Nokia looking to push CDMA handsets??

| March 22, 2011 | 12 Replies

One of the questions asked of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop after the Capital Markets Day debacle was whether Nokia would be making a larger push towards selling handsets in North America. Many thought, rightfully, that Windows Phone 7 would be the vehicle to conquer that market and it looks like Nokia agrees. Forbes is reporting that Nokia is looking to not only deepen carrier relations in the US  as was evidenced by the attempted partnership with AT&T with the X7 and the recently announced Astound for T-Mobile, but to issue a number of CDMA devices with Windows Phone 7 in the coming years.

One of  interesting quote from the interview - “We will have high-end Windows smartphones, but with Nokia’s scale, Windows will have to play in all parts of our portfolio,”  intimates that not only will Symbian and Windows Phone 7 co-exist, but the hardware capabilities of the devices running each platform could be rather similar to one another.

This of course doesn’t explain the mysterious Verizon compatible device Engadget spotted last year.

Thanks to  Shymon, Farooq and everyone that sent this in.

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