RUMOURS: PR3.0 to be called “Belle”, PR2.0 Anna firmware update coming “soon”.

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Some more rumours coming Symbian way. This is from @addiermedina. We’ve seen that name before come up on N9 rumours and Nokia N8 PR2.0 Rumours. There’s no N9 to confirm or deny his speculated rumours but PR2.0 is most definitely still not here with regards to supposedly coming out in a couple of weeks when back then, that was January. It’s already May tomorrow and well guess what, we don’t have PR2.0.

However, not to completely dismiss these rumours, our own resident Nokia insider, Alex, has of news that the new browser should be coming in 2010. Note also how Nokia themselves said E7 would appear in December 2010 when it only appeared late April. The new firmware was expected with E7 release, but since then of course much has changed post Feb 11 which may have significantly impacted Nokia’s delivery of the new firmware. Unlike @addiermedina, Alex has been right several times with  details and actually providing real info evidence of claims (such as demos of the new browser, portrait QWERTY and draggable homescreen claimed) and being correct on predicted dates for N8 releases and info on upcoming devices (E6, X7).

The new claims reckons:

  • New firmware coming soon (here we go again) for 0555219 product code.
    • QUESTION: When is the release date for X7/E6? They’re supposed to tie in with new firmware. I’ve heard mentions of June. But since when is June close to April? I thought products were meant to be closer to announcement? Technically however that is correct given the April-October and September-March of N8 and E7.
  • PR3.0 has up to 136-157mb RAM on start up. I think there should be about 120mb to begin with (prior to any background apps launching and stuff).
  • 4 homescreens (doesn’t Anna have this?) what’s 7 smooth? Maybe 7 homescreens with smooth draggable pages?
  • 35% Faster than Anna. Which is already faster than V1. All on current hardware of course. It’s expected that Nokia deliver new Symbian phones on faster hardware (well Hello there 2010).
  • Full UI change (erm, expected)
  • Coming Q4 (The first major update confirmed from Nokia Forum VP was to occur in the Summer, which will be Anna it seems. It has also been mentioned that the new UI is coming to Symbian in Fall)
  • PR3.0 to be called “Belle”.

Well, get your cans of salt.



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