In less than a week, Nokia Connection to reveal ‘market disrupting device’?

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Mark Guim from TheNokiaBlog has noticed that some folks are getting invites to the Nokia Connect event taking place in under a week, June 21st.

One of these include ITWire who says they have received an invite. Supposedly, “Nokia has promised a disruptive new device.” These folks reckon Nokia will be giving a live demo of the device. The type of device is not specified.

What we know:

  • New products and services launches.
  • New “mobile phones” will be launched to secure low end – Head of Mobile Phones unit, Mary McDowell is there to do so.
  • A batch of S40 phones are coming
  • Nokia Conversations a few weeks ago said that we’d find out more about Jesse’s girl in the coming weeks. RM-680 confidentiality ends around this time.
  • MeeGo is part of the new disruptions pillar
  • Windows Phone is Nokia’s main smartphone platform. It will come with Mango – which is not due until fall.
  • Nokia World is in Fall.
  • At the time we heard about Nokia Connection, Nokia said THAT was their biggest event of the year.
  • I’m very much looking forward to what Elop will be saying, possibly more so what Marko Ahtisaari has to say. He was the first guy remember to hint about a Nokia partnership with MS back in DECEMBER 2010. He said they’ll only release MeeGo when it’s Amazing (and also said that unlike other platforms, WP was a new paradigm, something Nokia could add value to)
  • Marko will talk about:  Nokia’s design strategy and the principles behind innovative new smartphones.

With the industry watching Nokia with negative eyes, Nokia needs an almighty shock and awe comeback. No dithering, no compromises, no delays. It needs to come back with a bang and let people know, not just “wow Nokia, welcome back to the competition” but let competitors know “ok, this might actually be a genuine threat to us”. There are more factors now than simply making a great device, but let’s take some baby steps first and get one of those out of the nest.

So, seems like a S40/MeeGo thing. Elop will be talking about Windows Phone but reiterating the strategy and just updating on the partnership with MS and the new ecosystem, but it seems that’s as far as it will go. Nokia World perhaps for WP unwillingness.

I’m all for a MeeGo launch. We’ve waited for the N9 saviour phone for so long and all rumours/speculations suggest it’s something truly awesome. I am a little concerned though with what traction N9 would get given the shift in focus to WP and MeeGo’s relegation to Research status. Having a WP launch would be better, but why Singapore and why now (it’s much too early given Mango is not due until Fall).

Mark Guim says he’s also hoping for some Windows Phone too. I guess if a success, WP could be very much a market disrupting force too.

What are your predictions for Nokia Connection/June 21st?

ITWire via TheNokiaBlog

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