Hurrah! Ovi Store has App Updates – Update all your apps within Ovi Store!

| May 21, 2011 | 34 Replies

Nokia has defied the Rapture and has delivered APP UPDATES FOR OVI STORE! YEAH!

We’ve been wanting this for such a long time – one place to update my apps. No bumbling around redownloading each app to get the new updates.

As  you can see, Ovi store can update your apps within the store!

The updates appear in your Ovi Store account as numbers of how many updates you have remaining over “My Account”. There’s a specific updates section and an icon by the app saying updates are available. Tapping updates brings you apps with updates and you can one tap update them all or individually. Great stuff


Now bring us app downloading via PC (just in case there are times when we have poor signal/no WiFi) and we’re set for fully polished Ovi Store.

There’s other improvements you can read here, but this is the major one I’m excited about.

Thanks to Tuomas for this tip!



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  • aliqudsi

    I’ve been jealous of android users forever cause of this!!! but how will this affect the 5X download limit?

    • Jay Montano

      Maemo 5 users have had it (albeit via App Manager).
      But yeah, something Symbian/Ovi Store users have missed out on.

      • aliqudsi

        If I recall correctly some apps were updated on my old 5800 through the software update thing.. but mostly nokia made or sponsored apps like quickoffice, maps, chat, ovi contacts…..

    • Gerii

      I can now download a lot of apps again where I have already reached the download limit! (e.g. Angry Birds or SymFTP) All of them were updated since I reached the limit. It still doesn’t work for apps that haven’t been updated like Midomi or Maps Booster. At least that’s what I think.

  • aliqudsi

    Now all we need are apps that actually have updates…

    • PJ

      Almost all the apps I own, have had updates.

      • xyz


  • jblade

    is the available in all regions?

    • Kobus Nell

      I don’t know where you are situated – I’m in South Africa, and do not see any update information. Still have some apps that Ovi thinks is installed, but is not.

      Also, still no free games here. Maybe the same regions get these advantages first?

      Did Ovi Store download an update for the store itself for all of you who have the update function?

      • xyz

        new store comes next week. Not released yet. When it comes it will update itself as soon as you start it

        • Kobus Nell

          Aha! Thanks! A bit over eager on my part…

  • flopjoke

    That’s awesome! 😀

    A bit slow on delivery.. but still.. that’s good!

  • meegomad


    i always wondered if i have the latest version of apps installed(new qt versions come out often) and now no need for ugly updates using the browser(eg angrybirds)

    • stylinred

      you can update Angry BirdS??? oO i thought we had to buy every new version that came out?

      that’s what ive been doing!

      • PJ

        There are three different versions of Angry Birds. The original, seasons and rio. Those are separate things that need to be bought separately but Seasons and now Rio have updates that add more content.

      • meegomad

        no theres an update thing at the bottom of the main screen

        you have to pay for the base versions which are
        angry birds
        angrybirds rio
        angry birds seasons

        just noticed the comment below v

        • stylinred

          yeah ive been buying Seasons every time a new season was added i didnt know i could update it -_-

  • During the old days software were coming with check updates functionality. Now there should be a new era. Actually “auto update” is the only reason I envyed Android users.

  • KlawWarYoshi

    Finally we get this desired feature 🙂

    but i still struggle with installation of 2-3 programms
    “finish installation with nokia smart installer” but the installation always fails what shall i do?

    • PJ

      The only solution I’ve found is to completely reset your phone (deleting all your content). It’s a Qt bug of some sort.

    • Nrde

      Remove smart installer from your phone and try again. No need to reset your phone.

  • xyz

    cool. Delivery of the new ovi store starts next week… Cant wait for it 🙂

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  • akse

    This is a great update.

  • Just Visiting

    Maybe OT, but is there a Kindle app for the N8? I searched the Ovi store, but maybe I didn’t search properly.

  • Guest

    Now when I start to love OVI, they replace the name of my new found love 🙂

  • Cod3rror

    Nokia’s Ovi store is so, so terrible! I got to try it today, it’s just a down right horrible experience.

    You enter your phone number, them you have wait for a text message with a link, then you have open it, then install, if you don’t get an error.

    It is REALLY terrible!

    • crisscross

      Its easier to just click the ovi store icon on the phone you know…

      • xyz

        naah… Trolls dont do that.

        • Especially the above user, he went to all the trouble of creating his anti-Nokia avatar and then had no more energy left to use common sense.

  • Arbegla

    You know, developing an app store, I, somebody with no programming experience would have thought of a feature like that given the diverse portfolio of handsets that the Ovi Store caters to. Management at Nokia need to stop drinking their own laurel filled Kool-Aid and get with the times.

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  • wow…….thts gr8 !

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