Eldar: 4 Windows Phone 7 Nokia Phones in R&D + 1 tablet

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Eldar Murtazin, famous Nokia fan (joke) tweeted that Nokia has 4 Windows Phone 7 in R&D. He also notes a tablet which he presumes to have Windows 8. This comes by way of wmpoweruser who reckons chassis 1 will have 1GHz whilst chassis 2 will have lower end 800MHz with a resistive screen. Yay! Nokia is bringing back those old gems. Heck, let’s have nHD displays too. I hope there are no resistive displays on Nokia’s mid.

In terms of tablets, the story flying around the web is that Nokia’s supposedly excluding Windows, opting instead for MeeGo.

From Reuters:

“That could include Microsoft, it may not,” the source said.

Well, as for now, the only tablet related talk from a Nokia source has mentioned “Microsoft” – even if it is to be ambiguous.

MS is supposedly not going to be ready for tablet market till late 2012 and that Nokia tablets based on Windows will have FULL windows (8) – not Windows Phone.


http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110321/tc_nm/us_nokia_tablets << Via Arun

http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/03/21/nokia-tablets-idUSLDE72H1GU20110321 << via @agynther

Love or hate Eldar, sometimes he is right (on equal maybe more or less occasions he is wrong. E.G. expecting new UI in PR2.0 and trolling about it) Though some have commented that make enough predictions you’re bound to get one right. e.g. Nokia discussing Windows Phone which he got really slated for.

Cheers farooq for reminder (super busy this week, can’t get to web so often)

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  • http://deleted Shawn

    this is good.. but why resistive touchscreen.. i kinda dont want that..but i cant wait to see these phones..IF HE TELLING THE TRUTH

    • Steve Barker / @NokTokDaddy

      A GOOD resistive screen offers some significant advantages: slightly more finger pressure results in less false ‘hits’ (i.e. when you accidentally select something when your finger brushes against the screen.

      Resistive screens can be used with gloved hands or with any pointed object when it’s cold. using a stylus can be more accurate picking out small links without having to zoom in or when using mapping software.

      Resistive screens are generally cheaper and more durable. and the latest screens offer an almost indistinguishable ‘feel’ to capacitive screens.

      On the downside, the use of softer plastics can result in premature scratching of the screen surface compared to, say, Gorilla Glass and using screen savers reduces sensitivity.

      Don’t be too quick to dismiss resistive screens – ask most N900 owners if they’d swap…

      • http://www.gdv.altervista.org Markk117

        mhmm… the new capacitive are durable and precise, i don’t want have to use a pen forcefully if i want one for drawing i can buy one, for the daily use capacitive are better!

      • d ^^ b

        A agree that resistive screens have their advantages. Currently using two phones, one with resistive and one with capacitive, I’ll have to say that when using the capacitive one I sometimes miss things from the resistive screen. ( and vice versa )

        For me the points are that I can use gloves and pen, it’s still cold outside and I use pen for drawing.

        The minimum requirements for WP7 had capacitive 4-point multitouch screen and 1GHz processor.
        It might be that Nokia has the chance to make phones with lesser processor and maybe with different screen tech. Remember that the resistive screens in new touch and type phones are very responsive.

        Maybe a Stantum resistive screen. That would have multitouch + pseudo pressure sensing.


      • Jay Montano

        Symbian is so much better on Capacitive. X6 and Omnia was so much nicer with Capacitive.

        In terms of N900 – Yeah I’d swap. I’d miss that pin point accuracy with a stylus, but then for me, pros of capacitive outweigh cons. Most N900 users though are NOT your general consumer. They’re more geeky type who want those styluses. Not the consumer base Nokia should be chasing.

        Perhaps OK on cheapy stuff, like C3-01. The resistive screen on that is super sensitive.

        In truth, all I want is just super sensitive screen. If resistive can provide that feather light touch then I wouldn’t mind it. But for finger flicking UIs, you need capacitive.

  • Freddy

    what the hell is wrong with you guys, have you completely damaged your brains if you cite that idiotic lier muldartazin ???

    • http://mynokiablog.com/ Andre

      Fire enough bullets and you’re bound to hit something..

  • http://shmerl.blogspot.com Shmerl

    > In terms of tablets, the story flying around the web
    > is that Nokia’s supposedly excluding Windows, opting
    > instead for MeeGo.

    This would be awesome. But Nokia doesn’t seem to be committed so far.

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  • http://www.ovi.com himanshu

    i think the time has come for Nokia to again repeat the history by launching cheapest tablet in the market around $250.they should not delay it by launching at the end of year.it will surely help Nokia to become no.1 in tablet segment also.


    i hope the detail about resistive screen is a false rumour , what is the miracle of WP7 if it is with a resistive screen

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