Free Nokia Astound! (With contract, T-Mobile USA)

| April 29, 2011 | 15 Replies

Deaconclgi sends this in. I’m not sure about where you are but in the UK, free phones on contract are quite the norm, though in the US, less so. I always furrow my eyebrows when seeing “Phone X for $100 OR $50” when it’s tied to a contract and thus usual for that to be free in the UK (at the average tariff of £30.) Of course I’m also aware that’s different for other places where contracts aren’t available. iPhone is probably the only phone that’s at a ridiculous price on contract here.


Free Nokia Astound!

Free with New T-Mobile USA Contract OR with eligible T-Mobile Contract Extension OR Add a Line via the Nokia USA website, also Free Personalized Setup!

I just paid $109+fees for my Astound a few weeks ago. A free Astound is a fantastic deal for T-Mobile customers that are eligible and for anyone that may have not experienced what Symbian^3 or the sleek fantastic Nokia hardware has to offer. This is also a great entry into an early preview of Anna and an easy way to be able to be apart of future Symbian^3 updates.

At the very least, this is un-officially the best Smartphone deal in the USA. There isn’t a better HD camera, HD game player, music player with solid construct to be found.


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  • Finnish N8 owner

    I think that it’s false advertising to call it “free”, if there are extra costs included in the contract. As a Finn the American and British systems sound very weird to me. Of course there are phones sold by operators, but they usually cost monthly, and the amount is clearly stated. You can of course pay the full amount at once.

  • Wendell

    Looks like you can only get the unlimited data for $30 with this offer. (I couldn’t find the 200MB for $10 option.)

    • Deaconclgi

      I didn’t see that option either but I do know that you can change use the 200mb plan with the device because that is what I got with mines.

      I am not accustomed to limited data plans as all of our lines had the 5.99 tzones unlimited web so within 2 days, I used over 180 MB and I called in and switched to the $20 Preferred Unlimited Data plan. 200mb is just to get you in the door but nowhere near enough for a person who really uses the web or has push email.

      FREE in the US usually gets you a 4 year old phone that has a spec list that says:

      Backlit Screen
      Long call time

      *Free with a 2 year agreement and qualifying voice plan.

      • Wendell

        Good calls. Uh, pun not intended. Now to check my budget and see if I can float this!

  • Just Visiting

    If this phone was a PAYGO phone, I might consider it just to try it out and to tide me over until the Nokia WP7 devices hit the shelves; but there is no way that I would tie myself to this phone for 2 years on contract.

    • You are not tied to the phone for 2 years. You would agree to be tied to T Mobile for 2 years. Within those 2 years, you are free to use whatever device you can afford to buy. The contract only matters if you plan on switching carriers, then you pay the early termination fee that was agreed up at the onset of the new contract. I switch phones atleast once a year. When the N8 successor arrives, I will eventually buy that, regardless of my contract status with T Mobile.

      So for me, a free phone is just free, I’m not switching carriers, especially since no one else can match 3 lines with 5.99 unlimited web and 2 lines 20 unlimited web and and 10 unlimited family texting, with my Faves 5 any number unlimited calling for each line. Tmo can keep extending my existing contract and giving free astounds until the endof the world.

      • Just Visiting

        Sorry that I was not clear – I will not be tied to the phone or T-Mobile for 2 years. Again, if it were a PAYGO, I would consider it. I will only consider a 2 year contract for a WP7 device, but still not with T-Mobile.

        • Thanks for clarifying. I’m curious, why not T-Mobile? Cost?Coverage? Device selection? Terms? Possible merger or prior experience?

          I have had T-Mobile and ATT at the same time and while ATT had better devices and coverage in my area, it all came down to cost. I almost canceled all 5 of my tmo lines due to coverage issues but that was in the pre-HSPA+ days and now coverage is solid.

          • Just Visiting

            Cost not a factor, really, especially since I’m saving mega using a paygo currently. Verizon is my carrier of choice, with ATT being a close second. Sprint has good coverage, and T-Mobile is OK. I had really great service (Customer Service and coverage) with Verizon when I was with them, so when I take the leap into a contract again, I will be looking at Big Red.

  • Johnny Tremaine


    Why would you want to be contractually bound for two years to a zombie network, T-Mobile, that’s about to be acquired by another, and have its 3G network dismantled, to be used for AT&T customers’ “4G”?

  • vlgr

    I was in costco (big wholesaler here in the US) the other day and saw it there.. the salesman told me that they’ve sold 10 of them already, I was surprised

    I took a quick pic

  • AceofSpades

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  • hanna

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