
    when talking about cooperation
    nokia show wp7
    my friend told me
    nokia wp7 very cool
    He says the screen is about 5 inches

    • Qmot

      Are u serious gan?

  • Zhe

    Ovi Store for S60v3 also updated.

  • Ricky

    Change Log:

    * Much more faster than previous version
    * Smooth kinetic scrolling
    * New Installation Screen
    from :

  • SGean

    Updated my OVI store and honestly i didn’t notice any improvement in performance though i did notice a different font was used.. or is it just me? XD

    I would’ve prefered if they had spend more time updating their social app though, cause i rarely browse through stuff on the OVI store…

  • Nokia’s Software development is very slow!

    They always updatin their softwares, but this is only bug fixes and small ui changes, not anymore… come on nokia move your ass..

    Yea, the software will be ready when it’s ready. This theory is really stupid.

    Because, if this was true, they never had been published new version of updates!
    Because the software will be published when it’s ready.. Lol..

    Like, they will had been relased n8 with directly Pr 2.0.!

    This is my opinion..Am I wrong?…

  • Juanucho

    Updated here in Ecuador too

  • hary

    I updated in US on my 5800. Can’t figure out if anything has changed. Though, this update process is still not seamless. What it did was it downloaded the update file on the phone, then I had to open it to install. It just didn’t update automatically.

  • newtype

    Updated smoothly here in the US.

    Store seems much more responsive while scrolling at least..

  • Matt

    Has anybody else noticed that the data connection does not drop when Ovi Store is exited?

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