Nokia to release Harmattan Maemo 6 device compatible with MeeGo 1.2 API (N950)?

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So it might be clear to some but not to everyone, but before Nokia’s MeeGo device is actually released, a Harmattan device (aka Maemo 6) may be released first which will be compatible with MeeGo 1.2.

From the programme session in San Fran:

Harmattan in the MeeGo community

Session Summary:
Nokia is working on the release of a product this year, expected to raise the interest of the MeeGo community. It comes with an OS codenamed Harmattan that is API compatible with MeeGo 1.2. Let’s have a look at the peculiarities of Harmattan, and how to overcome them for the benefit of the MeeGo community. There have been discussions on whether community apps packaged for Harmattan should be available at the Apps catalog, or whether Harmattan should have an own product in as a 3rd party open source project. This session is a good chance to explain the discussions and conclusions (if any at that point) around these topics.
Session Abstract:

The relationship between Harmattan and the MeeGo project is expected to be clarified before the MeeGo Conference. No matter what this session will be useful to get a clear idea about frequently asked questions like:

  • What will be the official name of Harmattan in Nokia products?
  • Why Harmattan is not exactly MeeGo and what are the differences?
  • Why MeeGo developers and contributors should care about Harmattan?
  • What are the opportunities & challenges of hosting Harmattan related open source activities in the MeeGo infrastructure?
  • Where should Harmattan bugs be filed?
  • Where should Harmattan community apps be published?
  • Are Harmattan specific discussions on-topic in

Cheers for the heads up Jim!


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  • yabai.youth

    I really do hope the N950 has a qwerty keyboard. Has there been *any* leaked info. on what the design will be like?

    • jed

      most comments I’ve read suggest we’ll only ever get a slate now 🙁
      I hope everyone’s wrong though….

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  • wes?

    “And the N900 was not a mainstream product even if many wanted it to be one. However, let the world decide how much mainstream our MeeGo product is once it is published. The N900 was always a bit too “powerful” in its industrial design to make a style-conscious person to buy it. The MeeGo product is no direct N900 successor that much I can tell you as it has everything it takes for the style-conscious, always-connected enthusiast to love it.” from a MeeGo Marketing Guy on sounds interesing…
    Sounds to me like there will not be a QWERY Keyboard on the N950…

  • tommis

    I so, SO hope this is under 350€ so i can buy it. *fingers crossed*

  • Zarsky

    Damn, I’m having a hard time deciding whether to buy a N8 now, or waiting for the Meego-device.

    • Desdinova


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  • There is no info about screen resolution. If 3.5″ N900 has 800×480, there is hope for netbook-class 1024×600 for N950.

    Also, I can’t see keyboard and (more important for Maemo-powered UMPC – this is NOT a smartphone) USB port – really hope Nokia will remember about that.

    For device like that any price under EUR 1000 is good – of course if hardware is good enough. Can’t wait to see N950 in Nokia Store.

  • From the article – “Where should Harmattan community apps be published?”

    Project Bretzn.

    The Nokia/opensuse/linux project to create an open source app-store for free and paid apps.

    There is plenty of life left in Nokia’s meego ‘project’ but i am curious about the confusion between meego and harmattan.

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  • I strongly think & feel Nokia really messed up themselves,but if they can manage 2 prove us wrong on their Meego decision that’s welcome.
    Here is my analysis on the possible adverse outcomes & effects we can face with this Maemo device.

    1. They(Nokia) know they can’t release a Meego device now most probably due 2 Meego Architecture changes – security,sync & PIM storage,

    This decision was taken after Nokia’s strategic change.

    2. They(Nokia) decide 2 continue with Maemo 6 &make it compatible(upgradable) with Meego 1.2 coz of problems with note 1 above.

    If this is the Meego device they promised earlier on during their Strategy announcement – they are fulfilling their promise in an indirect way.Customers maybe expecting Meego from the box&,failure 2 upgrade 2 Meego won’t b acceptable.

    3. They maybe able 2 make their Maemo 6 device compatible with Meego 1.2 what about the future releases of Meego e.g 1.3 ,1.4 & so on,it so uncertain now.

    4. If the new Maemo device hardware doesn’t allow any compatibility on new Meego Architecture,it may not be supported in further Meego upgrades like 1.3 & 1.4

    5. If the Maemo device doesn’t come with a Intel Medfield SoC,the device won’t be really up2 par in performance with it’s Intel Meego devices optimised especially 4 Meego.

    Nokia can use other SoC’s,but if that SoC is not powerful enough,the future of the device maybe adversely affected as it won’t be able 2 compete with new devices from other manufacturers.

    6. This Maemo device maybe just a formal way of bringing the Meego 2 an end within Nokia,as it maybe decided afterwards that it’s not worthwhile going the Meego route in the near future.If Nokia leadership has planned 2 drop Meego,who will stop them?

    If Stephen Elop survives the AGM next month,more Nokia employees will loose hope in a future Meego & Symbian.

    7. The device may face serious compatibility problems with Meego,which may lead 2 long delays for Meego 1.2 to come on the device.Such problems maybe unseen now & surface in the future.

    8. If the Meego developers community doesn’t like/want this Maemo device,the device will suffer a serious lack of support by these developers,apps may not be ported 2 t device.

    9. If we(customers) endusers are not satisfied/happy with the device,it’ll be the end of a our long lovely relationship with Nokia.

    10. If all of the above materialise & Nokia see the device as a failure,they won’t want 2 risk their future on Meego platform.

    My hope is they (Nokia) overcome any challenges with delivering their promised Meego device.As an analyst & loyal customer i have 2 look at all sides (negative &positive),but here it’s only the downward side.

    • Jim

      I’m with you. I think it will be a maemo 6 device and close the deal. They will not upgrade it to future meego releases 1.3 and 1.4 because they will say that it’s not 100% meego is maemo or harmattan. At least this are my thoughts.

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  • shadow d.

    im really looking forward for the new n950 but i hope it comes with a qwerty keyboard… it should be awesome