Nokia ditches Ovi Branding – goes back to “Nokia”. Bye Ovi Store and Ovi Maps, hello Nokia Store and Nokia Maps :D

| May 16, 2011 | 54 Replies

I said I wouldn’t blog this morning (with exam in a few hours) but this is pretty big and it won’t take long (and I’ll revisit it later).

Nokia who created their internet and services brand “Ovi” are now ditching that and returning to “Nokia”. Ovi means door in Finnish and was announced back in 2008. (Shame can’t we have both doors and windows? oh dear  -_- sorry)

All services will remain as they are but they now default back to the brand “Nokia”. This begins in July and continues to 2012. Future software updates will possibly be removing Ovi branding for current users. e.g. Ovi Store and Ovi Maps. Just replace Ovi for Nokia. Nokia Store and Nokia Maps etc. (the latter returns to original name)

The only thing I’m concerned about is mail. We can’t all go about changing from to <<that’s for staff :p. Are we just going for

Well, I think I’ve made some rants here and there about the brand recognition of Nokia VS Ovi in its inception. Short and sweet as I seriously have to go – good job. Use your advantages Nokia. I hope to see more of this common sense in the future.

I think a lot of the responses are quite positive, with many saying this is what should have been done in the first place.
Nokia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jerri Devard explains:

“We have made the decision to change our service branding from Ovi to Nokia. By centralizing our services identity under one brand, not two, we will reinforce the powerful master brand of Nokia and unify our brand architecture – while continuing to deliver compellingopportunities and experiences for partners and consumers alike.”

Jerri continues:

“The reasons for this decision includes the fact that Nokia is a well-known and highly-loved brand the world over. Our mobile experiences are tightly integrated with our devices – there is no longer a differentiation. For example, if consumers want the best mobile navigation experience, they know it’s a Nokia that they can rely on. These last few years, and moving forward, our mission remains unchanged: we will continue our work to deliver compelling, unified mobile service offerings and next-generation, disruptive technologies.”

Nokia Conversations

- you might also want to check it out from Ovi Blog directly.

Druv Bhutani commented:

Very good decision ! Brand consolidation was seriously required. This should help Nokia retain its identity post the move to WP7 as well.

On that note, in one sense, Windows Phone never gets Ovi Store and Ovi Maps. It is somewhat “killed” already. :P

In all seriousness, it Druv makes a great point. These things BELONG to NOKIA. Maps BELONGS to Nokia. Nokia’s Maps.

Welcome back home again :D.

Ah ok – got to dash!

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  1. Peter says:

    IMO it proves Nokia is still working on stupid secondary stuff at the moment. All that energy put into a name change should be put into delivering bug-free software and hardware that can compete in 2011.

    • slayer says:

      you do realize that the hardware/software staff is not the same as marketing?

      • Peter says:

        In the smartphone world, marketing is overrated.. Build a solid phone with up to date specs and bug-free software and the world (internet tech-blogs a.o) will do all the marketing you need.

        • qws says:

          I partly agree with that but, still, Not doing this wouldn’t have meant any more energy into delivering software or hardware.

          And yes, good product is the best advertisement, but big part of that that too serves just in getting your brand into customers consciousness.

          Now, the Ovi/Nokia maps happens to be a great product. It’s not surprising if Nokia want’s those good experiences to be part of what people remember when they see this brand in phone store.

          • Goc says:

            It’s hardly overrated, the first iPhones were glorified feature phones, yet Apple was able to make people believe that they’d invented the smartphone, all through marketing.

        • stylinred says:

          tell that to Apple and they’ll laugh in your face

          • xyz says:

            Good point, I was just going to write something similar. It’s ALL about marketing; Apple is a great example for that…

        • Ninja says:

          > Build a solid phone with up to date specs and bug-free software and the world (internet tech-blogs a.o) will do all the marketing you need.

          Great idea but this is COMPLETELY false. The N8 and Symbian typifies this. First of all your ideal has been corrupted by the vested interests, jealousy and corruption of numerous American tech blogs who can’t STAND the thought of some ‘ooropean’ company having better tech than their beloved home grown Google, Apple and Microsoft so they continually do-down Symbian and Nokia.

          And then you have all the ignorant little sycophants in the UK tech blogs who write the same old shit.

