Windows Phone 7 NoDo update available for my Samsung Omnia 7 :) What WP7/Zune Update looks like.

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I thought it might be interesting for Nokia fans intrigued by Windows Phone to see what the update process might look like in future. This is something we all get excited about every time there’s a new update available for our Nokias so this might be worth a quick glance if you’re unfamiliar with WP.

As you know Andre and I picked up Windows Phone handsets in anticipation of Nokia’s upcoming handsets with Windows Phone. I wanted to know as much as I can about where Nokia’s future is headed so I picked myself up the Samsung Omnia 7. (I’m going to finish my write up post exams….June most likely). Being Samsung though they have a knack for messing up updates, be it with Symbian, Android and Windows Phone. T-Mobile testing didn’t help.

I didn’t want to get NoDo through the unofficial route so I waited it out. Just as I was about to call it an early night (early as in before 4am) I noted I had an update on my phone. It just pops up on your device, no checking it necessary.

Connecting via cable (any MicroUSB cable will do, I’m using one from my N82). This bit I found a little unintuitive. You have to go to settings>phone>update. Why no big button to say update as soon as I add the phone by cable?

Update: as I suspected, I didn’t give the Zune a chance to show me the update itself (like the handset did). Madridking comments that: “You don’t have go to settings to start the update. If an paste message appears on the phone all you do is connect the USB let it sync and the update screen comes up automatically after a few minutes. Its very seamless.”

This is the screen you’re presented with. Image of your device, description of the update.This was actually the update I should have had in February. A chilling month for any Nokia fan.

Click update now and just leave your phone plugged in. There’s no warning about charging the handset or backing up. I guess it did the backup when it synced as soon as you connect via cable.>>Actually I might have missed it but the backup process is there (see later)

You’ll get a progress bar to show how far your update is progressing.

I like that there’s counter part images on the phone. May be some words to tell you NOT to disconnect might help some more :p?

Good to know something is going on in the phone instead of assuming you’ve botched it up.

Once it’s done you’ll get a notification on Zune (which is actually alright. I’m not a fan of PC only interface  – I prefer drag and drop – but less techy people will find it useful. Music drag and drop from collection is easy enough. Market place app downloading is really good. Though there are still areas needing improvement – greater prominence of PHONE features. This shall be another post.

Now with the February update intended as a minimal update to bring on future updates, this meant that I might be able to get NoDo too! So Back to Settings>Phone>Update:

Same process as before. Just sit tight.


Here’s the backup notification. I didn’t watch through all 10 processes so not sure what they all said.

I’m a PC update kinda guy. For all of Nokia’s updates I’ve preferred to do the bigger ones over cable. This was a pretty seamless experience.

Well that’s possibly what you could expect in future Nokia Windows Phone updates. I’ll possibly have one more update with this Samsung (for Mango) and then make the switch to Nokia WP (as well as trying out the new Symbian handsets and MeeGo awesomeness).

Fingers crossed Nokia fans get their Anna updates soon!


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