Poll: Is your current (main)phone, a Nokia? What about your next one?

| May 3, 2011 | 94 Replies

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Time and time again I have noticed long time Nokia fans “defecting”. From friends, to readers here and to the Nokia Blogging community as a whole. Perhaps with the latter it’s normal for blogs to come and go, but it is a shame that so many of the blogs I read just disappeared. Is that just the blogging trend (especially with blogging being a hobby for most, and having maybe school/uni/work to do) in general or something due to lack in interest in Nokia’s part? At least 4 of the ones I frequent, the past post or was in frustration of Nokias products.

Nokia has slowly become from the manufacturer to go for the best phones to the manufacturer you go when you just want to do basic things. That’s of course NOT true, but that’s how Nokia is being perceived. It’s not so much the complexity behind the Symbian UI it’s the relative simplicity of using the competition. Such simplicity and usability was one of the factors attributed to the strength and desirability of Nokias.


Simplicity and usability isn’t a lack of features, it’s having the core set of basic interactions mapped out so simply that it’s very easy out of the box to use. It’s about it NOT crashing/having lock-ups which would frustrate the end user, and so it is about having a reliable platform. It’s about it being speedy, lag free to deliver one action after another without having to wait. And of course, that’s all about being able to interact easily within your “ecosystem”.

There are of course other factors of desirability that pushed towards other brands. It’s the “in thing”, owning a desirable product makes them “part of the elite”, they’re friends have one so they have to have one, most likely they’re not even aware a Nokia could do the things they want in the competition (hello Marketing), or like most of you discerning readers, are indeed looking for the best product that suits them and unfortunately, with past frustrations, that was no longer a Nokia.


  • Is your current (main)phone, a Nokia? What about your next one?
  • If you’re certain that after this Nokia, you’ll be going somewhere else, what will that be and why?
  • If it’s already not a Nokia, what is it? If you had previously been using Nokias, what made you move?
  • Did you defect from a Nokia but move back?

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I hope that in Q4 2011 or some time in 2012, we’ll have some excellent Symbian, MeeGo and Windows Phone devices to keep folks with Nokia or attract them back. This will be a hard task to pull off. For the enthusiasts, you can pick based on what is best, but Average Joe will go on what the media/society has told him and that is down to the marketing folk (hopefully having something to work with and marketing a wonderful device).




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  • Newtype

    “No, but the next one might be.”

    I have and LOVE an N8, but it just isn’t usable as a daily device due to the lack of a portrait qwerty.

    It’s really as simple as that for me.

    • Newtype

      Allow me to add a few things, if I was being nitpicky:

      1) The music player has become unacceptably simplistic.

      2) Social media is an absolute joke out of the box, and I refuse to pay $10 USD for Gravity when other platforms have an app for free or at the most $5 USD.

      3) Terrible loudspeaker; sounds tinny, and is located on the back of the device. Poor design choice.

      4) Anemic amount of RAM, resulting in out of memory errors. Unacceptable in 2010/11.

      • Doug

        Agreed on all points minus the loudspeaker. I think it’s actually quite good for a single speaker, BUT it’s location is terrible. Still wish it had stereo speakers though. My N95’s are still top dog in the the speaker department.

      • dpr

        does anyone still face this issue of memory errors on N8 and other new Nokia devices ??

        • dr_zorg

          I really wonder what people are doing to get that memory error. I have been using my 3 N8 phones continuously for months now, and never encountered it.

    • Mark

      Yup. Exactly the same for me. I use my iPhone 3GS at the moment.

  • yohan

    i have an n97: on paper it seemed to be the best:form factor,physical keyboard,fm transmitter ,resistive screen (use with any thing like gloves or pen,precise),good camera and obvious things like wifi bluetooth..;In real bugged since launch,never had real flash player,coming late updates,bugs,slow browser scratching camera….
    real mess except the ovi maps and 32GB memory!!.

    put my hopes in rumored N9 with open-source meego:it never came!
    it looked pretty;great hardware and open-source OS other than android,QT environment, great form factor(physical keyboard like n97) !the only default was capacitive screen but it has become the standard!

    frustrated,looks like nokia has lost the geek touch!
    don’t talk of non open MS from $$$elop$$$

    Maybe i ll get the n950 just in sympathy for the nokia guys who worked on it and put aside by the microsoft man.

    • yohan

      AS for symbian: no future,non linux based even open and qt compatible,dont like apple’s mass iphone but one good idea is keeping your os apps and all even when upgrading hardware,just updates…and frequent regular:symbian s50 is not compatible with symbian3 and so on,thats bad!

  • Hypnopottamus

    Man, I hope Nokia is seeing this poll. It doesn’t bode well. More people are inclined to jump ship than are willing to give them another chance. How the mighty have fallen. It’s really pathetic really. It’s really kind of different w/ Nokia. You are really talking about an OS (2 really: Symbian and WP7). Other than RIM, I don’t think other platforms are having such bad customer retention. Nokia needs to do something spectacular….and FAST!

