Ovi Chat on Symbian^3 – IM For Nokia – available at Ovi Store!

| April 1, 2011 | 37 Replies

Oh hello. Ovi Chat for Symbian^3? David who sent in this tip ensures us it’s not an April Fools. You must be very weary of any extra good/bad/unbelievable news today. Kudos to Andre for handling today’s news btw :p.

Anyway, back to Ovi Chat. Symbian^3 users have been waiting so long. Get it from Ovi Store now!

It’s called IM for Nokia and it allows Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace and Ovi Chat (no facebook chat yet). Handy tabbed interface at the bottom.


Phil McClendon from Ovi Blog tells us about some of the features:

Aside from the staple features that you can expect from a chat application, which we delivered in the Chat 2.5 application we also recently made available (see the blog post on that application here), we have also added an exclusive new feature and updated look and feel that has been specifically tailored for these new phones.

Similar to the Symbian^3 social experience, we have integrated chat into your phone’s Contacts application. Now, when browsing through your contacts, you can see if your friend is available to chat and launch straight into a conversation with them in just a few taps. Sending an IM to your friend is now even quicker and more seamless.

To associate an IM friend with a contact in Contacts, you need only tap on their IM name in your IM friend list in the Chat application and associate that name with an existing contact. Then you’re done!

I hope you’ll find this new Chat application for Symbian^3 with Contacts integration useful. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys think, so please do keep us updated with your thoughts and comments!


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  • Zothor

    Nice gonna try it now, its installing im really excited 😀

  • Goc

    It was about time.

    • pep

      for what?

      • Goc

        For this app to be available, it had been in internal betas for quite a while.

  • Zothor

    the app is a bit slow, the widget on the homescreen is great the best there is but the app itself is quite slow for such long waiting, they should develop this in qt instead of that stupid social 1.3 style it’s way to slow , still great its here tho

  • Zak

    and this one needs an update really bad. I had downloaded the s60 v5 before which worked really great but it had some bugs anyway long story short this s3 version has major flaws. first the msgs aren’t showing up right away and second the app need to remain open to receive any msgs and i couldn’t get any notifications. This app does not runs in background like s60 version i tried. I don’t know if anyone else is having there problems or not. But this is just medicore.

    • David

      “his app does not runs in background like s60 version i tried.”

      Press the menu key to hide it in the background 😉

      • Zak

        Lol I’ve been using symbian since i started using cellphones and i know this but what I’m talking about is that in s60 version you could close the app altogether from task manager and it would still run in background, giving push notifications this one doesn’t do that plus i think it’s very slow not worth giving up nimbuzz

  • El Marko

    What? No AOL Instant Messaging or Facebook Chat? Hmm, well, I guess that gives this app a little room to grow, eh?

    My demands know no limits.

    • hary

      You still use AOL?:)

  • David

    It would be nice to have “social” and “chat” app merged in some way. If not have FB chat added to both.

  • jabbi

    if you want to login to google talk you have do replace “” with “” otherwise you cant login. nokia so stupid again…smfh
    the lack of facebook support makes it quite uselessfor most of us i’d say. they also should have made this available via the software update application. and i think its not written in qt, why??? nokia is talking about qt all the time but nothing happens…the ui looks very outdated too. the app is quite disappointing of you ask me, i will stick with nimbuzz

    • hary

      Most of my friends, including me don’t use facebook chat. Prefer google chat. Can chat from email window itself, and can chat from work too, rather than have the facebook page open. 😉

      Some things work for some, some don’t. Nokia can’t satisfy 100% people.

      • jabbi

        ok you and your friends are using google talk. but many many people use facebook you cant deny that. and yes nokia cant satisfy 100% but with facebook support they could satisfy much more!

        • sivaram

          yeah..!! I agree with Mr.jabbi.In these days more than anything the facebook is essential for the users,so nokia should improve their mobile experience towards Facebook in social as well as in this chat. 🙂

  • jabbi

    and it has the same icon as the dialog application wtf

    • Doug

      That annoyed me too.

  • xyz

    No ICQ? Still most important IM in germany. Nobody I know uses MSN or Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk or even Ovi Chat. Facebook would have been a nice failback solution.. as it is, it seems to be pretty useless for me.

