Video: Nokia’s Plans for NFC. What could you do with it?

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Mark Selby is here again to outline Nokia’s Strategy for NFC.

  • Bring to the market, Enable individuals to realise the opportunities it provides.
  • for developers to realise full economic and social value
  • Nokia’s role is to help other people realise their opportunity.

Good NFC Solution does the following things:

  1. Addresses a specific problemm
  2. It is simple to understand and use
  3. It is scalable
  4. It is SUStainable

Someone must see an immediate value to an NFC value. Once they’ve seen that, there must be social aspect to it but causes them to want to share it with other people. Then the application will take off. And as we’ve seen with Angry birds -its taken it to a new level. NFC can be open and secure. Secure means assecure lement on the device. Our research, it has become apparent, the market for open application is much bigger than those requiring a secure element.

The C7 will change the future in a number of ways. Depending on the developers and what people do with it, e.g. if you meet someone you want to connect to, e.g. facebook You can just touch their device and you’ll be connected. If you don’t have cash and you’re trying to park the car. You can just touch a tag and pay parking space. It goes on and on, it’s really exciting.

– It really does deliver a new paradigm of EXCHANGE. Information/Money, there were very set ways in which we physically did these things before. Now there’s still that aspect (person coming up to, another person or a kiosk or whatever), but the thing in the middle (physical money, card, physical paper, pushing buttons to send info etc) disappears. It can go, really cliché like, as far as your imagination.


Also, before complaining that it’s just C7 that has NFC – that’s a Q4 2010 device. NFC is veeeery early, something expected to spike in Q3-Q4 2011.


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