Video: 15 minute Nokia E6 unboxing and hands on with CJ and Vaibhav!

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I didn’t want to post about another E6 hands on/unboxing so soon, but this one is special is not only because it’s in English, 15 minutes and the video is clear. BUT we get a special duo unboxing it for us. We have, with the left hand, Clinton Jeff from zomgitscj and Vaibhav Sharma (previously of the Symbian Blog now) of TheHandheldBlog

Wow, these guys should do this type of two-person unboxings more often. I really like that back and forth exchange as they talk about the device.

  • – Unlike the other vid, you can plainly see the whole draggable Anna homescreen here.
  • Half way through you’ll see CJ pull a random E6 out of no where so two E6s in this unboxing for your viewing pleasure.
  • The guys reckon this is the loudest Eseries so far speaker wise.
  • Vaibhav says having Anna out of the box makes a difference to your Symbian experience. CJ agrees. Vaibhav reckons that’s especially true if you’ve not used Symbian/Symbian touch, but if you have moved on – it feels more responsive/faster..
  • Certain apps made for specific resolution crash instantly – Nokia’s supposedly working on it. I thought they had scaling done on Symbian? no? Bit of a pain on the head.
  • Core/popular 3rd party apps work fine.
  • Vaibhav sums this up as a crowd pleaser- Appeals to folks who don’t want touch/want e72 form factor.
  • CJ says he’s surprised by how much he likes it.
  • Rock solid Eseries device

It looks like it's one person with their arms wrapped around the camera no?


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See their blogs: zomgitscj and TheHandheldBlog



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  • lol boybandreject00 is CJ ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Jay Montano

      haha, I know. I’m just making it a point now to make sure every video has their uploader account so folks can check in it straight away/credit them if they don’t have a site/link to know where to subscribe in future.

      • Right… i thought otherwise ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • tk1

    Eagerly awaiting Cod3rror’s derogatory comment!

  • raul

    Such a great device but i love my N8 what should i do?

  • fahoum

    im confused, does it have a 600 or a 680 Mhz?!

    • Guest

      It has the same platform as previous S^3 devices so it have 680MHz.

      • Guest

        or 600MHz, now I’m confused

  • Nrde

    I think qwerty + touchscreen is a really good match. Even S40 Nokia X3 was really fun to use. If the same “feel” can be incorporated to a smartphone it will please a lot of people who prefer smartphones.

  • Mike

    By the look of it, I’m guessing the e6 won’t be available for sale in the US since all the usual places for preorder don’t have it listed and the only places i seem to find it for at are in europe, asia, and middle east. Not too big a fan of buying another country’s model and shipping it to the states.

  • Johnny Tremaine

    It’s nice enough, I guess, as Symbian really IS meant to be on a non-all-touchscreen phone.

    That said, if you listen, even the reviewers acknowledge that the device is a bit retro, even for the Indian market: small screen, fixed focus camera, browser not up to par with the iPhone’s…direct quotes.

    • Nrde

      fixed focus != full focus, main difference being the optics.

      And I don’t see the retro in this at all. There really isn’t that many business focused keyboard + touch phones is there.

      – bigger screen = bigger phone
      – FF camera = foolproof
      – browser = Well it’s Symbian, DL Opera

      • Johnny Tremaine

        There aren’t many keyboard and touch screen phones?

        What do you call the Blackberry Torch or the Android slider qwerty phones (Desire Z, etc.)?

        Also, it’s about time we all stopped making excuses for the Symbian browser by using the ‘just use Opera’ crutch. Opera is also available on the Android and iOS platform, yet you don’t see iPhone users foregoing Safari for Opera Mobile. It’s nice as an additional option, but not because the native browser on either platform is awful, like the Symbian one.

        • MoritzJT

          Aww come on…

          You simply pick what suits you best.

          Windows comes with IE, OSX with Safari. Still do you complain? No, you simply pick what you like, be it safari, IE, Firefox, Opera or whatever.

          iOS Users download Opera Mini (streaming solution) in masses. They are captives of their system. Apple won’t allow non Apple WebKit Browser Engines. And Opera Mobile has it’s own.

          There are even some QTWebKit Browsers out there for ALL Symbian phones! S60v3, S^1 and S^3

        • Nrde

          Sorry, _portrait_ qwerty phones.

          Desire Z is not portrait.

          Blackberry Torch is a slider. There is Motorola charm, but it’s not business oriented the way BB and Nokia E-series are.

          I’m not making excuses for Nokia web, it’s currently poor if you want to browse full web sites. But you don’t really know how bad E6’s version is do you. It’s probably not as good as the competition, but probably good enough for most people. And if you are not satisfied, you surely are competent enough to load Opera from OVI store.

          The same way you have to load stuff for other platforms, including for example task manager, or voice guided navigation.

  • napier

    Should I get an N8 or E6? Really like the touch and type form factor. If only Elop hadn’t rendered Symbian dead on 2/11, it would have likely been a great seller.

    • Nrde

      – If you need camera and consume media take N8

      – if you are producing and reading texts like emails, sms’s, twitter etc. take E6

  • Mendax

    I have to say, this thing looks way better than any Blackberry, hardware/appearance-wise.

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  • DM

    To all Android, Apple Fans, watch this Ad and see what Nokia did and where Steve Job got the idea for iPhone.

    • Cod3rror

      For it’s time the N95 was phenomenal.

      Too bad Nokia became so complacent, arrogant and decide not to innovate… N95, N95 8GB, N85, N96, N86 8MP, N87 prototype… they probably had 20 year old plan to keep redoing dual slider phones till Apple came and ruined all their plans.

      Thanks Apple!

      Touchscreens > Dual sliders.

      When dual sliders died, so did Nokia.

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  • What i can do like that

  • Ergonpandilus

    This one also has really nice battery life, which shouldn’t be ignored!

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