Poll: Nokia taking votes on New colour for Nokia N8.

| April 5, 2011 | 48 Replies

A poll is being conducted at Nokia Conversations to possibly decide on the 6th special edition colour. We’ve got Black (ha, Nokia acknowledges it’s black and not “dark grey”/Silver/Blue/Orange/Green (the latter three if you’re lucky enough for your country’s carriers/networks to have it). What should the 6th be?

Let’s imagine that there was going to be a sixth, special edition model of the Nokia N8. What colour would it be?


The choices include: Brown, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Red and Other.

Winner so far is red. I’d love a red one. Or a bright yellow (not gold though). I could see pink as a very special girly edition. More different than the Red (which the orange one looks like in certain lighting). Micky Fin suggests white. Ricky Cadden was asking for camo. Maybe not just a single colour huh?

What colour would you choose? (This is NOT the Nokia Conversations Poll. I don’t know how to embed that. Vote for that at Nokia Conversations. Below is what our readers would prefer)

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What colour is your Nokia?

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  1. Adnan says:

    White plz

  2. MontyN95 says:

    Red!! With an LFC logo at the back :D :D

    P.S If you don’t know what LFC is or means, then google is your friend ;)

  3. SGean says:

    I picked other and typed android..

  4. David says:

    White too… show Apply how its done ;-)

  5. CaptainDub says:

    White w/ Blue Racing stripes down the middle!

  6. realphonee says:

    Here’s the script for the poll at Nokia Conversations.

    View Poll

    Up to you to figure out how to embed it.

  7. Tsunami says:

    Here’s their source code, been a long time since I made sites myself and I’ve never used WordPress ;)

    View Poll
    br />
    Take Our Survey!

    polldaddy.add( {
    title: ‘Take Our Survey!’,
    type: ‘banner’,
    style: ‘corner’,
    align: ‘top-left’,
    text_color: ‘FFFFFF’,
    back_color: ’308F00′,
    pid: ‘E565A26D41F0215B’
    } );

  8. Aaron says:

    Purple so it matches the screen of most N8′s.

  9. waloody88 says:

    i voted 4 red
    but i want white colour, n8 improved with CBD amoled like E7.

  10. dantheman46 says:

    white lets keep it pro people.

  11. nokia says:

    Que se dejen de tanta tonteria y saquen el PR2 ya de una vez.

  12. jvardon says:

    White, purple or red.

  13. Mike says:

    navy blue, red, or white

    • Mike says:

      i just looked at that… and i think the american flag colors are subconsciously ingrained into my brain though i prefer my black one overall

      • stylinred says:

        red/white/blue aren’t simply for the american flag… it encompasses so many European countries /South American etc

  14. Rant says:

    I want one with a blue 1 Ghz processor and a green battery. Perhaps even a black screen and red circuitboard. Drool…. :P

  15. realphonee says:

    A clear one made entirely of Gorilla Glass

  16. stylinred says:

    Nokias PLUM colour… I love that colour so much…

    the Red would be too much like the Orange and the Fake Nokia N8s that are red

    Pink would be alright too but Plum… omg

    • stylinred says:

      Brown would be nice too, we’ve seen Brown in Enterprise models which makes a phone look rather classy

      and it would colour match with Automobiles (the Luxury brands seem to have all adopted a metallic Brown into their vehicle lineups)

  17. IMarius says:

    hey Jay , i put a recommendation in before, that you guys should do a ”How to tutorial ” on changing the housing on the N8, any update on that ?.

    I just getting a bit bored of my all black N8, does anybody know somewhere they can recommended on where to get good Nokia N8 official housing in Blue or Green (not the cheap chinese stuff).

    • stylinred says:

      i put in a tip about this before about available housings

      unfortunately with the housings (they’re aftermarket) the camera lens is a cheap plastic that gets scratched by your fingernails and they don’t include the flexible circuit-board on the end-pieces which i assume is for the antenna (the rest of the housing the aluminum etc is actually quite good)

      Also it’s rather complicated to completely change the housing (lots of pieces)

      I haven’t tried the housings sourced from Europe as they don’t ship internationally so I can’t speak on their quality

      • IMarius says:

        well heres a link to taking the N8 apart,


        as for European housing , i have not tried any yet.
        was thinking of trying these guys , there based in Finland and will ship in Europe


        they say official nokia parts , but no sure if i believe that .

        • stylinred says:

          yeah i’ve seen how Nokia has instructed in taking the phone apart

          but the chinese housings includes changing the parts within the housing (like not just the shell but the metal plate under the amoled etc) the whole frame basically

          and thanks for the link

          • stylinred says:

            checked out the site, they dont exactly offer adequate pictures

            but it looks like the end cap they offer doesn’t include the circuit strip (that i assume is the antenna) and removing the one that comes on your phone is a major pain and will likely break it (based on my experience with my n95)

            Price though is certainly far higher than the ones from China

            i’ll try contacting them (although they’re out of stock for everything other than black)

            • IMarius says:

              yea i would be paranoid about doing it myself the first time , but i also dont think any phone repair stores where i live would have more experience then i would, seeing as the N8 is still fairly new, and changing housing would not be that common yet.

              let us know what they say in the reply anyway

  18. Arbegla says:

    White will make the N8 look majestic.

  19. Goc says:

    I would have loved a darker blue when I bough my N8 instead of the one that is available.

  20. Zahid says:

    replace the aluminium with Carbon fiber and put a LFA sticker on the back

  21. meegomad says:

    gorilla glass body :) so we can see the inards of the n8 and its still tough(tougher)

  22. Damen says:

    Pearl white or brown (similar to “Macadamia Brown” that Porsche offers).

  23. HE says:

    purple will be the best.
    i also want to see Nokia N8 golden and white edition

  24. Lizzie says:

    I voted baby blue because male/female could have this colour phone and be a nice one ready for the summer

  25. andi says:

    plum one is good idea , if red should be a ferrari edition one . Something bit different how about a clear one ??

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