RUMOURS: Nokia N9 to have 1280×720 4″ 720p HD Screen, 367PPI>Retina

| May 19, 2011 | 35 Replies

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The folks over at are clambering over every single piece of information they can derive about the N9 and that recent spot/teaser video has given them even more material.

JFH found a post arguing that the display might be 1280×720. This has been rumoured ever since we found out about the N9 but with some material (i.e. “screenshots) the folks have a little more ‘evidence’ to suggest that’s true. Erendorn states:

Guys, in this pic, in gimp, the V of TV and Video is 6 px wide, and approx “9” wide in Gimp (don’t know what the unity is, doesn’t matter). The screen is approx “1201” wide in Gimp, which means that the 6px wide V holds… 133 time!!!

That makes around 800px WIDE

Given the error margin, I’d say 720 px and Zehjotkah was incredibly on topic!!

Zehjotkah who oddly knows somewhat a lot about the N9 (days and days before the N9 reveal he’s been tweeting MeeGo phone was coming) adds this screenshot from N900 800X480.

He doesn’t say anything in that post but later adds:

iPhone: “Well *I* have an super cool retina display”
N9: “Retina? That thing from 2007?”

Well, 2010 but we know what he means (Nokia’s been doing WVGA since 2006 btw with 770, 2007 N800, 2008 N810, 2009, N900). Time for Nokia to upgrade?

But where are these 720p displays gonna come from? At best we still “just” have qHD, 960×540.

Toshiba! They’ve got a 4″ 1280×720 panel

The last post on the thread by NOMOS reckons its NOT 720p

So I did some work in Photoshop just now, and in my largest close up possible the ratio between the width of the V and the full width of the screen, including bezel is ~ 1:80. So, I don’t quite see how this is 720 p yet unless that V is 9 pixels wide at least.

I’d be happy with qHD. It’s most definitely NOT nHD that some comments have suggested.

Right – head down. More revision for me. I’ll try to get around to any tips/news later.


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