          Honestly if the world was as you say, the N8 and Nokia smartphones would be top of the pile by a LOOOONG way and growing rapidly.

          It is because of Nokia’s failure in marketing that they are not, NOT because of the slightly less slick UI in latest Symbian phones.

          • sid says:

            I just bounced from an n8 to a nexus s, and while i do miss my n8 i can recreate most of what it does on the android with the advantage of android being a smoother and friendlier ui

            to me it doesn’t really matter, I’ve been using s60 for years, but i can see how someone brand new to phones would find android easier to use and symbian daunting

            p.s. i had to switch, lack of medical software on symbian was a pain in the ass, i’m not a resident anymore and i didnt feel like carrying around a ratty old pdr :D

          • Hypnopottamus says:

            You’re pretty much spot on in everything you said but one part:

            “Honestly if the world was as you say, the N8 and Nokia smartphones would be top of the pile by a LOOOONG way and growing rapidly.”

            While Nokia wouldn’t be shit on like it is today if techblogs actually used Symbian phones instead of rehashing what a few other sites say, Symbian isn’t really competitive at all with the current crop of phones coming out today (software wise, when it comes to hardware, Nokia’s still king).

    • Hypnopottamus says:

      I think this needed to be done. Nokia, now that it is going to use Windows mobile, needs to differentiate itself from the other OEM’s using the same OS. The best way to do that is to focus on it’s services, which are pretty good. Problem was, would people recognize “Ovi” as being a Nokia service? Probably not, hence the name change.

  2. Eddie says:

    now only if they can make a phone i can take pride in !

    • Ninja says:

      Clearly you haven’t encountered the N8, the greatest phone ever made. Yes, seriously.

      • meegomad says:

        no seriously its shit the 8 is the worst phone to have now

        its outdated mem,processor etc

        symbian = pile of shit

        i truly hate myself for buying symbian phones

        the n8 wouldhave ben good in 2009 when s60v5 came out?
        have you seen samsung i8910? symbian, amoled, capacitive touchscreen, fast proccessor, lot of ram(in those days)hd video camera, 8mp camera

        ^ that would have been a good time for n8 to be released.

        and btw samsung i8910 was crap aswell NO SUPPORT AT ALL no bug fixes no fw updates no apps…..

        • Mark says:

          Bollocks. I switch back and forth between my N8 and iPhone 3GS all the time. If Nokia ever get Anna out I doubt the iPhone will see the light of day again.

          As for Android… no. It’s rubbish.

          • meegomad says:

            could you point out what the n8 does better than the 3gs other than as a camera?

            faster? no
            more apps?no
            easier to use?no
            no errors and crashes? no

            i hate apple for the control they keep but atleast it can somethings properly? im fed up of defending symbian…it needs a revamp if ging to be better(which it wont cos its dying)

            qt5 is planned to be entirey new because adding stuff onto 4.7 wont make it anymore better

            but nokia kept on adding stuff into symbian…look at the article mynokiablog wrote about symbian menus its so complicated compared to any other os

            • Mark says:

              Bluetooth, FM Transmission, better navigation apps, better music player quality (sound, not gapless), better browser with Opera.

              Apps I don’t care about. Once you have the half dozen or so that everyone uses they’re a fad and rather pointless.

              App crashes are about the same. iPhone 3GS UI speed is better.

      • Hypnopottamus says:

        This has got to be the most ridiculous comment I’ve EVER seen anywhere on a techblog site…seriously. We get that you love your N8 and love using Symbian, but to call the N8 “the greatest phone ever made” is laughable!

        Let’s look at the N8′s (and Symbian’s) NATIVE features:

        Push e-mail…almost non existent
        Calendar…not very informative
        Social Networking…horrible experience
        Browser…slow and laggy/prone to crashes

        These are features that most business or multimedia users look for in a smartphone. MASSIVE FAIL for N8/Symbian.

        Yet you have the gall to call it the “greatest phone ever made.” Unbelievable!

        • dr_zorg says:

          Mate, I’d like to see where you’re getting your statistics. Don’t you think your speaking for everyone (or most) is a bit arbitrary? There are a large portion of smartphone users that want logical functionality and the best pocketable camera in the market.

