Medley of Concept Awesomeness! Nokia MeeGo Tablet, Windows Phone Tablet, Windows Phone 7 new homescreen/multitasking remix

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Lets switch to something a little more positive. It’s a Friday!

If there is one link you should visit today, it’s this:

I came across it after @VHaho tweeted about a WP7/WP8 tablet concept. But the site has so many other tantilizing designs!

The designer is Jozef Kocur. He’s a high school student due to graduate in 2012 from Slovakia, but temporarily living in the US. A high-school student made these.

They were going to be in separate posts, but since we’re discussing all the same subject, I think it’s best to keep that in here.

This is what we’ll cover – each of which I would have been worthy of their own post. This maybe too much awesomeness.

  1. MeeGo Tablet Concept
  2. Windows Phone Tablet Concept
  3. Windows Phone Home Homescreen transparency and wallpaper
  4. Windows Phone additional homescreen panel
  5. Windows Phone Multitasking and control panel concept

It’s a long post. I tried putting in Jump tags to make it easier to navigate but wordpress being the pain that it is, the WP.COm jump tag code does not work.

1. MeeGo Tablet


This is a Nokia MeeGo tablet design. We have here a landscape focused tablet (see position of camera). It looks nice, no?

Jozef has also redesigned the UI, with a panoramic interface you’ll see echoed in his Windows Phone Tablet.

2. Windows Phone Tablet!


Windows hasn’t really taken off on tablet. They’re out there but they’re not too finger friendly. Supposedly in W8/WP8 it’ll be tablet friendly.

As you see this design takes cues from Windows Phone 7 featuring a tiled top bar, widgets, contact bars and contact info. You’ll see this in earlier designs.

This can be skinned/themed.

Given Windows Phone 7’s panoramic interface, it seems already fit for a device with a big, long screen.

So this is what you’ll see in Jozef’s design, though not simply just putting Windows Phone inside a tablet. This is redesigned for the bigger screen.

You’ll see on the very left  the initial Zune Player start screen with a top grid separating that particular option, e.g. Pictures on Left, Albums/Camera Roll etc on top. So Music on left, Songs/Artist/Albums etc on top. This is brilliant! Makes use of the real estate and makes everything super quick to access!


Here’s internet explorer on the tablet. There’s the tabbed/Windows view. I hope it can play flash. Seems to be able to in here (at least it seems to load flash objects).

Will Nokia make a tablet on MeeGo or Windows?

Will it be enough to take on iPad/iPad 2? Xoom doesn’t seem to be getting that much love.


3. Windows Phone Home Homescreen transparency and wallpaper


Now, when we saw some Nokia Customization Concept of Windows Phone there was backlash from a few members of Windows Phone community (yes, they do exist) who found it and was very adverse to all the changes to their delightful metro.

Well, this isn’t too much of a change right? It’s so simple but I think it really works. It just adds transparency to the tile, but gives you your own background wallpaper.

There may be some issues that the transparency/contrast has to be just right so that the wallpaper doesn’t make the tile information unreadable.


4. Windows Phone additional homescreen panel


OK, this may be a bit of a bigger change, though it doesn’t drastically change the current Windows Phone UI. All it does is add a 3rd homescreen for WIDGETS!

This says modified by…is there an original concept from somewhere else?

This is how it looks. We’ve got the usual Windows Phone stuff in the middle and the right (though with custom wallpaper).

On the left, you’ve got the widget panel. These are free form widget that can be any size.

This is how it would appear on the phone. Windows Phone evangelists – does this take away from Windows Phone’s Metro principles?

5. Windows Phone Multitasking and control panel concept


Finally to complete this bonanza…

This multitasking interface was produced before Windows Phone handsets were available. We now know that Windows Phone 7 will implement a Symbian^3/webOS horizontal page multitasking. Below you see multitasking in grid form. I prefer this because you can fit more into a screen.

Maemo 5 had multitasking, both handling and the UI perfect! LIVE Contextual sized windows in growing grids the more apps you multitask. Not Icons. Not screenshots. Not endless swiping.

MeeGo went a similar step, blending Symbian^3’s linear swiping multitasking interface and with a pinch zoom switch to grid view.

OK, before I disappear again for the day this is the control panel drop down menu. This is something I’ve been treated to on the N800 and N900 having these options easily available at my finger tips from the main menu. You could say drop down from Android too. But this has been on Nokia well before Android even existed.

  • WiFi/3G/Bluetooth on/off switch
  • Brightness controls (damn this is so frikkin missed from N900. I hate waking up in the morning and that crazy Super AMOLED screen killing my eyes. N8 less bad as it has an over zealous light sensor, plus a quick low power mode)
  • Volume controls
  • Meaningful battery indicator. The current battery indicator on Windows Phone is a little meaningless stub.


