Nokia Pulls Nokia N9 teaser vid from YouTube

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The Nokia N9 teaser vid has been PULLED from YouTube by request of Nokia. However PocketNow obtained the video, it seems to have appeared much too soon for Nokia’s liking!  (Unless this is a really clever tease and to pull was intentional, BUT I’m not giving Nokia that much credit).

Well that at least shows you Nokia’s very protective about this and they want to be the one unveiling the N9/N950 and are taking its announcement very seriously. This says a lot more to me than just leaving it there. I know how this feels. Nokia pulled our PR2.0 video we published from Alex. But true to form, there are several copies available as Nokia doesn’t seem to get that other people upload that video. Once on the net, you can’t delete ANYTHING.


Remember before this “N950” was just recently filmed, just last week

This week #Arguelles began filming #Nokia spot in @ArguellesPics. For the new ‘Nokia N950′ touch screen 4G smartphone releasing this summer.

Filming done, that spot has appeared online already (Eldar supposedly claims its an old video…old that just got filmed huh?)

The Arguelles folk seem to be surprised that the N9/N950 video is ALREADY CIRCULATING. Another note is that’s just 1 of two videos. I’m not sure if he put N9/N950 because he wasn’t sure of the name or because N9 is the video we saw and N950 is the 4G smartphone (keyboardless perhaps) that he was talking about originally – Nokia spot number 2.

I see Nokia spot for N9/N950 is already circulating around the Internet 1 of 2. #Arguelles /via @JayArguelles.

Now how many of you downloaded the video for your own viewing pleasures? *raises hands*.

BTW, look what’s happening in a few days time. MeeGo Conference May 23-25th. About time for a Nokia’s announcement?

The worst possibility is that Nokia pulled the video because that’s NOT the handset they’re pushing out and they don’t want to damage expectations. Why did the film crew acknowledge this video then? Maybe they filmed the N950 recently and this was the old one? Meh. We can keep thinking over the same little details all day. Roll on May 23!


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