Old (even broken) Eseries for an unlocked Nokia E7? Too good to be true

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Did you know about a blogpost at Nokia’s South Africa blog, NokiaRingaz where the first 100 people to come to the store with an OLD Nokia Eseries will get the new Nokia E7. For free. Your old Eseries doesn’t even have to work. Yeah that’s right, the one you might have dropped in the toilet can be swapped for a Nokia E7.

Man, this is what users of the N97 wanted when we heard of the N900. This promotion seemed apparently more to promote recycling than the E7. It’s already over, but thought it was cool to highlight.

On the 16th April the first 50 ( NOW 100) people to bring their old Nokia E-series phone to the Nokia store Vodacom world in Midrand will get upgraded to the recently launched Nokia E7…FREE of charge!

Doors open at 09:00, but you’ll need to get there early to make sure you’re one of the first in line. At the risk of sounding like a cheesy TV infomercial…but wait, there’s more. The next 100 people in the queue will be part of a lucky draw to win one of seven phones that will be given away on the day as well.

Terms and conditions Promotion: Nokia will exchange the Nokia E series devices of the first 100 (one hundred) customers to enter the Vodacom World Nokia store on 16 April 2011 for a new Nokia E7 device (the “Promotion”). The new E7 device will be supplied free-of-charge after you have handed over your old E series device. No other Nokia handsets or any other device will be exchanged in terms of this Promotion.  Only one new E7 device will be supplied per customer.

Eligibility: The Promotion is open only to individual persons who currently own a Nokia E series device. Businesses may not take advantage of the Promotion.  Any director, employee, consultant or agent of Nokia, 3PLS (operator of Vodacom World shop), Vodacom or any of their affiliates may not participate in this Promotion.

Sounds simple enough. Queue for the E7. Be amongst the first 100 in line. That it? Too Good to be true? NokiaRSA replies:

NokiaRSA says:

There are no hidden catches or clauses! If you have an old Eseries phone and can get to Vodacom World then you could be one of the lucky 107 people to get a new E7 – the 1st 100 get to swap and the next 100 i.e. 101-200 will go into a lucky draw for 7 x E7s – Good luck for tomorrow we hope to see you there :)

OK What could go wrong? Well it seems that 8:30pm the previous day (15th) the first 100 names were taken down. If you weren’t part of that first 100 names then you were buggered. Why queue up? Well, the next 100 in the queue will be put into a draw for a free Nokia E7.

jowza says:

Is there going to be any organization of the queue by Nokia or Vodaworld staff, or is it going to be a mad rush between when the Vodaworld doors open and the Nokia shop opens? It’s a long way from the entrance to the shop and knowing the South African orderly culture, it could be chaotic and unfair for those who are first in the queue.

NokiaRSA says:

@jowza – We will be managing the queue as best we can, we have got additional security to help us and we will be on hand from early to ensure everyone is informed and aware of all the arrangements. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow

I don’t know how well it went. The most recent comments don’t seem to be too pleased. It would be cool to hear from those 100 winners.

The worst promotion ever, Nokia how could you associate yourself with something so unorganised and barbaric, I am utterly disgusted. People running over each other, climbing over palisades, pushing each other around, getting mishandled by bouncers, how could you associate yourself with something like that.

None of the security staff at Vodacom World even knew of your promotion when asked on Friday, there were no indications where we should wait or how things were going to work. I’ve been there since 4 O’clock on Friday, was in Vodacom World the whole time browsing the shops etc., even when the ATKV started I was still inside standing at the Nokia store while Sony Ericsson was being renovated….

Thereafter I went and sat in my car and watched the doors for people starting to line up, nothing, then at around one a security guard asked me to leave the parking area and I went outside, to discover that tickets were handed out guaranteeing people a spot in the top 100, so people who arrived there at 11 got preference above me, that is seriously not fair, especially since the people with tickets could go home and freshen up and stuff while the rest of us had to wait in the rain.

Then when a lot of people started arriving, even though I was amongst the people in front of the queue we got pushed around and almost trampled over by a bunch of simpletons because you representatives were nowhere to be found, to organise thing, then when the gates were supposed to be opened all hell broke loose, and you allowed other people that haven’t been standing in the queue for even half the time we were to go in first, utterly unacceptable, if that is how things are done at Nokia you are destined to fail miserably


So, the first 100 who were lucky enough had a guaranteed Nokia E7 and no shoving. The next 100 would be the ones feeling the pain.

Lauren says:

Hi Nokia,
Great idea! Could you please make sure that the que is managed correctly for all those that will try cut in! I dont want to lose out to those who hold places etc for their friends!
Also, is it one swap person?


  • NokiaRSA says:

    @Lauren – We are going to do everyting in our power to manage the crowd. The 1st 100 people wll be issued with a slip, once we have verified that they have an old Eseries to swap – once you have your number you don’t even have to hang around in the 1st rush of the people, you can go an relax, do shopping etc. – as long as you are back before 17:00 tomorrow to collect your E7 and swap the old one – you are gauranteed your phone as soon as you are issued with the slip from 1-100. The next 100 people so from number 101-200 will go into the lucky draw for 7 x E7s – these people need to be back at Vodacom World for the lucky draw at 10:45. We look forward to seeing you there and good luck! It is limited to only 1 swap per person

Apart from better crowd control, how would you improve promotions like this? Maybe issue everyone queuing with an envelope containing a barcode (I’d say one the E7 can scan but, hah, EDoF). Randomize so it doesn’t matter where you are. Then once it’s been given out, then it doesn’t matter where you are in the queue. You don’t even have to queue up anymore. Only those who have an envelope can try an E7 swap. I mean, isn’t this exactly what persons 101-200 were doing? You’d still have a lot of feet trampling in and out of the shop, but in a less crazy manner as there’s no need to be there FIRST. Just BE THERE. Then again, there’d be people annoyed that they’ve been waiting ages, first before anyone else and didn’t win. But as long as all the rules are made clearly before and during the promotion it should be fine.

Cheers Harkison for the tip. Now back to essay work on a Saturday (^o^).


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