Clarifying the Qt and Digia headlines – Qt facts and fiction.

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Last week, Nokia sold its Qt LICENSING AND SERVICES business to Digia. Based on some title around the web alone, which is pretty much what most places ran with, it seemed as a follow up to the Windows Phone Goodbye-Symbian-MeeGo plan, Nokia were giving up on Qt.


The Qt Blog have made a post clarifying what’s actually happening:

“You have likely read several people’s take on the news, and we have too. Though most have reported the news accurately, we have seen some misleading or incorrect information as well as some speculative comments that do not represent our intentions.”

  • Headline: “Nokia sells Qt / offloads Qt / sells majority of Qt” – FALSE
  • “Developers are moving from Qt to Digia”. – FALSE
  • “This will create a fork between the commercial and LGPL version” – FALSE
  • “Nokia is breaking Qt up into pieces and trying to offload it” – FALSE
  • “This divestment is occurring as a result of the Nokia Windows Phone smartphone strategy” -FALSE!

Each headline is expanded a little on why each one of these is false. Nokia Spin or Nokia trying to get the truth out?

Cheers for the heads up Jim!


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