Video and Gallery: Stephen Elop Signed Nokia E7 box Unboxing

| March 10, 2011 | 24 Replies

Hello, hello – very quickly whilst I have a break in between lectures – I received a package from WOMWorld today – something to play with to get over missing out on SXSW because of UNI πŸ˜› – the Nokia E7!

The last time I had a proper play with this was at Nokia World (though I did try one in Nov/Dec when we got the chance to chat with Nokia Eseries EVP, Ilari Nurmi).

This isn’t any ordinary unboxing of the Nokia E7 because there’s something a little special with the packaging. It’s NOT one of the Search for 7 E7, no. The packaging sleeve (I didn’t know it came with one – that was a surprise for me too) is signed by Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop! That’s really cool – a souvenir from the biggest guy in Nokia right now. :D. I must buy a frame for it! πŸ˜€

I’ve got photos below and a video in the process of uploading. I’m in somewhat of a rush as I’ve got a very busy day today so what do I do in my break? Blog of course :p


The unboxing is a little longer than usual (for me) as I’m taking snaps to save myself time. As mentioned, you can check out the unboxing pictures below. (Man uploading took aaaages! Camera got set to lossless and my video converter wouldn’t open to shrink it!)

I’ll be charging up the E7 and playing about with it before giving some thoughts and an actual review! (Note Omnia 7 thoughts also coming up soon!).

Just initial impressions, it’s very, very nice. A very premium feel to it. The slide has improved vastly since the E7 at Nokia World and the E7 I tried in Nov/Dec.Β  That big 4″ AMOLED CBD is quite something indeed.

It’s interesting that the retail box just mentions AMOLED and NOTHING about CBD. CBD is what makes this screen that extra bit special (in addition to being large)

OK – now off to run to the next lecture!



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  • Lovely and I wondering if all E7 are shipping with Stephen’s signatures. N950 etc too?

    • Keizka

      Doubt it. Only the special cases methinks πŸ˜‰

    • XtiaN8

      I heard you also get a holographic picture of Steven Elop doing a thumbs up and then a dance for your purchase.

  • stylinred

    please tell me you’re going to post a video of you burning Elops signature? πŸ˜€


  • sam

    it will be good if all the cming E7 ships with stephen elop signature.

  • Eero

    Do you get to keep that or is it just for review? πŸ˜€ I want one too πŸ™‚ though E6 looks good too, and I hope the MeeGo-device will be awesome. Guess IΒ΄ll have wait and see which one to buy. 5800 getting a bit old now…

  • napier

    My God! Elop has some nerve. He kills off Symbian then signs the devices whose sales he stupidly and recklessly crippled. Why don’t you piss on it and send it back to him?
    This is truly amazing. Is it just me, or is this Elop guy completely tone deaf?

    • inept

      The best part is that he had substantially nothing to do with the design or implementation of any part of the phone, just perhaps a little rubber-stamping on the back-end of the project.

  • Johnny Knoe

    Now that we have a handwriting sample of Mr. Elop himself, lets do some graphology and lets see if he is a trojan horse or not πŸ˜‰

    • yasu

      His actions don’t speak loud enough for you? πŸ™‚

      • !!!

        Symbian device signed by elop!
        Irony overload!

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  • Jorge Arturo

    You have and autograph of the person that killed Nokia! wow! that will be valuable, not so the stocks of Nokia

  • Jorge Arturo

    Like if Elop had something to do with the phone development… he sent the phone to dead row before it was released.

  • vlgr

    this is just silly.. like stylinred suggested you should burn the box, it is a burning platform after all…

  • ruin

    wow…i hope i am not the only one who thinks this is a big deal…and in a good way…whats done is done guys…dont you feel that this gesture reflects nokia is still listening to the fanboys…yah, not entirely but still even a consideration is worth something…how many times has this site received such a package? e7 still looks like a stellar device…i admit i am not planning to buy one but all the comments really downplay the significance of this..i still wanna hear the opinions on the screen and user experience..don’t you?

  • Shyne, KLA

    That day is not long that NOKIA name will disappear and ELOP will remian on tha cover …!!!
    wondering what will be inside of those covers than lol..!

  • Keith

    I think im starting to see Stephen Elop’s point of view.
    Symbian, IMO, would’ve taken a looooong time to get an overhaul. Moreover, it would have had to establish itself in North American market first. WP7 was already established, has a great UI, and new features will be coming soon. This way, Nokia can easily establish themselves in US and get to use some of the Microsoft services too. In a way, this partnership can be a huge threat to Android and iOS; only if Nokia and MS get it right.

    Anywho, on to the E7. I think it’s a great device. Great buil quality but let down by some of the key missing features from it’s brother, N8. but the keyboard and screen prolly make up a little for the loss.
    Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to your E7 review πŸ™‚

    Also, a note on WP7, PLEASE bring landscape UI all across the OS to WP7!

    • j.r.

      which services of microsoft do you mean. this one which burn money because nobody uses them?
      btw. in the time it takes to bring the first wp7 device, nokia can do a lot of improvements to symbian.

      and to elop: in his memo said, that it takes to long to bring meego into the market. and wp7 devices will come in 2012?!?!?!?

      • Keith

        Well, bing is a huge one. MS office, and Xbox Live integration are two of the more awesome ones. Many peeps would LOVE xbox live integration.
        Yes, they could’ve. But you didn’t read what I said, properly. I said even if they do manage to bring all the improvements over to Symbian, it will be really hard for them to establish themselves in a market where there are already a lot of competitors. WP7 is already established so it’d take them less time to actually get into this market. 2012 is still pretty early considering that Nokia will already be competing with iOS and android when they release their device. You couldn’t say the same if they had stuck with symbian.

        Meego, again the same story. It’d take too much time for them to establish this totally new OS win a competing environment.
        WP7 is a good alternative, quite better than Amdroid, I’d say

        • I’m sorry, do you see the same figures as everyone else, according to some stats I think WP was around 2 or 3% and Symbian had around 30%. I understand that these are world figures and that 30% isn’t a real representation because not all of those are what would be considered “real” smartphones but even taking all that in to say that it would take Symbian/Meego a long time to establish seems a bit off. As for your other reasons, Google is bigger than Bing and could have been brought in, Open Office offers a real alternative to Office and personally although I like to play the odd game it isn’t the main reason why I would or would not buy a phone.

  • outdated os

    Just found out a reviewer in my country got the OS wrong on this phone. Good thing he corrected it.

    Oh, how far the tentacles of American FUD have reached.

  • edgar

    deth elop is bad

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