First Windows Phone Nokias to have Qualcomm chipsets

| May 22, 2011 | 17 Replies

Nokia was confirmed to be using ST-Ericsson chips in future Windows Phone handset. But before that, it was much thought that Qualcomm would also be a significant player for Nokia Windows Phones. Even ST-Microelectronics chief noted that it would be one of two providing power under the hood for Nokia WP.


A Nokia spokesperson told Reuters:

“The first Nokias based on Windows Phone will have the Qualcomm chipset,”

These were minimum specs for WP

Either Qualcomm’s second generation snapdragon MSM8x55 with Adreno 205 GPU (seen in HTC Thunderbolt or Xperia Play) or MSM7x30 (Also with Adreno 205),  just 256mb RAM.

On June 2nd, Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop will be speaking at Qualcomm’s mobile developer conference, Uplinq (Along with HTC’s CEO, HP’s CEO and Qualcomm’s CEO)

Via Reuters

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  • Dan M

    Hey, just to tip you guys; Nokia’s main ovi store ( is down. Maybe they are adding a new phone or updating it……

  • Daniel McGuire

    True he did, but I am am talking about the phone store not the app store. I went to search ‘Nokia store’ hoping for their phone store, is it the same store?

  • Daniel McGuire

    Hmmm, so it is. My apologies for this and thanks for clearing it up.

  • Seylan

    I was hoping the first batch of Nokia Windows phone 7 devices would be dual core 🙁

    • PJ

      Only the first device has been confirmed will have a single core chip but I would think that Nokia will be pretty quick with releasing their flagship WP after that and that will have the dual-core chip.

  • I think I’ve read that WP7 does NOT support dual core yet, but MeeGo does 🙂

    Anyway, why do you need dual core in an OS that doesn’t support real multitasking?

    I think dual core for mobile devices (right now) is just marketing BS. It would be better to have two GPUs instead 🙂

    • PJ

      No WP7 does not support dual-core yet but WP8 will or so they say. And actually WP7 does have real multi-tasking but not for third party apps, that’s coming with the Mango update(7.5).

      And phones don’t need dual GPUs, tablets yes, phones no.

      • Andre

        Technically 3rd-party apps can and do perform full multitasking, the issue is that the full code of the app won’t have access to 100% of the CPU at any one time.

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  • Doug

    256MB of RAM? Seriously? I expected that number to be at least 512, unless those numbers are for a lower end device.

    • Jay Montano

      MINIMUM specs. That’s good that is all it needs so Nokia can afford to push it down to lower price brackets. Higher ends from Nokia hopefully will be 512MB-1GB RAM.

  • deep space bar

    yet again no one cares about WP7 or MS news XD

  • Cod3rror

    Heh, Nokia being Nokia, using two generation old hardware.

    • Rant

      It’s one step better than using 4 generation old hardware. Basic ARM11 core dates back to 2002, Nokia uses the ARM1176 updated core, but that won’t be any newer than 06/07 and those updates weren’t even all that significant.

  • vidar

    Typical of Nokia to go with the low OLD specs…