PR2.0 Changelog and screenshots for Nokia C7 T-Mobile Tiger/RM 691

| March 11, 2011 | 30 Replies

This morning, we saw that Nokia T-Mobile Nokia C7 (Nokia RM 691 aka Tiger) was to be coming to T-Mobile US with PR2.0 preinstalled.

A few of you have been trying it out (at your own risk). Gaspar has tipped us that gaurav2009 from Daily Mobile’s forums has installed it and has a changelog as well as screenshots.

Most we’re already familiar with since we’ve been stalking this elusive firmware like a hawk since October last year. Check out the gallery view. There’s a new button. The slideshow button has gone and is replaced by a categorising button?



1. New potrait qwerty keyboard
2. Near Filed Communication(NFC) there in connectivity
3. switching from first to 2nd hs is too much smoother……like in a video on youtube
4. pre loaded games– fruit ninja lite,labrynth 3d lite,doodle fit and action bowling demo
5. kinetic scrollong is much more smoother gives nice effect on ending
6. photos are directly opened….no need to select all ,album as option is available inside the gallery between 3 buttons
7. mark multiple available in contacts dont know it was there in previous version……
8. java version is 2.2 i think its updated
9. phone model is c7-00.1 written there…… it is rm-691 but it is compatible with rm-675
10.IN screenshot 11 and 19 the middle button is new to change from aa images to album etc……
11. in computer or laptop new drivers of c7-00.1 will be installed…… msg reader the voice has been changed to jane…..
13.quick office’s version is 6.4.279 and adobe reader is v10.0.104…..screenshot posted
srry cant post any video….but here some videos which are alredy posted on youtube……its the same i think….
14. i think battery has got imroved as i got 1 cell down after sometime…..not sure about this…..
15. loading animation is there when we click some application(screenshot 18)
16.swype is preinstalled
17.web browser updated to v7.3.1.20
18. loudspeker volume is improved (cant say exactly)….



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  • Ali

    Why aren’t the new icons there?

    • Pul

      Do you know THEMES..??
      they are wonderfull…they can give you new diffrent icons in just a few seconds….that’s the power of symbian..
      And that’s not so dificult too..
      Just open up the ovi store…go to personalisation….and then THEMES..!!! Great…isnt it?
      Never mind if u find it difficult….maybe your just an iphone piss off..!!!

  • Adnan

    why havent the icnos been changed. ive tipped you a few pics of new icons. in one E7 is running PR 2.0.cons are different from these screenshots

    • Deaconclgi

      T-mobile customizes Nokia’s firmware and maybe the icons were not included in the first T-Mobile branded Symbian^3 firmware.

      Who knows, I am more thrilled about the functionality changes than the icons.

      • Ali

        Still it’s a fail cause The icons psychologically amke you feel like theres something special there

        • Steve

          Why be a rude cunt for?

          • Steve

            oops. Sorry buddy. This comment should be up there ^^

  • Where is the new icon style?

  • deep space bar

    looking good but why now? and most people should be pissed off that have the C7 already

  • Sayan
  • Ali Abdulla

    swype pres-installed… as in portrait swype too?

  • jeep-e2

    Wow, seems like PR 1.1 for rogers N8 product code 059D391 is in creation. Finally

  • Zhe

    What’s the difference between RM-675 and RM-691?

  • Arbegla

    Crap!! Wifi Calling? Oh PLEASE, make it a downloadable app for those that have an N8, I desperately need one because T-Maybe sucks at coverage.

    • EmmanuelM

      Use SIP (out of the box but you need to subscribe to a service provider) or use Fring or Skype…

      • Arbegla

        No, I’d like to get calls to my T-Mobile number. I don’t know much about Sip calling but if I understand it right, you need to subscribe to a service provider like you mentioned, and get another number. Too much hassle for my taste.

  • Stuart

    Is WIFI calling included in this firmware? Is the data connectivity locked down to T-Mobile settings? What is the downside to installing this firmware?

  • Zaxxx

    If you really want new icon, just use theme from indigo. He created new themes with s^3 icons,it’s free.

  • Emmanuel

    Portrait keyboard is just wonderfull…

    I think we are not going to wait to long… Only a few weeks…

  • SaDudE

    does anyone know the C7 release date at Tmobile because this FW would have to be ready and released by that date.

    If you already have a C7 you can grab the FW and be set but those of us with N8 and C6-01 will have to be careful as the NFC may wreak havoc for us

  • amoshydra

    Hi… Does the artist and album in music player got separated yet?

    • Abs

      I sure hope so! Silly not to be in the first place

  • despisethesun

    Looking through the list, it doesn’t look like the camera app has been changed to save settings, or be more usable. That’s a shame for N8 owners.

  • mike

    This is what i need to know on some sites they are saying that the new browser is HTML5 and that flash 10.1 has been confimed. Does anyone know if this is true?

  • mike

    This is what i need to know on some sites they are saying that the new browser is HTML5 and that flash 10.1 has been confimed. Does anyone know if this is true? I have a n8.

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  • Doug

    Custom EQ, and everything else missing from the music player?