Nokia and Microsoft Alliance may produce the “Next iPhone”?

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Somewhat of a very provocative title from pocketgamer. It’s not from their mouths of course, but from CEO and founder of Zombies!!! developer Babaroga. Well sort of.

In a Q&A, Andreja Djokovic showed a lot of confidence in the Nokia Microsoft partnership.

I think they’ll be able to turn it around and use the userbase they have to come back strong. So, yes, I do think this alliance is important for both Nokia and Microsoft.

Remember what happened to Motorola when they were asked a few years back about what will come after RAZR, and their answer was “more RAZR”. How did that work out for them? By the same token, what’s after iPhone?

True. But back in RAZR days, though Nokia didn’t have the flip-phone to match, they were top dog in everything. Whilst Nokia was adding new awesome feature after new awesome feature, RAZR did NOTHING. Now, there’s a massive pedestal that they’ve fallen from (with intense competition, strong hardware competitors with great software in iOS and Android) and have only a few fingers holding on. I hope it works out. It has to.

Barbaroga has several iPhone apps and has years of experience on Nokia (J2ME). To say the latter was problematic would be kind. If only Qt was mobile ready back then. On the upside, WP7 development sounds great. The helpfulness echoes the developer support stories from Forum Nokia (on Qt stuff at least).

Will Nokia Windows Phone produce something that’s an iPhone Killer? No. No other company managed to “kill” iPod except Apple themselves with iPhone (sales decreasing from one end of your portfolio only to go to another, much higher priced segment is a great thing). And what comes after iPhone? I think Jobs calls that the iPad.

I think though what Djokovic is indicating is a totally new paradigm of phone use. Not just the masses of iPhones and the Poor Man’s iPhone (Android. I kid, fandroids). Elop did mention (in one of his many speeches) that Nokia are working on something that would put them back to be setting trends, not following them.

Whether Nokia can pull out something awesome with Nokia Windows Phone has so much uncertainty. What is for definite is that it has to be darned frikkin awesome to start earning back that mindshare and clawing back lost market share. Deliver, deliver, deliver.




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