Are any of these designs anything you’d look forward to? Any Windows Phone purist happy about the additional homescreen page, transparent tiles/wallaper or status/control panel bar? These are pretty much things Nokia users have been used to and may come to expect (though there will still be those that just dislike the whole Windows Phone party)


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  • Eero

    Looks nice, I have admit that much. Thap Wp-tablet design is stunning in my opinion as well as that transparency thingy. Finger crossed that MICROSOFT will take a look at this!

  • Rant

    The WP homescreen transparancy and background are awesome. Couple that with the status drop down bar and it is already miles better than it is now. Some multitasking to go with it and your done.

  • Goossens-mha

    I love the transparent tiles and own background.

    It stays beautiful without too much changes, because the UI of WP7 is on itself just great, but now with some of the personalization-options that Symbian gives me.

    Hope Nokia will see these pics and will do the same great job 🙂

  • stylinred

    yes they look great, i wouldnt consider Windows Phone until they at least adopt that homescreen concept

    you would think they would have done that themselves right out the door

  • joha

    That tablet concept looks a lot like the one seen in the Tron movie… Looks good to me!

    • deep space bar

      i think it is the one from tron it might be meego since nokia was pushing alot in tron which was surprising enough since american’s don’t like nokia nor symbian but when i saw it was was pretty proud since it was the dark grey model in the move which suited the the movie since the one glowing notification LED light/button was there

  • James

    The transparent tiles are brilliant!

  • IMarius

    ………a high school student…… right well my life is a failure then XD. but yea looks like he has a bright future ahead of him, me thinks it would not kill nokia to maybe offer him an internship/entry level job, some time in the future.

  • nothing impressive at all!

    the tiles are too large for my fingers
    even worse, we need to scroll vertically on homescreen

    the three hardware buttions are just plug-ugly
    if comopared to gesture area in plam pre and home button in ios

    microsoft is only good in computer os
    nokia is only good in s40

    waiting for iphone nano or candybar hp pre

    • Goc

      Why don’t you go to another website? This one has nothing for you.

      • deep space bar

        apart from the iphone crap he said it’s true the vertical scrolling for notifications is annoyine a hell and for the apps there in no grid it’s all in one giant list which is even more annoying specially for picking out apps on your homescreen and widgets

  • walie

    meego very lovly we want nokia tab with meego not with wp7

  • Finnish N8 owner

    These are AMAZING! But I don’t really like the idea of an extra home screen, the same can be done with the current tile system, WP just needs some new tiles that act like those free form widgets. Maybe in addition to 1×1 and 1×2 tiles it could have 2×2 and 1,5×2 tiles.

  • Tinkle

    Note that the designer is employing a very standard and effective marketing trick here, and that’s to put pretty pictures in the backgrounds and also pictures of pretty people in the icons. This creates an emotional connection in the viewer with the beautiful scenes and beautiful people which mixes with the view of the interface as a whole.

    In short: You’re being easily seduced 🙂

    That doesn’t mean the designs are bad, but it does mean you need to take this simple trickery into account when actually judging the INTERFACE ITSELF.

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  • Tuomas

    The extra homescreen for widgets would make Windows phone just right for me! Microsoft should really hire this guy who comes up with these brilliant ideas.

  • Demoed alpha tablet UI for Meego looked way better than this macish one.

  • Ravi

    I liked the concept ui screens from the windows phone tablet(the 2nd section of this write up).
    I think the layout of the ‘Media Zone’ and ‘Internet explorer’ programs are highly efficient and intuitive to use and it boggles my mind when I think that it is coming from such a young person’s mind.
    Truly amazing.
    Also I dont like the idea of multiple homescreens in the design of windows phone.
    The current single homescreen is very clean and it keeps the ‘face’ of the phone clutter free and simple and displays the necessary information in nice big fonts which can become very useful at times, imho.
    Also if you want to stick shortcuts/widgets to your favourite apps on the homescreen, then why not put them in the menu screen,Where they will become a live tile and will be much more useful, after all it is just a flick away.
    And lastly, I think that wp needs that dropping/expanding control panel system, it will be a very useful addition to the gorgeous wp user interface.

  • vineet

    i liked it all. Especially the transparent windows tiles and extra homescreen.i am not gonna buy wp7 if i cant even use my own wallpapers.

  • mee go MAD


  • A German Guy

    At least this makes Windows Phone 7 User Interface less ugly.

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  • libra

    omg!!!! it’s awesome… hope that Microsoft will adopt this in their next update… it’s way better than the current WP7 UI… super like this

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