Nokia E7 firmware updated to v14.002

| March 15, 2011 | 15 Replies

Rafe Blandford from All About Symbian reports that the Nokia E7 has received a firmware update to v14.002.

To clarify any confusion (as it seems NOT all S^3 handsets will be receiving identically named firmware), Rafe says:

The E7’s version 14.002 firmware is also known as PR 1.1. However this is not the same as the PR 1.1 release for the other Symbian^3 devices (N8, C7 and C6-01). For the current Symbian^3 devices, a more accurate way to determine the version of the software is to look at the firmware version.

Nokia counts PR number by assigning PR 1.0 to the first public release. Minor firmware updates will typically, but not always, update the minor number by 0.1 (e.g. PR 1.0 to PR 1.1). Major firmware updates will typically update the major number by one (e.g. PR 1.0 to PR 2.0).


In the case of the E7, its PR 1.0 release (firmware version 13.x) was equivalent to the N8’s C7’s and C6-01’s PR 1.1 release (firmware version 13.x).


All About Symbian via DailyMobile



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  • gordonH

    Got myself the e7 a week ago. Nice piece of hardware, the phone itself got people noticing the nice screen and slideout keyboard. Never mentioned or made a conscious effort for anyone to notice my phone.

    Positive reactions, and no complaints about the software in terms of UI and speed.

    • JFH

      Yes, so one of my buddies wants to sell his Galaxy S and get the E7, because of the keyboard, and ovi maps, which on my C7 trounced his set up over the weekend during a trip in Scandinavia. I recommended him the E7, but am happy to see the browser and the mail client have been updated in PR2.0, so the recommendation was made with a clear conscience. πŸ™‚ Are you satisfied.

      • gordonH

        The 4″ CBD screen makes it a pleasure to use. Icons are easier to press. 4″ seems just the right size for a smartphone.
        Nokia E7 is the first Nokia(since N95) that’ll force u to carry a charger more often.
        The only con/bug getting on my nerves is the automatic wifi-gprs-3g “toggling”, not certain if it’s caused by Nokia email.
        This phone is seriously a good contender against other top end smartphones.

  • Creip

    Hmm so when were all S^3 updates supposed to be universal for all S^3 devices? I thought there would be just one update that would be for all devices in the future.

    Guess that’s still in the works.

    • MJT

      That will never happen.

      They’d need to scrap their whole Software delivery system…

      Each phone has some slightly different hardware. So that would mean one Core file for Symbian^3, one HW specific file and then the languages and settings for regions.

    • Longdingdong

      That’s what you call FRAGMENTATION!!!! COME TO APPLE where you will not experience that crap! Nice day.

      • MJT

        That’s what you call stupid. I for my part if I was Nokia would have avoided that fragmentation by a little different model of FW delivery.

      • Radu

        How many phones made Apple? 1/year? 4 phones in all apple history? πŸ™‚ Do you have multitasking on iphone 1? no. hdr on any other than iphone 4? no. I can continue.
        How many phones made Nokia in this time? I think is hard for you to count… πŸ™‚

      • Guest

        So tell me how I get iOS 4.3 for Iphone 3G ?

      • I just burst out laughing……….

      • shooting _star

        Even in apple there are FRAGMENTATION! Take example of iphone 4 which has multitask but in other iphones or ipods its not there their updates are different as well due to their hardware even though all have IOS

  • john

    thats just because they have made it to cove 2 or 3 phone only, gh that hard to do

    NOT, as its only a vm type os

  • Chris_Skylock

    The E7 is a communicator device and is holding more updates than the rest of the S^3 device currently.

    I mean, I dont expect the E7 to be on par with the updates. I expected it to have its own updates.

    Let’s just hope our expectations never fails

  • Neal Hornsby

    To the person who thinks the iPhone and apple products are consistent…you really don’t own many versions of apple products do you!! Even the iPhone 3 is not compatible with 4, let alone the rest. As for functionality as a business man, compared to the E7 the iPhone is a toy.

  • Hazri Y

    Love my E7 compared to iPhone as I’ve already owned two Apple product, iPod Touch and iPad. Notice that some of the visited websites were not displayed fully by Apple browser.
    For many reasons I felt fortunate to own E7 as compared to iPhone 4. Truly enjoy browsing with my E7 thru Opera Mobile browser! Found the E7 UI more smoother upon installing the Flare by Pizero theme (downloaded FREE from Ovistore!!!)

    Mmm smooth surfing, AMOLED screen, Gorilla Glass, Ovi maps…and would be great IF Ovi Store prove eBook for us to download, and Nokia…PLEASE stick to your Symbian coz u got to believe in own Yourself never switch ur OS to WP7 or Android. Maybe all u need to do is to have the best team (thru head hunting maybe!)for developing Symbian and other Apps for better UI/UX.

    How i wish that my E7 is using a 1G proccessor.Mmmmm…….