          Push e-mail = horrible battery life. Also, how does it make your life more difficult by having email checked every few minutes? Are you that connected? Maybe in that case you should be using an IM service?

          Calendar = quite serviceable, what more do you need? The main things are all there.

          Social networking = the only area you mentioned where some improvement is needed.

          Browser – you can download Opera Mobile/Mini free of charge. It’s on par with the best Android browser variants unless you want heavy flash content. Why would you want heavy flash content on your phone?

          You make the mistake of thinking that YOUR priorities automagically apply to everybody else on the planet. That is false. You need to open your eyes and understand that there’s much more to smartphones than what you yourself consider a priority.

          • Hypnopottamus says:

            Obviously you are not a businessman or power user. I’m NOT talking about what I want. These are areas that either a businessman or just a tech media geek would want/need to have functioning.

            Why would you want push email? Are you fucking serious!? Try asking a REAL business man that. You know….one that may get hundreds of IMPORTANT e-mails a day and/or get dozens of last minute meeting requests. In the business world, being late 5 minutes can mean losing a client or contract, maybe even your job! I’m not even going to mention the bugs the native mail client has when even sending mail.

            As far as the calendar goes, a businessman may have to work w/ multiple calendars. Having them color coded would be nice. How much info can one gather from the default month view on a Symbian “business” device? The same implications of these shortcomings apply here as was stated above.

            Browser: I realize that if you really want true internet, just use a computer. But guess what? Like it or not, the browser is one of 1st things people look at these days (outside of the business world). You missed the part where I said NATIVE features. But since we’re here, I’ll bite. Opera doesn’t make Symbian come close to the competition in browsing. Why use flash? Try browsing THIS site w/ Opera where the articles have embedded videos. How’s that work for you? IT DOESN’T!! The native browser will play these videos, but like I said, it’s slow and buggy.

            Again, this ISN’T about what I want, it’s about what the average Joe businessman or average Joe tech nerd looks for in a device. And sorry to say, Symbian just can’t meet these needs.

            Realize I’m not trying to shit on Symbian/Nokia. I actually like the OS and Nokia. I’m addressing Ninja’s ridiculous claim that the N8 is “the greatest phone ever made.”

  3. L says:

    Finally, it took me some time to figure out what ovi ment. The concept of a portal for users is way back one of the never successful internet ideas.

  4. d ^^ b says:

    So Nokia will be providing maps for WP7, right?
    Will this mean, let’s say, a Dell phone with “Bing Maps povered by Nokia” ?

    Of course it was going to be technically that way anyway, or by Navteq, but I’m not sure if other manufacturers will be willing to have Nokia brand anywhere in their devices. Ovi might have been easier.

    But anyway generally it might not be a bad decision.

  5. art_vaider says:

    Nokia has gone crazy …

  6. Ronald says: be honest i really found the name Ovi store a lil wierd.. nokia maps on the other hand however makes it sound like old nokia n95 maps;-)

  7. fazilmmm says:

    oh! V I ?! Wotz wrong with nokia..,
    Somewhat adjusting with that..,n nw itz ok..,but what on changing names nokia..

  8. zonk0r says:

    at last! .. this makes much more sense, i did wonder where ‘Ovi’ came from..

    I can’t say I associate the word ‘door’ with applications or programs.

    • Eero says:

      Not propaply the official reason for Ovi, but if you think about it, it is a pathway to a place where you can buy/download games, themes, music etc. Hence the “Door”, you´ll have to go through it to get inside :)

  9. Felix says:

    I think those updates will be for symbian ^3 only, because nokia has buried s 60v 5 already for they said ovi maps 3.07 will be for symbian^3 only.

  10. mj says:

    it could also be so that they can now call the ovi store “Nokia app store”, marketing makes a difference :)

  11. dip86 says:

    What a coincidence – I was randomly thinking about this the other day. Sure you or I reading this blog know that Ovi is synonymous with Nokia, but can you imagine how many average joes out there would automatically assume nokia’s store/maps branding was simply called ‘nokia’ store/maps/etc. Imagine their unsureness should they buy a nokia phone and not associate the ovi store or ovi maps on their phone as a the official product/service from nokia. They might then try googling ‘nokia store’ which might still confuse them until they got further down in the results.

