Nokia E6 Sample Photos

| April 22, 2011 | 16 Replies

Here are a selection of sample photos from a proto Nokia E6. It’s from Nokia Conversations, so you know it’s the best selection. Well, to be fair, these were already submissions for an internal photo competition.

I like the top one a lot. It’s hard to take photos of pets. They’re also kinda cute. Reminds me of the dog my parents had.


The photos are 8MP, instant snap (being EDoF/Full Focus). Seems not a bad job in optimum lighting. There are other photos in lower light conditions.

What do you reckon? Not bad. It would be interesting to know what it’s like from day to day use. High percentage of good shots is equally as important as the ability to get good shots in the first place. I’m not sure how similarly it would perform compared to the other EDoF cams.


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  • waloody88

    very nice pic. i like the post so much.
    i wish it was X7 vs E6
    2 see which one better cameraphone.

    • Eero

      Ehhh… Same cameras and same operating system -> no difference what so ever in pictures? X7 only has a bigger screen and perhaps more pleasent to view the taken photos.

  • NT

    those are really nice pictures.

    There are a lot of us who’s been using auto-focus cameras since film days and knows how to properly half-press focus. So I wish Nokia will at least give us an affordable X,C series with autofocus. 🙂

    • joha

      then again there are much more of those who are absolutely clueless about focusing and half pressing the button.
      I really don’t see why edof gets dissed so much. It’s very good for the purpose of snapshots by unskilled people. Of course macro photos is a problem, but then again do remember most of you people crying about it are geeks and tech freaks, hardly representing the unaware masses.

      • Ali Abdulla

        they get dissed at the E-series , if ur buying a business phone, it would be nice to be able to take paper pix(macro etc)

  • Jim

    Nice pics, quality is very good too!

  • Rudeboi

    Like the photos and the camera is acceptable. Everyone is not a professional photographer.

  • Rant

    Every single picture would be better with an AF lens.
    But not everyone wants the performance and hassle that comes with a AF.

    But as long as Nokia keeps making high-end camera’s for phones I’ll just buy that. AF FTW!

    • Ali Abdulla

      nope, i’d say everything that is 5 meters away, would look better on edof..

      the N8 for example, takes better pics not because its AF, but for other reasons(bigger sensor, more natural algorithm etc)

    • B Jay

      Nope! With AF the images would have looked the same, except the shot of flowers with mountains in the background, due to shallow depth of field mountains would have been blurred…

  • B Jay

    EDOF cameras are good for landscape shots…the pictures are good.

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  • Should have been better than this

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