  • Doug

    WTF there’s no notification sound played when you’re in the damn application; only when you’re on the homescreen. F this Nimbuzz all the way.

    They really need to work on notifications in this thing big time.

    • gordonH

      Nimbuzz doesn’t run on my E7. I downloaded the paid version from Ovi Store, wasted my money. Also read the reviews and you’ll see many people, with Symbian^3 phones, having the same problems.

  • sivaram

    Superb work 🙂 But every time nokia is lacking with the support for facebook apps in mobile like in this chat also there is no facebook support.So it might be more cracker if you release an update with that.

    Thank you,

  • Stewart

    At first I thought this was another April fools….!

  • I haven’t tried it but I hope they will let us use more than one account on same service like, and so on, like ebuddy.

    One question here just to confirm myself, please do answer fellows. I have N8 and buddy downloaded and installed however it never logged me in. I heard N8 doesn’t support ebuddy. Is it true? I have couple of accounts of gmail and yahoo which I need to get in at once.

    • Stewart

      OVI Chat only supports one account per service.

  • Oh no! Same as Social! No SIM card No Service!

  • cgf

    good that we dont have to give nimbuzz our password

    • I think this is what they mean by “Similar to the Symbian^3 social experience”

  • Installing this just messed up my firmware =.=
    Pheonix time =.=

  • gordonH

    1.It’s well integrated with contacts.
    2.Uses your symbian^3 internet connections thru destinations seamlessly. Fring and Whatsapp use their own connection manager so confuses your phone.
    3.Cannot yet send attachments or pics. Wish i could simply just choose a photo from the gallery and send it.
    4.Chat widget works great but haven’t checked the toll on battery life.
    5. UI needs improvement but I find it good enough for now.
    Just realized most of them guys are on skype, BB, facebook and even whatsapp. Maybe things will be different for 2011.

  • Srikanth

    Does anyone else seem to have the problem where ovi mail doesn’t seem to automatically retrieve mail anymore. I mean i was using the IMAP service and it somehow refuses to retrieve mails automatically anymore, have to get into it and sychcronise.

    Also when i exit ovi chat it doesn’t disconnected from the internet. That though could be because i linked some of the contacts with their chat id?

  • dsmobile

    Nokia Meego device will be ultimate social and messaging device out there. Too bad they can’t get same things to Symbian phones.

  • mja

    gmail chat between n8 and n900 working but ovi IM not (shows everyone offline). weird.

  • Mike

    anyone know what that theme is in the first 3 screenshots?

  • Spitfire

    I would love to see the copy/paste function fixed.. it’s not working in the chat app on my N8. working well in all other apps.
    Also the option to turn on vibrate on new message alert is lacking… this is keeping me from actually using this new chat app. I’ll stick to ebuddy untill then.

  • Suhail

    I am getting an error of unable to install on my n8.

    I used the s60v5 version before and since uninstalling that…this one is not installing….help !!!

  • Ankit

    I’m facing an issue with Nokia IM Chat 2.5. Whenever I try logging into Gtalk, it displays a message saying “You are no loner signed in. Please sign in again.”

    I tried re-installing the application, it didn’t help. Also, I tried to sign in to Gtalk on other applications such as Nimbuzz, it works fine there, only on Nokia IM it is an issue…

    Can someone please help me with this Gtalk log in issue?

    Also, I don’t understand why the application isn’t officially available for my handset C6-00 on Ovi Store. I installed it and works perfectly fine, except for this Gtalk issue.

    Thanks in advance, for any help I can get 🙂

  • NaijaOracle

    Please all ovi services have glitches in one way or the other,(can’t be perfect):
    Ovi maps are pretty cool,like the best.
    Ovi sync has saved my backside.
    Ovi store has really improved. But talking about the
    Ovi chat-saps my amoled screen phones battery,bad notifications,no media sharing,no facebook chat,no ways to meet new Nokia pals,shall I go on??
    I would like to say some of these IM features are what is making BlackBerry popular. Nokia should address this ovi chat issue before it’s too late or there will be dire concequences for I the Oracle have spoken.