Nokia Beta Labs gets a facelift – plus Nokia Drop!

| April 5, 2011 | 12 Replies

Nokia Beta Labs has just gone through what must be the 2nd UI overhaul in the past year or so and I must say, these guys have really been on the ball lately. In addition to the initial wow factor, there also seems to be a growing degree of consistency between Nokia’s websites with Nokia Ideas and Forum Nokia having a largely similar look and feel.


In addition to this new look, they’ve also managed to push out a pretty nifty plug-in for most modern web browsers that allows you to push web-pages and images to your web-enabled Symbian device without so much as typing a letter. Nokia Drop is a demonstration of the push notification capability built into the Qt Mobility API’s and what can be done with Symbian.


While it won’t ever fully replace your cloud storage (Dropbox for example) it’s utility is rather obvious. In fact, I’ve been using a similar application for Windows Phone 7 for a few weeks now. Of course with a Windows plug-in and/or a bit more work this could actually be used to push any and all files over the cloud to your devices. Definitely a promising prospect no?

Thanks to ZOMGItsCJ for the heads up.

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  • Ali Abdulla

    i liked the older theme more

  • Rant

    Nice to see that most links in articles are now a target_blank instead of opening in the same window.

    Regarding Nokia’s websites and other visual stuff. There appears to be more streamlining going on. Colors are becoming more universal and not the mismatched set of greens and blues and what not but a more single darker blue. That’s a start at creating a unified look that you see as a consumer when going to a Nokia website.
    If they can just spruce up their main site as well.

    Hopefully this unifying also translates to UI decisions of Symbian and it’s core apps like OVI maps. That is still dreadfully mixed.

  • Cenarius

    nice ^_^

  • His phone did not appear to be running 1.2…..

  • Иван (Ivan from Russia)

    Nokia Drop is cool but …

    Why doesn’t it support Opera browser???
    are they crazy or what? most people in Russia got used to Opera, Opera is the most popular browser here, its usage share including opera mini – 36,7 % in January 2011.

    In the republic of Belarus Opera browser had reached 56,85% of usage share by the end of 2010 year while google chrome had 3,62%, and firefox – 17,44%!!!

    Opera is very popular in CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) and is popular in Eastern Europe.

    And these are the markets dominated by Nokia phones and smartphones. Russian market is the 3d or 4th for Nokia in sales.

    So, considering all of these I have a question, WHY THERE IS NO OPERA BROWSER SUPPORT for NOKIA DROP?

    Andre, can you please ask people at Nokia about it?

    • Mike

      It’s experimental and not a finished product. Will surely get updates as work progressess.

    • outdated os

      I complained about the conversations site not being opera mini friendly. Om users unable to drop 2 cents [comment].

      Next day, it was fixed. lol

  • walli

    Beta Labs pushing one cool project after another. Reminds me of the good days (n95,n82,e71 times)

    Thumbs up Nokia.

  • chrom

    What is the weather widget he’s using???

    • spacemodel


  • Arbegla

    Beta labs has been on a roll! They make some REALLY quality applications. Heck they should just be responsible for the new Symbian UI.

    • I think Nokia has been excellent at functionality for a long time. Even Beta Labs does not change the fact. Maybe UI is really not their advantage.