Nokia announces programme to help laid off employees find new jobs, counselling and training

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Another part of the big plan post.


Since the Feb 11 news, many Nokians have left for new pastures. Google, Sammy and others have already said they welcomed  these Nokia guys. But as part of the big plan, Nokia are cutting down on personnel. 4000 employee reduction, 1400 from Finland alone. 3000 will already be moving from Symbian development to Accenture.

Basically, if you’re part of the group of Nokia people losing their job as part of Nokia’s reshuffling and cutting costs, Nokia will try to make sure you find a new job that fits your skillset quickly and are not left in the lurch.


It’s got a cutesy name. The comprehensive Social Responsibility Programme. Hmm….


There are four support paths for those employees affected by the transformation:

  • A new job within the company – Nokia will seek to retain talent to the extent possible, by providing career counseling and helping employees identify job opportunities in Nokia.
  • A new job outside the company – Nokia will offer career counseling, help identify job opportunities and work with our extensive network to create a dedicated job portal, linking employees directly with local companies and their resourcing needs. All employees can remain with the company throughout 2011, while employees affected in 2012 will be given a two-month grace period. In addition, employees will receive a financial package in accordance with local practices should they leave Nokia.
  • Entrepreneurship – Nokia will offer training, funding, and help identify business opportunities and partnerships for those interested in starting a new business or a company on their own, which can fuel new growth for impacted communities.
  • Career renewal – Nokia will work with local partners to create new opportunities through co-funded research programs, scholarships, supported employment in local not-for-profit organizations and other growth companies.

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  • bow

    wht a sad story , hope all u guys don,t have same fate with indonesia PT DI worker from Nuclear engineering who work in Engineering Research Development Center in PT DI got laid and now become ice cream seller ,

  • Greg

    this is a good but normal thing that companies do so i don’t see why they’re making such a fanfare out of it. It’s more a reassurance to those affected, more than anything.

    If that guy got laid then became an icecream seller, i guess that suits his persona of being a player. Where’s the poolboy?

  • @greg – here in the US, this isn’t a normal thing at all. In fact, if this was the USA, 4000 employees would simply have been told to clear there desks this morning and maybe that they would receive 2 weeks further pay and benefits through the end of the month.

    • Deaconclgi

      Exactly and then they would go on to battle for an unemployment check that they may not be eligible for with NO support from their previous employer while the bills and cost of living keep marching on.

      I was laid off once and I would have gladly taken ANY option that Nokia is offering it’s employees.

      In the US, when a company lays you off, letting you go IS the way for the company to save money and spending money on you while on your way out the door is considered counterproductive and a waste of needed resources.

      I commend Nokia on it’s efforts to make a tough situation easier to bear for those involved.

  • Not to worry about Nokians..this is the hard face of the private sector..companies only care for THEIR business and care the employees for IT. No care. So continue to search opportunities for you…and click if you see right for you.

  • What’s the plan?