    • Doug

      For some of us, it’s not about giving them a chance again, but knowing exactly what’s coming, and what you want as a consumer. We know WP7 is coming, and we know what it offers now, and a few bits and pieces of what’s to come for it.

      Basically, if you don’t like the layout/UI setup/design of WP, you never will because it defines WP and they’re not going to change that.

      Android/S^3’s homescreens are what I want because I utilize a lot of shortcuts and widgets, and I like the customizations of both platforms. WP will never have multiple homescreens and having to scroll through a list of shortcuts and widgets to find what you want is a royal pain. It only works for those who want that homescreen, but don’t need more than 1 on Android/S^3.

      • Hypnopottamus

        I’m like you. I’ve already jumped ship, but am curious to see where Nokia goes from here and what they come up with. I may revisit them, but right now, I’m uber happy w/ Android.

  • Doug

    I’ve wanted a feature packed QWERTY slider since my N97 and Nokia has failed to pull through for me. I thought maybe I could rock the E7 and N8, but then I realized that I’d be miserable having to deal with Symbian again. There are things I enjoy about it like Ovi Maps, Profiles, and the screen savers, but it’s too slow, I have too many RAM issues with my N8, 75% of the UI is poorly designed and ticks me off, and none of the apps in the USA that I want are made for Symbian besides Shazam.

    Sure, I could hold off and wait for a Windows Phone slider to come out but I know that Windows Phone doesn’t offer me anything that I want except speed, so why would I bother to waste money on something that I know is going to tick me off in the end? Even if it came to be as feature rich as Symbian, the homescreen doesn’t work for my needs.

    It’s off to Android for me as of right now. At least with them I can get an app to fill 95% of the voids that exist coming from Symbian, I get a much better designed UI, and I get all the apps I wish I had now.

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro is my phone of choice as of right now, assuming they release one for the US market (hopefully unlocked). It’s not even close to being perfect, but it offers a large screen, slide out QWERTY, physical buttons, camera button, and a theoretically good camera. The Motorola Droid 3 has the potential to be that phone, but with Verizon forcing them to not sell GSM versions with AT&T bands, it doesn’t look likely. If those two options fall through, well I’m pretty much screwed.

    I’m really going to miss Ovi Suite, despite some features it lacks, and those features that Symbian has which nobody else does (USB-OTG), and I’m sure as hell going to miss Nokia’s hardware and designs, but things didn’t pan out as I had hoped.

    No matter what happens in the end though, my N8 will always stay with me as my camera, even while I lug around another phone.

  • My phone is an N8. My next phone will be a HP WebOS.
    Closest thing to a MeeGo phone. Tons of functionality, well made operating system.

    Leaving because of WP7. In my opinion has a OS that is gimped (feature phone like) and has an ugly power hunger OS and Home screen.

    The momment that INTEL said that there was absolutely no chance that WP7 would be allowed to run on their processors I knew that it was a crappily written (resource wise) OS.

    I will miss OVI maps (Now belonging to MS) and the great camera.

    • I may get the e7 as my business phone. But as i feer that microsoft will buy Nokia in 2012 after the failure of wp7.5 and after elop leaves.

      Microsoft basically wants navtaq/ovi maps and will buy nokia for that .. Its done it before back in the 90s and will continue again in the 2010’s.

      wp7 devices have sold 700k units with 1.5million shipped to dealers.

      windows mobile is a failure .. and will continue to be that

    • My phone is an N8. My next will not be a Nokia.

      Will keep my N8 as a GPS. Both for walking and in my car

  • Jorge

    I love my N8, but I will not buy another Nokia, since Symbian is dead and Windows Phone is just a joke.

    • Agree if i wanted wm 7 or wm 7.5 i would have brought that device now..

      Nokia’s marketshare will now dip to 10% in 2012.

      Unless it wakes up and leaves wm7.5 to usa markets.

  • Poosana

    I love my N900 and would love to have the form factor of N97/E7 for my next Nokia. I’m waiting for N950 to come out. If Symbian has similar UI as Maemo5 I would go for E7 right now.

  • Nokia Windows

    Is there a choice:
    1)Yes, and if the next one is a Nokia Windows
    2)No, if the next one is still a Nokia Symbian

  • nbrown21

    I’ve got an N8, and ranted there are some things that bug the hell out of me, but on the whole, I love it. What really lets it down for me is the dreaded Ovi Suite. There’s never been a worse application. This alone would make me switch manufacturer.

  • Kennosia

    My N900 is sweet and all BUT the smartphone developers is puting all their money in to the iOS(iphone) and Android apps/games/”you-name-it”…. so next phone is not a nokia for me,

    Come on Nokia!!! when are you gonna realize and change to Android??? What does the majority of people buy now days, not NOKIA….BANKRUPTCY is the next step if not………….! go with the flow of majority there is money to earn! hmmm dead end for nokia i think, hopeless!