Nokia looking to push CDMA handsets??

| March 22, 2011 | 12 Replies

One of the questions asked of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop after the Capital Markets Day debacle was whether Nokia would be making a larger push towards selling handsets in North America. Many thought, rightfully, that Windows Phone 7 would be the vehicle to conquer that market and it looks like Nokia agrees. Forbes is reporting that Nokia is looking to not only deepen carrier relations in the US  as was evidenced by the attempted partnership with AT&T with the X7 and the recently announced Astound for T-Mobile, but to issue a number of CDMA devices with Windows Phone 7 in the coming years.


One of  interesting quote from the interview – “We will have high-end Windows smartphones, but with Nokia’s scale, Windows will have to play in all parts of our portfolio,”  intimates that not only will Symbian and Windows Phone 7 co-exist, but the hardware capabilities of the devices running each platform could be rather similar to one another.

This of course doesn’t explain the mysterious Verizon compatible device Engadget spotted last year.

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  • I hope this is true. I can’t do AT&T and if the buyout of T-Mobile is approved, hopefully there will be some Nokia goodies on Sprint/Verizon to use instead.

  • chfyfx

    The AT&T and T-Mobile deal will screw everyone up…
    Please, Nokia, keep it unlocked, we want freedom…

    • There are a few (less than 5) small regional GSM carriers in the USA that have their own towers etc, but basically everyone else uses AT&T or T-Mobile networks and resells it. So there is effectively 2 national GSM carriers.

      If there is only national 1 GSM carrier, an unlocked phone in the US isn’t much more freedom than a locked one. Sadly, freedom means locked CDMA devices with other carriers as well.

      • chfyfx

        Agree, I was just thinking about that too. But at least you can get away with unlimited data at a feature phone rate, if you keep it under the radar… But the merge might make it easier for ATT to control that..

  • inept

    CDMA is dead. US carriers are deploying LTE for 4G, apparently including Sprint after having mostly given up on WiMax, as are most carriers across the globe.

    Why would Nokia make CDMA phones for a select few using end-of-life networks when it can make LTE for everyone, including Americans?

    • Dying but not dead. 4G will not take over for at least another 3 or 4 years. Furthermore Verizon and Sprint between them are the equivalent of 2 UK’s or thereabouts

      • LTE is long Term EVOLUTION – they are not scrapping the underlying networks yet. Besides your hSPA+, UTMS 3G phone can still use GPRS and EDGE right? From what i’ve seen most 4G roll-outs are going to be data first, before they are data and voice, so the underlying voice tech (your basic GSM/CDMA towers) will be around a long while yet, although Verizon have managed voice over LTE on a test call.

        • inept

          Does LTE support handoff to and interoperability with CDMA legacy networks? I was under the impression that it was GSM/GPRS only.

          In Canada, Telus and Bell are in the process of upgrading to LTE and they deployed GSM networks to go alongside their existing CDMA networks, perhaps specifically to support LTE deployment. Otherwise, if there’s backwards compatibility, why not just stick with CDMA?

      • Previous reply meant to be to inept.

        Sprint and Verizon between them are about 140 million ubsribers. For a handset manufacturer, it’s probably worth putting a few devices their way.

  • deep space bar

    i swear CDMA was dead like 5 years ago even bell,telus,virgin and solo switched to GSM/HPSA cause SIMs are much easier to handle why is the US forcing nokia to go backwards

    • outdated os

      ha. So much for calling symbian a dinosaur, eh CDMA’ers?

      • deep space bar

        we can only blame elop and the US for this stupid action