The Symbian^3 Menu Structure, Chaos or Genius?

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What’s this thing above? A sideways erratic ECG? No, it’s the menu structure of Symbian^3, specifically the Nokia Astound.

Check it out here:

Cheers Deaconclgi!

What’s incredible about it that what you see isn’t even HALF. These I think are the CORE apps and CORE Symbian experiences. Shows:

  1. How feature packed Symbian is. As many have you said, feature wise, many competing OSes are still catching up.
  2. So much settings to customize.
  3. How easily you can get lost. It’s quite overwhelming. Look how deep some of these menu systems are.
  4. The endless scrolling in this link reminded me of Windows Phone.

One of Symbian’s aims prior to S^3 was reduction of clicks to do stuff. Part of it was swiftly achieved by killing that silly double tap, and some was improved with rethought menu structures. But there’s still a lot of inconsistent menu digging to go through. I think that’s a bigger issue than actually having quite a lot of clicks.

Deaconclgi writes:

This isn’t breaking news or anything but T-Mobile USA has a VISUAL breakdown of the Symbian^3 menu structure. Every menu is listed in order. It is IMPRESSIVE to see it visualized.

This can be taken 2 ways. For us Symbian users, that equals choices, functionality and a feature packed and customizable OS.

For non Symbian Users, it equals a daunting task, cluttered, too many menues, too many clicks and not user friendly (according to bloggers)

I am amazed just to see a visual representaion of the Menu structure. I can’t believe someone took the time to do that.

I am also amazed in a great way at the options under Contacts/Add details. I didn’t realize there were so many choices.

At the very least, take a look. What is your say on the menue struction and amount of options?

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