Nokia and Microsoft Alliance may produce the “Next iPhone”?

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Somewhat of a very provocative title from pocketgamer. It’s not from their mouths of course, but from CEO and founder of Zombies!!! developer Babaroga. Well sort of.

In a Q&A, Andreja Djokovic showed a lot of confidence in the Nokia Microsoft partnership.

I think they’ll be able to turn it around and use the userbase they have to come back strong. So, yes, I do think this alliance is important for both Nokia and Microsoft.

Remember what happened to Motorola when they were asked a few years back about what will come after RAZR, and their answer was “more RAZR”. How did that work out for them? By the same token, what’s after iPhone?

True. But back in RAZR days, though Nokia didn’t have the flip-phone to match, they were top dog in everything. Whilst Nokia was adding new awesome feature after new awesome feature, RAZR did NOTHING. Now, there’s a massive pedestal that they’ve fallen from (with intense competition, strong hardware competitors with great software in iOS and Android) and have only a few fingers holding on. I hope it works out. It has to.


Barbaroga has several iPhone apps and has years of experience on Nokia (J2ME). To say the latter was problematic would be kind. If only Qt was mobile ready back then. On the upside, WP7 development sounds great. The helpfulness echoes the developer support stories from Forum Nokia (on Qt stuff at least).

Will Nokia Windows Phone produce something that’s an iPhone Killer? No. No other company managed to “kill” iPod except Apple themselves with iPhone (sales decreasing from one end of your portfolio only to go to another, much higher priced segment is a great thing). And what comes after iPhone? I think Jobs calls that the iPad.

I think though what Djokovic is indicating is a totally new paradigm of phone use. Not just the masses of iPhones and the Poor Man’s iPhone (Android. I kid, fandroids). Elop did mention (in one of his many speeches) that Nokia are working on something that would put them back to be setting trends, not following them.

Whether Nokia can pull out something awesome with Nokia Windows Phone has so much uncertainty. What is for definite is that it has to be darned frikkin awesome to start earning back that mindshare and clawing back lost market share. Deliver, deliver, deliver.




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  • i really hope so nokia windows partnership is path breaking…it has all the goods to succeed but the american blogger community wouldn’t let it happen..

    they killed symbian and they’ll try to kill windows phone too

    • Rant

      Could be, the tenure is Android and iPhone and WP is to late in the game according to the ‘blogs’ over there.

      But then again they also say it brings a new flavour, it is just missing some key features right now. Which is true.

    • outdated os

      Eff that fruit and robot duopoly. Darn.

  • Rant

    ‘True. But back in RAZR days, though Nokia didn’t have the flip-phone to match, they were top dog in everything. Whilst Nokia was adding new awesome feature after new awesome feature, RAZR did NOTHING.’

    How the times have changed, Nokia did nothing when the iPhone came along. Nokia did nothing real good when Android came along.

    In a way WP is what Android was for Motorola if you really focus in on the (highend) smartphone business only.

    Anyway, good to see faith from developers. Digruntled dev’s you will always have with any strategy. But most of them will see that Symbian at least was a dead end waiting to happen. Qt and MeeGo however is different and yet unknown due to no-marketable products.

    • deep space bar

      N76 made the RAZRs look like shit

  • cgf


    american always set the mobile phone trend!

    featureless iphone is unbeatable, accept it! nokia give up please

  • Breathless

    LOL. That’s hilarious. Every time I read a WP7 phone review on GSMArena and get to the WP7-specific limitations list, there’s this “Microsoft iPhone” idea in my head. Now partnered with Nokia? Yes, if those things aren’t changed drastically, there’s ultimately gonna be a Nokia iPhone” – only, from the worse end of the concept.

  • Well, Nokia is not gonna sit back and watch Android and iOS eating their share. That’s why they partenered with Microsoft. Nokia will definitely come up with a real iPhone competitor if not the iPhone killer.

  • Dave

    I don’t think anyone has yet to beat the physical design of the RAZR – it still looks as good as it ever did. The iPhone 4 gets close in ways, but its still not quite as elegant.

    Its nice to think that MS can make a big break into the mainstream with WP7, and to be honest I don’t see why Nokia should make such a big difference.

    Unless they’re going to do a truly gigantic advertising campaign to try and turn things around.

    • Pdexter

      Well Nokia’s brand is the world 3th most known. Funnily enough probably the least known in the leading global economy, USA.
      Also one of the reasons for Nokia’s lost media war.

      Though by no means was Nokia’s fall from the dominant place somehow media’s fault, that’s just lazy reasoning.

      So i have no doubt that if Nokia just can actually deliver truly amazing product that’s just not as good, but better they will skyrocket. They for now still have the luxury that they don’t need to build their brand like HTC had to for 5 years before anybody noticed.

      In USA there’s work for years to come if Nokia + MS goes anywhere, but first Nokia needs to get it’s base secured before they can even think of anything like that.
      They got all the resources in the world with 700 million euros profits just last quarter and 12 billion euros on their bank account to still do something, but it wont be easy.

  • j

    it will be the next iphone? so, why buy it?

  • Nokia shot itself in the head. Hopefully, Intel will hire Meego devs which leave Nokia and will continue Meego development.

  • My take is has to work.
    Nokia and Microsoft both will put huge resources to it.

  • Bazil

    If I wanted an iPhone, I would have bought an iPhone. It’s so sad that Nokia wants to make an iPhone killer, which means a dumb phone for dumb users.

  • Keith

    Apple getting public’s attention is because they have set a reputation for themselves. They set a standard for all their products. Now their products might be lacking feature-wise but the fact that their products are what the public consider “cool” is what makes them successful. Moreover, the fact that most of their products had some kind of “first” in them. Original iPhone was just really cool for it’s time and even though I lacked a whole lotta features, it had this certain cool factor that caught the public’s eye. People were attracted to the iPhone because it was so cool. And as they say, first impression is last impression. This is proven right in Apple’s case. When people picked up the original iPhone for the first time, it’s cool factors (multitouch, BIG screen for it’s time, ease of use, cool transitions) just made them go wow and the features it lacked didn’t matter much to them because of this cool factor.

    iPad. That was the same thing. It was the first of it’s kind. A proper tablet, even though it lacked (and still lacks) a lot of good features that the competition is offering. But that cool factor, that crazy good marketing strategy, and the reputation that Apple had already created, works out so well for Apple that it just makes them REALLY successful.

    So unless Nokia and Microsoft come up with a product that is one of it’s kind and has a few things that NO other products on the market have, then they will definitely catch public’s attention. Of course, they’d still need REALLY good marketing strategy too. They just need to continuously deliver, first-of-it’s-kind products to make a good reputation and gain public’s trust.that’s the only way they can actually compete against Apple and Android

    • Pul

      Yeah….nokia did many things different…with the N8..
      But us based blogs nd media made it worst..!!
      USB OTG nd HDMI ws 1st introduced on N8…but media said..’it’s a useless thing’..
      Hell….they tried proving dat iphone’s 5mp small sensored cam was bttr dan N8 camera..!!!
      Did u saw d bubbles app…that’s uber cool..!!!
      Nd i think N8/E7 looks wayyy bttr dan d stupid rounded edged rectangles of iphone nd galaxies..!!!

  • William

    IMHO – It is highly unlikely that windows mobile 7 will ever cause Nokia to gain market share.