Keyboardless Nokia N9 ST-Ericsson Dual Core for Masses announced in a few weeks, keyboard version N9 for developers

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We’ve mentioned before that a guy called zehjotkah knows suspiciously a lot about the MeeGo devices. On his blog, he talks about the two upcoming devices ‘confirming’ the rumours about these two handsets.

1) The N900 successor with keyboard that we have seen is NOT for mass market. This is for the developers.

This has 1GHz Cortex A8. It has higher performance than the N900 but consumes less power. This might be what the folks attending MeeGo Conference next week will be getting. It was originally planned for mass market but was canned as Nokia did not feel the OS was ready.

2) The other device WILL BE RELEASED IN A FEW WEEKS. Nokia Conversations has pretty much confirmed the release date themselves so this is pretty tangible.

  • No keyboard
  • Slightly better hardware
  • ST-Ericsson’s dual core processor (U8500?)
  • A bit thinner.(keyboard version 13-14mm)
  • I didn’t get this from translator but JFH says its possible under a cm thin (or might be from

This might explain why Steve Barker on twitter was trying to explain that he noticed the cameras were different in the teaser as it might be showing two different handsets.

This might come then as a disappointment for those who were after a keyboard successor to the N900. For the masses, this might have been the right choice. Perhaps Nokia can still offer it to the select folks that will know of its existence and be willing to pay for it.

Cheers JFH and Zymo for the tip.


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