Video: Nokia N95, Snake and other classic Nokias remembered in Vodafone’s Android Advert

| April 29, 2011 | 12 Replies

Here’s a pretty cool advert from Vodafone. It’s actually an Android one but it’s got a lot of Nokia History in it. The great phones of our time are commemorated and of course the N95 took its place.

The video is pretty cool. Supposedly some 3D projection thing where actual phones from the past are played in the centre and the combination of the camera movement makes the visuals appear in 3D as well as modifying the appearance of the phone.

There are several Nokias there. One being the 5110, the other I cannot place. The snake game, one of the most cherished is also in the video.

An old BB was there. I don’t remember pre N95 days of BlackBerry being such a hit.

You’ll be interested to know that straight after the Nokia craze, iPhone makes ZERO appearance. Instead, the focus is all on the variety of Android handsets.

At the end of the video, it asks, what’s next? Well, the future Nokias of course as they come to reinvent themselves.


Good Job vodafone. Cooler than that Bee thing you’ve got going on.

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Speaking of N95, I’ve just replaced my mum’s N95 with….a N96 N86.  She’s not into touch phones yet and as I’m making sure my household uses only Nokia, there isn’t a touch screen Nokia I could let her wield. I guess she’s the indicator of Nokia usability. Still rocking on S60 3rd.


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  • 00

    N96 isn’t a good option now. It was a experimental phone with the hardware and stuff. It is very buggy and doesn’t support Qt at all.

  • outdated os

    Oh noes, how dare they desecrate the Almighty phone!

  • Antonio

    I loved my N95. I loved it so much I did not want to get rid of it. But I had to sell it otherwise I wouldn’t have money for my N8…

    I miss my N95 a lot. It would still be very useful, specially the camera, even if I use the N8 full time!

    I wish I could have it back… it were one of the 2 best years in my life, and the phone was pretty much intact! Beautiful phone, you know… Sometimes I think even prettier than the N8 (I wish there was a real BLACK Nokia N8 color, not dark gray)

    • chfyfx

      My dad accidentally threw his N95 into the washer. Guess you are not the sadest person here.

    • Magister

      As far as I am concerned, I keep my N95 8GB preciously on my desk (3 years and looks like it is new), and I think I will switch for it again from a N8… I still miss the T9 keypad.

      • Antonio

        The keyboard was so awesome! And T9 typing on it was GREAT. I could almost type as fast as I could on my desktop pc, and I must say, I’m pretty fast at typing! None of my friends could ever tell I was online on MSN on the phone because of how fast I answered and typed, and the length of my messages.

        But I don’t like the N95 8GB though. I prefer the N95-3 a lot. While most people back in 2008 were satisfied with only 8GB on their phones, I would use a 16GB microSD card on my N95-3. Also, the amount of RAM was outstanding. There was so much RAM that it would easily open 11 heavy, 3D/”HD” games at the same time before saying “out of memory”. Either this or 28 apps of all kinds, including maps, web browser, and heavy apps. I remember my N95 booted up with about 92MB free RAM, and by that time, apps used a lot less memory. Today, my Nokia N8 boots up with 110MB free RAM, but sometimes less, because I have plenty of apps that launch on startup. And today, apps use a lot more RAM.

        I do not call that a improvement at all. My N95 also had many apps running on startup. It’s actually something Nokia should have considered. The N8 ought to have been released with 512MB RAM! I don’t usually get out of memory errors, but I’m used to opening more than 40 tabs on Opera on my PC, and if I open more than 12 tabs on Opera Mobile it will most likely close my other open apps and give out of memory error (depending on the websites I have opened, I might be able to open more tabs, or less tabs).

  • That is a cool visual. Superbly made like a piece of art.

  • Mendax

    Shame to see the once almighty N95 being shown in the museum of old phones.

    Before the N8, I owned an N82 for two and a half years. I remember parading it around town, confidently knowing that it was one of the best phones on the market.

    Funny how times have changed now. I look at my phone and still marvel at Nokia’s hardware engineering prowess: an excellent camera, a solid metal body, kickass screen, loads of hardware features (USB-OTG, FM transmitter, HDMI-out) which I ACTUALLY use. But then I peek over the shoulder of an iPhone 4 user and think, “why couldn’t my N8 run as smoothly?”

    Why does Nokia keep doing this? They make a phone that has great potential and don’t see it through to make sure EVERYTHING is great about it. Is low self-esteem an issue for Nokia? Do they need grief counseling?

    • chfyfx

      Totally agree.

      I think it is really down to the culture of Nokia: hardware first, experience second. More hardware brings more function therefore more value.

      However, in today’s data centric world, function should be coming from software applications. Software is the key. They did not do a good job shifting their focus from hardware to software.

      However, Nokia does such a good job in hardware. All it needs is a modern software platform.

      While I am waiting for that to happen, I am happily enjoing my N8’s wealth of useful features. Just took a macro photo of the spring flower, which turns out to be a splendid picture.

  • fahoum

    i actually wanted to move on and get an android… But when i was ordering the Sony Ericsson arc online, i took a good look on my Nokia N8.. And thought to myself “why? Why pay more for a phone that can do less hardware wise… ”
    i can’t believe I’m saying this…. But i wish Nokia have chose android… I think Nokia could make android the next symbian feature wise… Android is much more customizable than windows phone…
    I mean just look at the galaxy s2 , great list of features… Almost as good as the n8 … But its too freakin ugly and made from cheap plastic! If only Nokia made the hardware it would be the ultimate device… You would have to be retarded to choose any other phone