Convert your iOS apps to WP7 with iPhone to Windows Phone Porting tool from Microsoft.

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Are you an iPhone developer? Want to expand your horizons beyond the app store? Microsoft want you to check out their Windows Phone platform (and for the good health of Nokia, that would be cool to see that happen)

Well Microsoft have launched an iOS/iPhone to Windows Phone 7 mapping tool, helping devs translate apps to Windows Phone 7 API. I’m not going to pretend to understand the intricacies. If you’re interested, you can check out:

Barbaroga who develop iOS and WP7 apps praise Windows Phone developer support as well as the much faster approval process.

Concerned about the low install base? Well, 2012 might (has to for Nokia fans sake) see an explosion of WP7 sales with Nokia shifting its focus and churning out WP7 devices “in volumes”. There’ll hopefully still be Samsung, HTC, LG, Dell and co to bring in sales too. I hope Microsoft frikkin understands not to make their apps 40% more expensive than every one else’s app store. App store purchasing is ALL ABOUT SPUR OF THE MOMENT PURCHASES. Once it gets to a certain level, people stop and think whether it’s worth it. If you make it cheap enough, people will buy more readily and OFTEN (though of course, the app has to be good and not just cheap and shitty). There are some SERIOUS opportunities here for upcoming Windows Phone developers.


Here’s another developer story, in video form. Whurley says he feels there’s more freedom in Windows Phone in some ways compared to iOS. MS taking things from apple’s book they done right, but also listening to developers desires for things they wish iOS did. He says porting Enigma has been fairly straight forward, just doing tweaks.  He says a lot of platforms spout the code once, distribute everywhere (words to that effect) but none deliver. He then says he prefers the Windows Phone approach that makes it easy for engineers to switch to Windows Phone with a straight forward migration path.

Importantly he seems to say that it takes longer to port to Android than Windows Phone.

Windows Phone will not please the most discerning power user that is after features. But it will delight those those want their phones to work flawlessly out of the box. Sure they can get dumbphones, and some of our commenters say that is all WP7 is. What ever the description and criteria for smartphone, what users essentially want is something reliable, easy to use, does the “app thing” may be and can do the newer expected things perhaps such as email/browsing/big touch screen experience with ease and yes, Windows Phone does this really well.

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  • person

    My goodness you really are unashamed Windows Phone fanboys writing this blog aren’t you? What about also giving some airtime to those developers who have concerns about developing for WinPho?

    • Jay Montano

      Pro windows phone news = oooh you windows phone fanboys.
      Anti Windows phone news = see I told you so.

      Seeing as it’s my blog, no I don’t mind this pro windows phone news since pro windows phone is Pro Nokia and it is a Nokia blog.

      Give us a link to such posts about concerns on WP and we’ll look into making a post about it.

    • Rant

      Guess what? There is a tips section and a dedicated email adress for that as well.

      There is a possibility to write an opinionated piece about concerns from dev’s regarding WP.

      And I don’t know what is more fanboy’ish. Writing an article on your own blog. Or actually calling someone out that dedicates his own time for our reading pleasure.

      • yasu

        I see your point about some kind of posts.

    • Hypnopottamus

      Guess what? This blog is called MyNokiaBlog.
      Also, don’t know where you’ve been for the last few months, but Nokia decided to adopt the Windows Phone OS. Ultimately, when the creators of this blog want to write about Windows Phone, they ultimately are writing about Nokia.

      If you don’t like what is written here and want to read something else, why don’t you make your own blog. This blog doesn’t write itself. It takes time and some research to do this. And it’s not like they are getting paid to do this. They do it for the better of the Nokia community! If you’ve got nothing to add to the discussion but your whining then keep you comments to yourself!

  • XtiaN8

    Great post. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • deep space bar

    i’m just gonna say this …….M$ fucked up and nokia is fucked cause of it this is not gonna work at all cause there is no attraction for Wp7 at all for developers i honestly hope Meego makes an great impact in the mobile market cause this new for M$ is just as sad as M$ Win vista

    • Rant

      Way to go to add some strength to your post with M$.

      Anyway, WP has lost a little traction with developers over the last few months that’s true. But not having any interest AT ALL is going a bit short and you know it.

      And if WP7 is as sad as Vista, man am I wanting WP8 then. Windows 7 sure was a major comeback after the disaster boat called Vista.

    • Someone

      And we have “deep space bar” again with all the predictions and shit. What are you afraid of?

    • Arts

      honestly, when i think back, it always was meego and its amazing ui..
      that we never saw. its like we blindly believed that nokia had an amazing trump card that would only be revealed to everybody at the same time. no leaks nothing. sigh

      all those talk about vaporware is kinda true.

      • Jay Montano

        We believed what Nokia promised. Based on what they showed us with Maemo, that wasn’t too far fetched. The screenshots for MeeGo vanilla themed look great. The leaked MeeGo UI (though we knew then was canned) looked awesome. But a year on, nothing has changed and worse, nothing has materialised. The only thing that is here, like it or not, are Windows Phone phones. They aren’t bad. Maybe for seasoned Symbian fans, but for the mass target, it’s actually great. They just need to get it some more brand recognition to break away that the world is just all about iPhone (and some Android).

    • outdated os

      hmmm, from present day communist (apple)to perennial imperialist (M$).

      My my my.

      • outdated os

        Not bad.

  • Just Visiting

    Microsoft knows how to treat their developers well; this ‘reaching across the aisle’ to iOS developers with this helpful tool goes over and above and I think will give iOS developers who have not yet ventured into the WP7 neck of the woods, a great perception of how they will be treated once they are on board. Symbian developers, it seems, will be equally welcomed. Kudos to Microsoft!

  • wido

    i am long nokia fan,
    my first nokia phone is nokia 3250, then i switch to nokia e70 for the email features, but honestly i never find an enjoyable email features on nokia phone, till i get my first blackberry device and it changes all of my world, i couldn’t be more happier about blackberry push-email features,
    right now i’m still a nokia fans, i hope nokia bring a breakthrough email features with windows phone…..

  • wido

    for jay montano
    i agree with you, as nokia fans i want to support windows phone, cause it means i support nokia,
    it doesn’t feel wrong at all,
    never mind all oh the hater…….

  • aboodesta

    Today for the first time ever, I used a phone running WP7. I can honestly say the UI is just as butter smooth as iOS.

    • Someone


      Hey, mind your comment. Try not to say anything positive about WP7 or you will be labeled a “fan-boi”.


      People like “deep space bar” who i supposed haven’t even tried WP7 but just want to have love for a non-existent Meego all because of an irrational hate for Microsoft (I mean M$) will continue to bluff out nonsense.

  • jnr7

    thats great

    can anyone convert wp7 apps to ios???