RUMOURS: Eldar Murtazin reckons Stephen Elop will resign in the end of 2012, “Short term CEO”.

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With the February 11 announcements barely three months ago, and no where near announcing a Windows Phones from Nokia, famous Nokia anatagonist, Eldar Murtazin tweets something almost as unbelievable as Nokia ditching Symbian for Windows Phone.

According to Eldar Murtazin’s and source,

“Stephen Elop will resign  in the end of 2012 (begin of 2013 according to another source). So thats a plan of Nokia board. Short term CEO”.

Well, first things first. This is from Eldar. Too many times, he makes claims that are later proven wrong (N8 camera being ordinary, specs about it wrong from his “stolen” proto N8) but then again, he also mentioned Nokia working with Windows (which at the time, no one believed). Some have said that make enough predictions you’re bound to get one right. Is this Eldar just trying to say damaging things about Nokia?

Now, why on earth would Elop be leaving? I don’t have any details except Eldar’s tweet but this just makes no sense. Folks here have noted over and over again that Elop doesn’t stay too long in his positions. I thought this would be it for Elop – it’s one of the highest places you can be. CEO of freaking Nokia. Where could he go next? Perhaps after mission accomplished in gutting Nokia, return to the mothership MS?

In a Twitter discussion this afternoon, I wondered just how important Jobs is to Apple. They’re so strong right now that were he to leave, would it really cause that much distruption? Sure had it happened pre-iPhone they might not be where they are now. Then I thought about how much worse it is should Elop leave right now whilst Nokia is in this (yet again another) transition stage. It might be cool for those wanting Elops removal soon after Feb 11 (Plan B) but I don’t think much can be done to reverse what has been set in motion with WP, Symbian and MeeGo.


Could there be a valid reason that would make sense if we got the full picture? Or is this as clear as day, something we should have expected since an MS guy took the helm and then later ditched both Symbian and MeeGo?

When asked for more info, Eldar Replied

“not ready to share it, sorry. Decision was taken a few days ago”

John asked what the logic behind this was. Eldar reckons:

“it was a plan”

As to where Elop is going, Eldar speculates a return to MS.

Part of Elop’s Contract:

In case of EARLY TERMINATION of employment, Elop is obliged to return to Nokia all or part of these payments related to his move to Nokia.

  • Termination by Nokia rewards 18month severance. Forfeit equity.
  • Termination by Elop, 6 month notice. Forfeit equity.
  • “In the event of a change of control of Nokia” elop may terminate employment, +18 month severance.

I still feel fundamentally that a Nokia with Windows Phone will still be a great product. It’s a good OS, with good potential, very slick at what it does and gradually gaining in the features department. Based on the little we’ve seen of MeeGo, it’s very difficult to have hope in that being as amazing as we all expect and need MeeGo to be. The deals with Microsoft are in place and a dozen of these Nokia Windows Phone handsets are coming in 2012 (and until this happens, Nokia is in an extremely vulnerable position). Is Elop there just to make sure this transaction with MS goes through, by which another new Nokia CEO takes over? Or is it all as bad as the conspiracy mongers have been trying to preach all this time? IS ANY OF THIS ACTUALLY TRUE?

I don’t know what to think. Eldar talked about possible Nokia Windows Phone handsets with Qualcomm chipsets and now soon Elop will be delivering a keynote at a Qualcomm event.

I hope nothing too exciting happens during my exam period as I’m probably going to wind down blogging to focus on revision. Hmm…AGM tomorrow – wonder what news that might bring.



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  • PS

    Symbian was losing market share, that’s why it was changed to WP7. Android was growing faster and it still is. I have doubts on WP7 success. Market share will go more down. Nokia/Symbian is not the same as Nokia/WP7. Nokia’s strategy in this is that management believes that nobody cares about OS, it is still Nokia device. I think this is old fact and people has started to care about OSes in their smartphones.

    Symbian will remain years. How Symbian put down was communicated, is the dumbest thing Elop has done.

    MeeGo kill I do not understand, but maybe it was developing too slowly. Not competent enough? Maybe somebody knows in this forum?

    S40 phones will remain. They are threatened by cheap phones coming from China, Samsung,…

    Personally I prefer simple phone. I don’t that much care about touch screens, bulky devices and short battery life. Phone is for making calls and SMSes. Maybe email check every now and then, but that’s it.

  • Jim

    Guys, these rumors have been circulating on Nokia’s conversations for about 1.5 months as far as I remember!

    They say Elop was hired to make some dirty job for Nokia.

    As for Eldar’s statement about Nokia going with wp7… Guys, you’re really absent-minded today)))) After Elop coming to Nokie nearly everybody stated that Nokia would make a WP7 smartphone for the North American market at least!!!

  • Janne

    Two items of interest from the Nokia annual general meeting held today in Helsinki, just came back from there:

    – The CEO compensation package apparently includes compensation that won’t be available to Elop until, if I recall correctly, 2014. Now this is no guarantee and maybe I misunderstood something, but I distinctly remember thinking that they had been planning ahead (knowing Elop’s CV shortlist) when making the contract.

    – Elop said frank “No” when asked whether the MeeGo device promised for this year is a tablet. No ambiquity there, it is not a tablet. Not a surprise of course, but a very clear answer.

  • If this turns out true (seems more likely now) then all of the conspiracy theorists are right and Elop was a plant.

    Talk about one of the awesomest Game Theory moves in the world. It would be legendary, but unfortunately Nokia would be screwed.

    Basically, IF THIS IS TRUE, MS just bought Nokia’s core IP and all of its marketshare for about 2 billion dollars.

  • symbolset

    Am unsure why anyone is surprised by this.

    It’s not like it isn’t like what, the 20th time? This joke is getting old, and people keep falling for it.

  • Damen

    Eldar now claims Microsoft’s ultimate plan is to acquire Nokia’s mobile phone division and Nokia’s “backup plan” is to adopt Android as second OS and bring Anssi Vanjoki back to be the new CEO. LMAO

    Sounds more like Nokia has found the moles who previously leaked info to Eldar and are now feeding disinformation to him. ;D

    • Damen

      This is the exact quote:

      “Backup strategy: return Ansi as CEO – 2013; adopted Android as second platform;

      It happens if MS not buy mobile phone division in 2 years”

  • Obvious

    Elop will go back to microsoft and keep his Job as Nokia CEO, since M$ will overtake Nokia in 2012.
    Elop already did a good job in lowering the Nokia charts, and in 2012 Microsoft will get Nokia for half the price it would cost them now.

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  • MSK