Nokia C7 coming to Canada with PR2.0? & More Symbian handsets for USA.

| March 16, 2011 | 33 Replies

Reader, “deep space bar” commented that the Nokia C7 is coming to Canada with WINDMOBILE exclusively with PR2.0. Yeah, I misread that also as Windows Mobile.

Mobile Syrup also confirms that Wind Mobile is getting the Nokia C7 but does not mention PR2.0. It would make sense as T-Mobile is picking up the Nokia C7 (calling it Tiger) and launching it directly with PR2.0.


Speaking of C7 and North America, Mark Guim found a CTIA flyer showing more new Symbian handsets coming to a US carrier. (Cheers Shyne for the heads up to and!). Nokia C7 Tiger, Nuron 2? Hopefully something new and exciting maybe?

Mobile Syrup | TheNokiaBlog


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  • sam

    good to see that nokia is going to launch c7 and other s^3 handset in North america(NA).
    They always paid less attention to NA Which had been the largest smartphone(not dumb,feature phone) since the launched of first smartphone.
    Nokia really needs extensive marketing of their phones to survive and they are gng in right direction

    • Viipottaja

      You saying NA was the largest smartphone market already back in the day of say 7650 etc?

    • JFH

      Sam, the US still is not the largest smartphone market. What do you base that assumption on?

    • Tinkle

      America has ALWAYS been last in mobile technology. Anyone in the industry knows that. Heck, it’s behind some 3rd world countries.

      America was last to get the smartphone actually. They stuck with dumbphones for YEARS. It’s the main reason why they shout so loud and proud about iPhone and Android – these are not important handsets OR OSes in most markets in the world (with around 3% or 4% market share at best) but Americans are rebelling against being so far behind everyone else for so long.

      Remember a few short years ago America LOVED the crap old Motorola RAZR while the rest of the world had been using super advanced Symbian smartphones for a few years already.

      • That’s why they’re seeing such a high growth of smartphone penetration right now huh?
        Or the fact that their operators are (Sprint and Verizon and soon AT&T) will be padding out their WiMax and LTE networks with gusto.

        Yes they’ve been notoriously backwards in the past but a willful suspension of the truth in light of current trends is harmful, period.

        • James


  • stylinred

    ah great maybe the techs @Wind will be able to help me out now, with my issues of my N8 on their network

  • IMarius

    C7 is a really nice phone, slim and light even with a cover on it. Got one for the gf , says it gets her too much attention ( as alot the other girls in her college class have 3gs and 4).

    And she wipes out her C7 with a nice custom theme/iconpack and wallpapers i put on it. She the only one to get reception on her phone when she has classes in one of the older building on her campus.

    Also funniest thing ever their degree had a field trip to histrionically improtant sites. and parts of it where to take pictures to use in an assignment project. Everyone used their phone, and i shit you not i seen the other pictures her classmate took with other ”camera” phones.

    And its like an advert to Nokia cameras as the C7 pictures taken from the same place & time are much better. But yea C7 nice phone, sometimes i even get jealous, but then i look at my N8 and N900 and the world is a better place.

    • That is awesome! lol.

  • Deaconclgi

    The C7 has now been spotted in the T-Mobile USA invetory system and it appears that reps have been trained.

    The name of the phone is listed as the Astound and not the Tiger as previously reported.

    Be warned, the usual US centric uninformed reader comments of Symbian sucks, Symbian is not a smartphone os, Symbian is for old people, Symbian is dead…blah blah blah are on the tmonews site.

    Time for me to make some calls to certain Tmo people and see if I can get first pics like in the past with the HD2, Nuron and E73…..

    • Viipottaja

      Wonder if the 0.00 price is just a place holder, or is it going to be free on a 2 year new contract?

      • inept

        It’s absolutely going to be free with a contract. There’s no other price at which they could reasonably expect to sell it, both because it’s a middle-end device and because Symbian isn’t a draw in North America.

        Even the N8 is either free or very inexpensive on most carriers across the globe when you sign up for a contract.

        • Viipottaja

          US carriers “on contract” prices seem to me much higher than e.g. those in the UK. I would have thought they’d ask at least $49.99 for it. But, great if its free!

          • completely agree. Many device on contract launch at around $200, and there is rarely any different pricing for plans if you have the phone from the carrier or an unlocked phone (actually T-Mobile is the exception in this, $10 less/month with unlocked like my N900). I would expect it to be free, $50 or $100 but not higher. Launching it free may not be best either, as some people will see it as not being good if it launched free. I expect there will be a price put on it, probably $100.

  • karam

    yeah. actually you can get c7 for 350 CAD and free 5230 with puchase between march 18-20. got to go to store and check it out.

  • adit38

    c7 not alone, u can see something like “nok e70” on the list below c7.

    • Deaconclgi

      I believe that is the E73 that T-Mobile already sells.

      • deep space bar

        WIND mobile is just like Tmobile but canadian they both run on AWS 1700/2100mhz have better plans and but since Tmobile has been out for years they have the upper hand which is the added 900 spectrum that wind doesn’t have since they only where pushing for 3g,3G+ and LTE soon enough in the future

        the funny thing is i asked for these guys to get this phone and i guess they listened

  • e73 design is more elegant than e72

    hope to see a successor to e72 soon

    • chfyfx

      When I went to a T Mobile store in the US and ask if they carry a Nokia phone, the rep said: “We have one over there in the corner, but it is a cheap ass type of phone.”

      Then I go there and found the E73 free with 2 year contract… Nokia needs to do something here in the US. It is just wrong.

      • Viipottaja

        Suprisingly knowledgeable for a phone store employee then..

        • Was recently told the Nokia Nuron is not a smart phone and you wouldn’t want to install opera mini on it because it’s not really meant to access the web – that was at a Best Buy Mobile store. Not saying it’s great or anything, but S60 5th is a smartphone OS and it’s a 3G phone.

          So yeas, Nokia needs to win over the shop salesmen too – and this includes convincing them Symbian isn’t dead yet and the devices will receive support and updates.

    • Viipottaja


    • stylinred

      e72>e73 even though they’re the same phone 😉 e73 looks cheap in comparison 🙂

      of course aesthetics is all personal opinion

  • deep space bar

    your welcome buddy 😀

  • deep space bar

    another thing Jay i checked navifirm lastnight and the canadian C7 PR code was up there for PR2.0 or version

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  • AlphaEdge

    Yup, it’s already listed there, but listed as “Coming Soon”:

    $350 CDN. Quite good, considering I paid $600 for my N8.

  • Viipottaja

    So perhaps the US headed phones are just the E6 and C7, both coming to T-Mobile?

  • James

    I hope it’s free on contract. I think this will put a lot of C7 phones in hands. When women at work see my N8, they immediately comment about the size and good looks of the phone. The C7 imho will appeal to this demographic more than the typical Android slab.

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