    This is a simple but very effective change by nokia in my opinion. Marketing as ‘nokia’ store/maps/whatever will match with the association that people readily make as to what the nokia store or whatever ‘should’ be called. This can only improve everyones knowledge of the services nokia offers, as well as the brand image as a whole.

  12. flopjoke says:

    I always thought “Ovi” used to refer to female reproductive organs.. oh well, back to simple and awesome NOKIA.

    I guess they wanna show that when Microsoft tries to integrate WP7, people will be using “Nokia Maps” and not “Microsoft Ovi Maps”.

  13. 352x416 says:

    The most interesting point of the Nokia Conversations post is rebranding will start on new devices in July and August. Does that mean Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 or new devices are going to be announced soon? When is Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 supposed to be released?

    • Marc Aurel says:

      First examples will probably be delivered in early June for customers who ordered theirs directly from Nokia. Wider availability through other dealers probably late June or early July.

  14. stylinred says:

    In a time when companies are fighting for a Store name it seems odd to ditch your stores identity

    I prefer a separate name for the store but I suppose it may bring up issues with Nokia WP devices

  15. zonk0r says:

    just read a few articles suggesting this will first happen in the form of new device releases from July and August.


    MeeGo – July

    Flagship WP7/S^3 in August?

    • 352x416 says:

      I think it would be a bit early for WP in August.

      It is about time the GHz+ and Dual core Symbian phones were announced. Nokia signed up to use ST-Ericsson U8500 in 17 February 2009. Apparently it takes 2 years to integrate a new processor or a new device to be developed. Also Symbian Foundation used ST-Ericsson as a reference platform. So 2 years have passed …

    • Ninja says:

      > Flagship WP7…in August?

      Absolutely NO way. They will be extremely lucky to get even one mid range WP device out by very end of this year let alone a flagship. It will be some way into next year before you see a Nokia WinPho device in stores in suitable numbers.

      And not forgetting they have said announcement will happen close to sales, so you won’t hear anything til then either.

      Symbian is all Nokia’s smartphone hopes for most of the next year I reckon. Thank goodness. The longer the time before we have to put up with a WinPho device on the market, the better.

  16. 352x416 says:

    Does anyone know when Nokia World 2011 is?

  17. Cod3rror says:

    told you that eldar almighthy said so. In your face! My master rules!

  18. Bazil says:

    The ditching of Ovi is the latest step of their takeover by Microsoft. Ovi Maps will become Nokia Maps, or just Maps, and in the near future Bing Maps. Ovi Mail will disappear and will be replaced by Hotmail. Ovi Store will also be replaced by Microsoft Marketplace. That’s the reason why the Ovi branding should go away. Nokia’s services are dead, and Nokia is quickly becomming just another OEM.
    Congratulations Elop…

  19. almus says:

    so symbian anns out on july august?

  20. 352x416 says:

    I thought Nokia E6 was going to be available in Q2 world wide and Q3 for North America.

    So I wonder when PR2.0 release will arrive?

  21. anonymous says:

    hey jay, have you seen this a fujitsu product with a dual booting of windows7 and symbian..

  22. nickem says:

    So will Ovi Mail cahange to then…or what will it be?

  23. Mark says:

    This is the right thing to do. Strip away the superfluous branding and focus on the main brand.

    Should have been done months ago.

  24. Jorge says:

    I actually liked the Ovi brand, it is short, some sort of uiversal, easy to remember, and the service I actually liked them. After Elop murdered symbian I thought it was just a matter of time until he killed Ovi too, so I started to move all my stuff out of ovi, everything thing seems to prove me right, Nokia is going down, since nobody will use any Nokia service anymore, since ovi maps will be bing, and ovi mail, hotmail, and so on, to microsoft services.

  25. Joe says:

    This is fantastic news! Taking one of the worlds most successful and trusted brands (Nokia) and replacing it with the completely meaningless Ovi brand was a terrible own goal by Nokia.

    Bravo to whoever mooted the idea of moving back to Nokia! Finally some real common sense has been applied and the disastrous Ovi brand has been taken out and shot.

    Shame this (and other major strategy changes) couldn’t have happened some time ago, maybe they could have avoided the Elopocalypse :(

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