Nokia’s Dual Display 3D Communicator seen in Patent App

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I saw a random tweet this morning about a Nokia 3D communicator and assumed it was spam. 5 hours on a train later and I see a tip in my inbox for the same thing and was somewhat pleasantly surprised. This is like a Nintendo 3DS crossed with a Microsoft Courier (or other dual display devices actually available in market).

Using the camera to track head movement, a 3D image will appear from the 3D display, glasses free. Unlike the 3DS from Nintendo, you don’t need to be at a precise point at which to view in 3D.

3D would handle the depth control automatically. Shadows can even be placed from the second screen.

What’s especially cool is that you can now have hover button. This is what I thought could be the evolution from touch, where you’re no longer even physically touching the screen but handling and manipulating objects in virtual 3D space.

I hope this isn’t another one of those Nokia things where they try to pioneer something and fail and someone else comes along with exactly the same thing, just polished and it flies.

Having said that, what do you think about such 3D interactions? Is this going to be something revolutionary or just a major gimmick? I can see it having its place in gaming. Is this how Nokia’s going to differentiate from tablets and create that “new” device segment? Remember Tero said, “There will be a new form factor”. Fingers crossed it can actually come to life and escape from the R&D labs.

MS Courier

Mix with Nintento 3DS

Cheers Damen for the tip!

Sources: Slashgear / IntoMobile/ Unwired View



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