Leaked touch and type slider – might be the Nokia RM745?

| March 11, 2011 | 29 Replies

Alberto tipped us of a leaked Nokia slider. It’s the first of it’s kind from the S40 touch and type scene.

The front design is somewhat of a love-child of the Nokia C5-03 and the C3-01

The dimensions look awfully like the Nokia RM745 we saw last week.

As reader Andre N predicted:

“I guess sliding phone.
Not candybar.”

Though not totally correct on having S^3, PR2.0. Dang.

What do you reckon this will be called? C3-03?


Via Test-Mobile

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  1. outdated os says:

    oh no. No dpad. Eldar’s gonna get pizzed.

    • Manolo says:

      The ugliest phone i have ever seen.
      Nokia is going down.In fact Nokia has been hit by tsunami

      • j.gray says:

        That’s your opinion, and of course you’re entitled to it. But if you’re still pissed of about what Nokia did, please stop visiting this site. It dirties up the comment stream. /rant

        Back on topic, IMO this look okay, although not as hot as the X3 TnT. <— lol
        If its cheap enough, maybe I'll get it for a secondary no-fuss phone.

    • deep space bar says:

      um it’s touch and type for a reason no need for a Dpad if you can touch the screen plus it’s s40 so there is no need for it

  2. aikon171 says:

    Why not upgrade it to HVGA….like 6260slide

    • Marc Aurel says:

      S40 6th Edition FP1 does not officially support anything higher than QVGA… I suppose the 6260 Slide’s HVGA was some kind of hack that Nokia used to do (even the E90′s 800 x 352 was screen one). I have never seen that phone in real life, since it was not available in Europe.

  3. Matias says:

    I’m still waiting to see a qwerty-slider from Nokia… Something like Palm Pre or Dell Venue Pro.

    • Shankey says:

      What about the Nokia C6 (Not the C6-01)?
      It is cheaper then the Nokia N97 or N97 mini but has similar specs…

      • Marc Aurel says:

        There’s also the X5-01, but it’s only available in ‘selected markets’ (Indonesia and India at least) as the saying goes.

        • Matias says:

          Eww, X5-01 must be one of the ugliest Nokia phones out there, plus there’s no touchscreen.

          • Marc Aurel says:

            Portrait QWERTY slider with touchscreen? Well, perhaps they will come up with a slider version of E6-00. After all, they did that with the E5-00 (the X5-01 has the same internal hardware minus GPS). But then again, with Elop planning to end Symbian device development soon, perhaps not.

            • j.gray says:

              But seeing that he C3 is quite a commercial success (sorry, no link to support this, just hear-say) in emerging market, but still use Facebook and/or Twitter (such as Indonesia) maybe Nokia’ll make one as a Touch and type S40 phone.

      • Matias says:

        As you can see from the example phones I presented, I meant a PORTRAIT qwerty-slider :)

  4. h3csc says:

    Semi full touchscreen phone.
    At least Eldar will be slightly happier.

  5. Zahid says:

    seems like there’s a new version of s40 tnt because there is a button in the centre which looks like the menu button.also the lock switch looks like a slider rathar than a button.

  6. Gary H says:

    I love touch and type, but the dimensions here look bit strange. It’s pointless having a slider unless it is to make way for a bigger display, and in this picture there is so much room around the display. Just a mock up then? I would like to see the quality of the C5 applied for a classy product

  7. j-ro says:

    i like the design, at lest no Dpad here. personally don,t like d pad on e6, touch screen with Dpad fail.

  8. Nouman Abro says:

    Bad Mobile Phone D’nt Buy this bad set

  9. jakeZ says:

    A phone that I have always wanted was basically an N95 with a larger touch screen for browsing the web. I know it almost doesn’t make sense to have the keypad, but I like having tactile feedback for doing tasks without having to look at the phone, like changing music tracks without looking at the phone, or speed dialing someone.

  10. billboard96 says:

    Nokia C5-00 5MP is also type RM-745 though

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