Nokia RM-680/Nokia N950/N9 passes FCC -Looks like the QWERTY N9 leaked from last year

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Just minutes after publishing that MeeGo N950 tweet from ArguellesPictures (4g n950 smartphone coming this summer), we have more xciting news that the RM-680/Nokia N9 has recently been approved by FCC.

Now if we look at engadget’s teardown of a leaked N950 last year

What does it look like? It’s not 100% perfect, but it sure does match up to a lot.

That’s a hinge right? It’s somewhat shaped like the very early designs that we were told were scrapped. It might still look like this it might not. Dang, I thought I’d be using one of these by now.

Yay! Come on Nokia, show us what you’ve got!

Jay —> Happy Face! Looks like an autobot, no?

Update: Yemi confirms it is a slider, reading from the test reports:

“The device has internal antennas for both cellular and WLAN use. The cellular antenna is located
at the bottom in the back section of the keypad slide. The WLAN antenna is located at the top in
the back section of the keypad slide”

Update 2: Deaconclgi notes from the confidentiality letter a request. That means, external photos and manuals :D. Oh the manual of this will be one to read. 😀

Less than 45 days until all will be revealed!!!

This is the request for confidentiality:

May 4, 2011
Federal Communications Commission,
Authorization & Evaluation Division,
7435 Oakland Mills Road,
Columbia, MD. 21046
Attention: Equipment Authorization Branch
Pursuant to Section 0.459 of the Commission’s Rules and Public Notice DA 04-1705 of June 15, 2004,
the Applicant hereby requests for 45 days short-term confidential treatment of some of the
information accompanying this application of FCC ID: LJPRM-680 as outlined below:
– Exhibit 3: External photos
– Exhibit 7: Test setup photos
– Exhibit 8: User’s manual
– Exhibit 9: Internal photos
These materials contain proprietary information not yet released to the public and the public
disclosure of these matters might be harmful to the Applicant and provide unjustified benefits to its


VIA wirelessgoodness

Cheers to crisscross for the reminder




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