Request: Refund for apps which fail to install please, Nokia Ovi Store!

| April 28, 2011 | 27 Replies

Ovi Store has come suuuuch a long way from the very first hair pullingly bad iteration. It’s grown to 30,000+ apps with 5million daily downloads, equivelant to almost 2 Billion a year. The client for S^3 at least is a joy to use. Very quick, simple installation options. But there are still some snags.

1) 5 download limit. I’ve ranted about this before but what the hell is the deal? The biggest app store in the world doesn’t have a problem with people redownloading the same applications for all their other devices. Why should you? I’m ranting today as I’ve just had to repurchase an application of which I only had to redownload because my stupid N97 kept requiring a hard reset. I thought a cool thing of owning Nokias and many of them is that you can share your applications. One payment, all across your devices. This is not really possible with this stupid limit.

2) The main reason for this post are apps that fail to download. What happens to you then? Do you get a refund? Well, I contacted Nokia folk to request for a refund and I have not received a reply. People on twitter that have tried to contact Nokia too for similar issues and haven’t received a reply either.

I don’t care about the cost of the app. It’s the principle of getting your side of the deal. We pay Ovi Store, Ovi Store gives us the app that installs on our phone. It annoys me more that this is not an isolated incident and has happened to a few other people out there. What if it was my little cousin’s pocket money that they’ve saved up huh? Or another situation where you can’t just go around ignoring app prices.

The one I’ve encountered an issue with is TreeMaker. To this day I have not played it as the damn smart installer is too retarded to install.

3) Now you can’t even redownload this app. I don’t want to go through settings and tweak this and that. It should just work. Period.

I’m not sure what will happen when Ovi Store joins Market place. WP7 has been ok on that front. I’m really liking the app update notifications like Maemo 5. When an update comes, BAM. No need to individually open apps or find new install files. The only issue I have is the requirement to download applications larger than 20mb over WiFi. If you have good 3G and unlimited/sufficient bandwidth, you still have to download over WiFi. I downloaded several 120mb+ games from Ovi Store with ease over 3G. I guess that may be part of Windows Phone bending over for networks though there is a possibility they don’t want people excessively wasting their alloted bandwidths.

Update 1) 17:05, @bperry, Sr. Services Marketing Manager at Nokia, says:

“thanks for sharing your issues, I’ve passed along to the Ovi Store team #nokia”


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